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Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 18-Oct-2020 00:07:47

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie.

Please Post as a public service.

As sent to the White House email portal, 8 emails of 250 words or less, to President Trump, 2:25 pm, pacific, 10/17/2020.


Dear President Trump, our President.

Peaceful Protest Assemblies for Redress of Grievance.

Your Beneficiaries, Miller and Provost Jr., Advise we work for the Boss you pointed out at your rally on Thursday.. The Boss requested, very formally, that we present fundamental principles to you for sharing with the People at your future Peaceful Protest Assemblies.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States Of America is the leader of not only our country yet the free world as well.

No where in any of the rhetoric capturing the present political focus are the real issues addressed. The points of contention between political positions do not one time truly identify what is really happening. The arguments and posturing never serve any purpose other than to feed more argument.

The real fundamental principle issue is, CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED!

Consent of the governed is the first Rule of Law for all the Peoples governments.

No Consent results in rule by men which is the control of men known as Slavery or Involuntary Servitude.

There is a single statement that defines the continuous back and forth jockeying for political points while our nation burns.

No one wins an argument because there is no intent declared at the beginning to resolve any thing, nor is the point of argument defined, nor is a solution mentioned.

Over five years ago Donald Trump offered the American People HOPE. That hope was based on Draining the Deep State Swamp. The People placed our individual and collective trust in the man Donald Trump and ratified our gift of trust by election to our Office of President. All of us acted as children expecting magic to happen beginning January 23, 2017. Our unrealistic hopes, as we know now we’re doomed to fail for two reasons. The enemies of the People, our country, our President are too great for one man and a few loyal supporters to overcome. Second, WE ALL FORGOT THE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES THAT MADE OUR NATION GREAT!

When the principles, facts, law and procedures making our country great from day one, are not in the current open public discussions, it is an impossibility to first MAGA, then to KAG!

How do we as a People make our country great again when the foundations that made us great are not even part of the dialogues between the People and then from the People to our public servants?

The streaming of public dialogues that ignore or refuse to recognize that the Rule of Law begins and ends with Consent of the Governed allows public servants corruption to morph into what is now known as the Deep State Swamp.

Thus, the recognitions listed below are presented for contemplation, presentation and action. Mr. President when you lead the People will follow and we will take care of our business. That is the American way. Our business is life, liberty, property, happiness and honest government!

President Trump you were elected on a platform of REDRESS OF GRIEVANCE.

President Trump, characterizing your rallies as application and exercise of fundamental law guaranteeing rights as declared in the Bill of Rights shows the People and the world that our American way is alive and well. Stepping out of the political spectrum controlled by pointless argument sets the bar beyond the Divided Loyalty characters reach.

More to the point, acting from a position based on the law, particularly the Bill of Rights, declares that the law is in control. The message that the law will now be applied by our President, who invites the People to do the same, creates the fear in our enemies and their Divided Loyalty public servant minions, that the law is now coming for them.

This is providing all the process that is due in a fair and open public notice to get ready.

In order to best idiots we must be on their level because that’s all they understand.

The People nor our President are idiots and we should not associate in any manner with idiots or crooks because those attributes pollute all that they touch and are more contagious than the China Wuhan Virus.

Why descend from the superior position protected by our law to the idiocy of our enemies and their Divided Loyalty minions operating in deception deeply disguised as loyal public servants?

The Grievance list below is by no means comprehensive and is presented as a primer setting up a link between the Divided Loyalty and the laws attaching felonies to crooked public servants, their associates and masters.

  1. Trumps rallies are an execution of the Fist Amendment right to Peaceful Assembly.

  2. Trumps rallies expose the needed release of pent up frustration of the People foisted upon our country by both domestic and foreign actors.

  3. Trumps rallies are exercises in Redress of Grievance against crooked government, particularly crooked Divided Loyalty public servants or those acting for government.

This is the root cause of the passion being exhibited at every event that could be styles as Peaceful Protest Assemblies for Redress of Grievance.

  1. Trumps rallies are Trumps rallies are the true expression of the consent of the governed and what we will consent too.

  2. Trumps rallies are the greatest polling tool available in our lightning fast internet world. ASK THE PEOPLE AT YOUR RALLIES FOR THE ANSWERS. Then let the GOOFACED TWITAZON LAME STREAM MEDIA play catch up with the Will of the People and our President Standing on the wall that found in our country

Grievance 1. All government records are public property belonging to the People. Refusing to release public property is theft, possession of stolen goods, obstruction of government process, breach of public trust and duties, and more. Each is a felony which is compounded when the covered up records expose wrongdoing by other public servants past or present. CONSPIRACY! See 5 CFR 2635 for public trust standards.

Grievance 2. Federal judges are representing illegal aliens that have committed a statutory felony when ignoring the laws set by Congress. This is an impeachable offense and an act conspiracy advocating, protecting and representing the illegals. This conspiracy denies every American protection of the law. Who does the federal judge work for the American People or the illegals? Are the illegals paying these federal judges more than We the People? This conspiracy denies the United States Government the opportunity to perform its lawful functions, and admits taking the pay check under false pretense.

Grievance 3. Governors, mayors, county commissioners, prosecutors and other public servants are co-conspirator principals, pay masters for BLM, ANTIFA, when these public servants pay BLM, ANTIFA with freedom from prosecution. The protection racket, RICO, provided by governors, mayors, county commissioners, prosecutors and other public servants is exposed by the common rhetoric justifying their illegal acts. These characters are obviously consorting with foreign parties because the scripted justifications are evident in many countries.

Grievance 4. Governors, mayors, county commissioners, prosecutors and other public servants are co-conspirator principals knowingly violating federal civil rights by limiting religious practices, right to free association by illegally enforcing social distancing, forced mask wearing in public. Each and every one a violation of the supreme law of the land identified by the First Amendment.

Grievance 5. Governors, mayors, county commissioners, prosecutors and other public servants are co-conspirator principals are acting as owners of businesses closed by limiting the public from accessing the business. Affecting a business by controlling access to the business is an act of ownership. The question is ownership over who or what. These characters are now personally liable for the damages done because they can not identify the authority of law allowing their acts to be done in the name of governments. No law = personal acts.

Grievance 6. Governors, mayors, county commissioners, prosecutors and other public servants are co-conspirator principals are acting as doctors, health care controllers over the Peoples bodies by forced mask wearing with out having fully informed consent of the patients. Exercising control over another individuals body, whether by color of law or declaration from public office, that effects or could affect another individuals health is a premium act of ownership. The result of the effected control results in a condition of servitude to the controller. See US v KOZMINISKI, 487 US 931, held sections.

Grievance 7. The powers of legislatures, both state and federal, do-not contain authority to apply police powers or regulatory powers over the People criminalizing the NOT wearing of a mask. The obvious conspiracy among public servants in various states being supported by business structures sharing the same control aspirations create a socialist state of affairs polluting our country, evidences a conspiracy. The threats by regulatory agencies controlling public buildings and licensing control over busines is defined by US v KOZMINISKI. “ Held: ... this definition encompasses cases in which the defendant holds the victim in servitude by placing him or her in fear of such physical restraint or injury or legal coercion.”

Grievance 8. Governors, mayors, county commissioners, prosecutors and other public servants are co-conspirator principals acting as if they are SLAVE owners expressing an ownership position over the People, our lives, properties and our liberties guaranteed by law. Acting outside the restrictions of the law of the Peoples constitutions is a void act in context of governments meaning personal liabilities both civil and criminal have accrued. These personal acts under color of law are in fact and deed federal civil rights crimes subject to felony statutes.

Mr. President, showing the loyal Americans attending your Redress of Grievance Peaceful Protest Assemblies the application of the first law of our country, CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, in action, calls all Americans to contemplate what We will consent too.

Consent of the governed is based on the application and the execution of the law, without the law there could be no consent!

Mr. President, please Advise the country and the world that any vote, whether by an individual or an Elector, for BIDEN/HARRIS, is the admission of supporting corruption in government, the joining of a massive conspiracy to subvert our Republic from its democratic form to socialism, the rule over many by a few. Subversion against the government is a crime of the highest order!

Biden, nor Harris, understand nor care about CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.

President Trump not only understands Consent of the Governed, that is what your record proves you serve.

This consent issue is the root division between our President, the People and the Divided Loyalty Deep State Swamp dwellers conspiring to destroy our Republic.

President Trump, the People’s President and true leader of our country, if you do-not define the issues and call out the People to action, with requested direction, who will???


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