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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 26-Sep-2020 05:25:56

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Below find duly served, White House web portal email, public property owned by the people. Now federal public record.

Served, 9/24/2020, 6:50 pm., pacific.

The jurisdiction issued is covered very well in the USDC District of Columbia, 2009, CV - OO579, OO580, 00581, CHARLES C. MILLER V BOO, Harley Lappin et al.
Surprises for federal judges and prosecutors in the Archivist of the United States documents there. Dig deep!


Dear President Trump, our President,

Hegemony of the the Federal Bench.

The Beneficiaries, Miller and Provost Jr. issue our Letter of Advice and Wishes as duly served to the Office of Trustee, President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump, Trustee.

The Charge of Hegemony is now attached to the entirety of the federal bench public servants, by Beneficiaries, as based on our finding of fact and conclusion of law that the Peoples Constitution of a National government as controlled by the Peoples Bill of Rights has been usurped by fewer than 900 alleged public servants, hiding behind black robes.

  1. As Beneficiaries, in capacity of Grantors, Bailors, Depositing Creditor’s, bona fide parties to the contracts constructing government, We, hold full right, title and interest to find that hegemony invades the administration and enforcement of the contracts between the People.

  2. Governments are mere administrators to and of the Peoples contracts.

  3. Federal judges, servants to the Peoples contacts are strictly limited to administration of the four corners of the People’s contracts creating governments, particularly the specific language as contained in the writings.

  4. Any limits placed on the Bill of Rights by public servants benefiting the administration of governments providing services to the People, before protecting and serving the People’s Constitutional Rights, deprives every American of our individual and collective Constitutional rights.

We are convinced a Senator being appointed will create the come to Jesus momentum the federal judiciary and break the political corruption inherent in current

  1. Any and every public servant giving credence or credibility to pontifications by other public servants over the plain language of the Peoples Constitutions, Bill of and Declarations of reserved powers, secured legal Rights, commits a premium act of breach of trust, which leads to exemplary civil rights violations, involuntary servitude under good standing federal laws. Bogus misconstructions of the Bill of Rights is dead y proper appointment.

Beneficiaries Wish our Trustee, President Trump present these pointed statements to any and all attorneys you consider appointing to any federal court, requesting each refute our statements, with cited authority from the People’s Constitutions and Bill of Rights, disproving the points.

President Trump, in our view the magnificent opportunity to reshape the corrupted legal and judicial systems is in your hands now.

By appointing a Senator to the Supreme Court under appointment agreement to report every act exposed in proceedings before the court, NOT in strict compliance with the limits of exercised governmental powers, the showing by public record whether the Bill of Rights is honored and enforced as written, begins the true second revolution of individual Liberty through the Rule of Law.

The Second Amendment is the perfect example of public servants breach of public trust. For a long time judicial, legislative activist have placed what they individually believed was in the best interest of their private agendas, over that of the governments powers of administration serving the People in the superior position.

The Second Amendment in its plain language does-not recognize any government power to limit Arms held by the People.

The simple fact is, the federal courts, particularly the Supreme Court do-not have jurisdiction over any Second Amendment issue. Nor does the legislative or executive branches. Never have and never will. The precise language of the Second Amendment bars absolutely any federal government act from touching the ‘Arms’ in the hands of the People. “ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”.

The words, “shall not be infringed”, covers completely any act government could contemplate. There is no position or argument possible that the word infringed means any thing other than to to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another. The keeping and bearing Arms is a protected position out side any government power whatsoever. Thus, all so-called laws limiting the possessions of Arms are void, naked all authority of law, particularly in all matters involving the security of a free State, the service entity to the People.

A free State depends on the law being administered strictly within the limits of the first law established by the People in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

No lawful authority equates in court parlance as no jurisdiction over the subject matter. In short, all statutes and court attachments to the Second Amendment are trespasses on both the law of the Bill of Rights and the People as Beneficiaries of that law, the ones with Constitutional Rights held individually and collectively.

Constitutional Rights are property guaranteed by the contract law creating governments, which belong to the People.

The sophistry resulting in the hegemony bolstered by so many off point, intentionally misleading arguments over years and years have continually been ruled on by the cadre of fewer than 900 federal judges. Any competent legal professional knows that when subject matter jurisdiction is missing, no court or judge may proceed.

Mr. President it is imperative that every judge you will appoint or have appointed be made aware of these facts and the law proving the facts, so they may have an opportunity to correct their errors. Then, take corrective action on their own as necessary given individual public records.

The hegemony charged herein is exposed by this Second Amendment issue.

In the event this Second Amendment issue is not forthrightly addressed and resolved by honest public servants the fact will be that the law of the Bill of Rights is not in force and effect. In other words hegemony executed by men for their own benefit at the expense of every Law Abiding American.

The very premise that government actors determine what is good or not good for the People to hold as Arms is the fatal defect in all acts by government in relation to the Second Amendment law. The act by servants defining what the Master, the People, hold, reverses the Master and servant powers, placing the servants over the Masters. The premise that it is dangerous for the People to hold one or more type of Arms, exposes a judgement by servants that the Masters are a danger to the servants or their operations. Servants are never empowered to judge their masters. In the context of our American Republic system of government, consent of the governed is the ultimate control factor.

The very premise that the People are dangerous to the governments we created is the recognition that government is superior to People and needs protection of limiting Arms.

Pre-judgement by servants that People are not competent to have unlimited access to Arms denies due process and protection from law before the fact.

Public servants, in particular judges of any court, that apply legalized force through the operation of law, relying on other servants construction of public duties, rather than the plain language of the People’s Laws are either enticing to involuntary servitude by deception or practicing outright Slavery.

The enticement is we are judges and we can order you arrested! Or denied Constitutional Rights because we judge the law too.

See US V KOSMINISKI, 487 U.S. 937. “ Held: For purposes of criminal prosecution under § 241 or § 1584, the term "involuntary servitude" necessarily means a condition of servitude in which the victim is forced to work for the defendant by the use or threat of physical restraint or physical injury or by the use or threat of coercion through law or the legal process. This definition encompasses cases in which the defendant holds the victim in servitude by placing him or her in fear of such physical restraint or injury or legal coercion. Pp. 487 U. S. 939-953.”

Confusions, presented by attorneys or judges, concerning the term work for, or parties and base facts of this declaration of law, will never change the fundamental principles. When the servant rules over the Master or overrules the law they are practicing legal coercion. The result of legal coercion is always involuntary servitude.

President Trump, your Beneficiaries Miller and Provost Jr. present you this offer under our intent to assist you in determining the true competency, loyalty, and honesty, of all of those federal judges you’re considering for appointment to the Supreme Court, or any federal court.

We propose a conference call between us, Miller and Provost Jr, and the short list of individuals under consideration to Supreme Court appointment, with you monitoring and moderating the conversation.

Questions to the judges will expose their true loyalties, competence in understanding the Peoples laws, recognizing the limits of federal judicial powers, clarification of the nature and powers of the federal courts in context of constitutional standards, and in particular the enforcement provisions of the contracts each bound them selves under.

It will be very interesting and telling to find out if any current or future federal judge would accept such an invitation from our President.

First question. Under what law or theory of law could any of you produce for official public records, authority granted a servant to a contract, such as your selves, to interpret, apply or enforce the contract provisions, that does-not serve the best interests of the real parties in interest to the contract, Beneficiaries, the People, above all other considerations?

Second question. Under which portion of federal statutes, creating federal courts and their powers, except the One Supreme Court, will be found the authorities for any federal judge to interpret, apply discretion, limit application of the execution of the plain language of Bill of Rights?

The answers to two simple direct questions will expose the true facts and loyalties which opens up further questions clarifying the People’s powers in relation to public servants.

We as Contract Holders, as Beneficiaries to all Presidential powers and duties, have the right and duty to know whether our public servants are honest, competent, divided in loyalty, or not!

ADVISORY NOTE. Beneficiaries Advise Our President to foreclose all the attorneys arguments, both sides, concerning the Impeachment chicanery becoming so prevalent now.

Last go round in the Impeachment Circus the fundamental law of civil rights violations trashing the Bill of Rights was never mentioned.

Please, President Trump, this time control your own destiny by publicly demanding one thing for the People.

We the People Demand any and all Impeachment supporters produce, in open public forum, the authority or power of Congress to censure in any manner, our President, while performing mandatory duties required by law of our Constitution.

Please consider inviting Mz. Pelosi et all to fall on their dull swords with less bombast and theater. They are lousy at both.

Our observations that the whole of the judiciary is a political circus where the politicos keep score for themselves while the country is engulfed in riots, burnings, theft and destruction certainly seems correct. How is a judge supposed to be neutral and unbiased when the scarcity of office is valuable capital, maneuvering as a pawn any one seeking the office?

What the People see and talk about often, is the lack of trust in federal judges is well earned and the hegemony is easy to see if one looks.

Please change both the game and the rules by appointing a Senator this week. Shaking the tree will help keep it healthy.

Playing catch up is not fun. Just ask Joe.


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