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Chinese Troops Spotted In Remote Areas Across Canada By The Thousands (video)

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Wednesday, 7-Oct-2020 17:53:02


Video posted in 2018
Foreign troops are known to use Canada for military exercises but new reports are pouring in from several eyewitnesses across Canada that Chinese troops are in Canada for unknown reasons.
We are now getting additional reports of Chinese troops seen at Thunder Bay, Ontario, Moose Jaw, Sask., and there are also reports of a Chinese port in Prince Rupert, and a port and warehouse in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area.
My comments are here and below are a few of the numerous reports from people in Canada and the US that saw the foreign military troops recently.

My comments:
Even though our military knows about this our left wing politicians have sold us out and don't care if foreign UN troops are on the border. They invite them in all the time officially in so called exchange programs and don't tell the public about it. This happened routinely during the Clinton administration. We had eyewitnesses that saw foreign troops in Montana and Idaho in 1992. (In convoys and in remote camping areas) I confirmed this by interviewing the people that saw them and also had it verified by the county sheriff in Bonner county, Idaho. He received the reports and sent out deputies to locate where the foreign troops were camped in remote areas in the mountains. If they did that 28 years ago, they can do it again.

In 1992 and 1993 I heard about foreign troops in Canada and had friends and relatives in BC and Alberta that verified foreign troops were in remote areas camping out and doing military maneuvers. One friend actually went to the regional law enforcement people and they told him it was a secret and no one was supposed to know about it. My uncle in BC was a missionary minister and verified reports of foreign troops in remote areas being seen by those in his church. In some cases foreign troops in UN vehicles would cross the border and go to remote areas in Northern Montana and Northern Idaho. I know this has happened but whether it will lead to any type of invasion in the future is another thing altogether.
They look like they are both male and female, all have the same black hair. That is on Salt Spring Island which is near Vancouver Island BC.

Other reports said troops were seen at Thunder bay, Ontario. which is on Lake Superior.
And another report spoke of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
Canada is a very big place and has lots of space for military maneuvers away from cities.

This has happened several times before over the years. But it doesn't mean there will be an invasion of the US. Obviously, we will be the first to know if it happens. But simply calling it BS is dismissing reality. Eyewitnesses are telling us what they see in Canada and we should take it seriously. Now we'll see where it leads.

Reports from eyewitnesses:

I was working for a forestry company at Kianuko park in Canada and we Would travel by helicopter there From America 3 of us every day we have now lost our jobs because itís all been taken over by military and there not Americans definitely Asian soldiers but also seen a lot of un vehicles they was setting up camp not far from us for weeks until our contractors told us we no longer have permission to work there and day by day leading up to it the presence was getting more and more there was 100s if soldiers

They're not in the cities, there coming threw British Columbia, Canada and going straight to the parts of the border that are away from everything for why do you think American doomsday planes have been going up and down the border since Trump got covid

There was a fair chunk of American Military equipment stashed in the hills south of Moose Jaw, Sask.
I do not know counts and have no pics.
I was under the understanding that it was national guard equipment who were staged for war games.
This is the kind of stuff that could be mistaken for Chinese equipment.
Canadians are not really known for their military equipment identification skills.

I travel to rural Canada a lot and there are places Iím hearing from fellow friends and citizens of Canada that salt springs and BC are having 100s of new troops and vehicles pass threw every few days Mostly Chinese with the odd un vehicle and troops mixed in there for the past month then they head straight to the wilderness just before the border to us there full in military bases now even videos have been posted up from the air and ground on this matter but they all get took down instantly..

Foreign boys and girls train near Thunder Bay all the time.
Same as they pop down into Michigan.
I had Americans try and cause me issues near Nipigon years ago.
I personally have been on base at Camp Ripley MN.

this is really true and nothing is being said about it anywhere not even our local law enforcement or our local government will tell me anything about this im just getting ignored and i have made numerous phone calls and sent email after email and even a hand written letter all over the past week and every other day if not everyday thousands more Chinese Soldiers are coming into our docs along with armoured vehicles even tanks wtf then there getting transported to remote places near the border of usa

I canít understand why the American media isnít talking about this or even Americans on social media there being kept in the dark bad as 100% trump knows itís like nobody in america knows i think there here for the coup to take trump down and out of office as there are to many Chinese soldiers here and guarding there camps for a training exercise thereís 1000s and what gets me most is the un marked armoured vehicles guarding some of the blockades

itís true live in southern alberta Canada i do very remote but near the border of America there are 1000s of troops you canít get anywhere near them as they have patrols set up kms away from there bases there all Chinese vehicles and troops and also seen a few un vehicles i live here itís not bullshit our government isnít commenting on it neither the media here

.. went to Calgary Canada to visit my cousins last week and we normally go into the national parks and surrounding areas along the borders of USA and Canada on our trials bikes but couldnít get anywhere near there as there a kilometers and kilometers of patrolling Chinese guards protecting anyone getting near the 1000s of troops who are all openly wearing Chinese uniforms and vehicles and there are also a lot of un armoured vehicles on the blockades

Iím on the other side of Canada and even we know about this here as theyíve been there for a few weeks everyone thinks itís to invade America and take down Trump

Original source and discussions:

better discussions start on page 3
Heavy Chinese military vehicles including tanks on border

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