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Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 22-Sep-2020 04:38:33

In Response To: Reader Charles: "TRUMP, CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FORWARDED TO MR. BARR." (hobie)

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Please publish ASAP.

As sent to the White House, 3:10 am, pacific, 9/21/2020

We the People are about to get sealed into the box of subjects.

The importance of the People demanding a new kind of Supreme Court Justice is critical important.

Please readers, take the time drop Trump a note expressing your views.
Takes 5 minuets + the message.

Nothing to loose and everything to gain.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President,
Justice or Just-Us at the Supreme Court.

This Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes and Advice is duly served to the Office of Trustee, President of the United States of America, Donald John Trump. Holding the surety and guarantors position over the Peoples law of Constitutions, is the most privileged and highest function our President performs. Article II section IV mandate; “ , he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed; “ captures the duty to serve the Constitution as amended by our Bill of Rights as the highest order to the People’s President.

We Wish our Trustee consider the relevant fact that every legal professional in this country, particularly judges, falsely believe they are authorized to interpret and construct how the Peoples law of constitutions, particularly our Bill of Rights, is applied to the People.

Nothing could be further from the fact under the four corners doctrine of contract controls. The contract of course being the constitutions, created by the People among our selves. The People are the only bona fide parties to these government construction documents. We the People created governments to serve us and our needs. We Provided a limited set of three positions for servants to provide us services executing our contracts. Legislative, judicial and executive powers assigned by constitution DO-NOT contemplate nor authorize the public servants to tamper with, reconstruct, interpret or apply government services powers to the Peoples law of constitutions.

Servants rule servants not the Masters, the People.

Yick Wo v Hopkins, 118 US 356, defines perfectly the absolute necessity for your next Supreme Court appointment to be untainted by other present and past public servants misconstructions regarding servants powers. “Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; but in our system, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom all government exists and acts. And the law is the definition and limitation of power.”

Mr. President, what this means in real simple terms is that who ever you appoint will either serve the People’s laws of constitution and its controlling Bill of Rights as written first, or, support the systemic overbearing misconstruction of the People’s laws which have altered the very fabric of our Republic.

When one federal judge overrules the clear precise language of the Bill of Rights, invalidates a good standing lawful, constitutionally mandated statute, and no other judge or public servant charges them with the civil rights crime, the root problems is defined. These overruling judges deny every American equal standing at law which makes all Americans subjects to mere men. That Sir, is SLAVERY!

Judges overruling the Bill of Rights or a proper statute, invalidating the very core principles our country is founded upon, is open rebellion, and More!

Yet, rather than address the corruption that allows a single federal judge rule over and to damage the whole of America, the importance is on the gender of a jurist. This is pure insanity and this mind set is more than likely why our America is so confused at the moment.

The only standard that should be applied to an appointment to the Supreme Court is competence in understanding that public servants do not rule the People and employees do not get to alter their employment contracts to suit them in the private agendas.

Every limitation and reconstruction of the Bill of Rights by the federal courts, particularly the Supreme Court is a theft of the Rights Reserved from government by the People when We the People created governments. The results of these thefts of Rights is that the People are subjects under the rule of federal judges. That Sir, is Slavery!

The People’s Reserved Rights are property of the People.

The People’s granted properties, created governments, so says the foundational documents beginning 1776.

How legitimate could any government be if those creating said government did so with out having absolute right to protect themselves, with our having the right to contract, by depositing political will personal property that was stolen goods.

The law and the competence to execute the law is not a gender issue. Equality before the law means just that. Gender, color, national origin, political beliefs, social or systemic status or wealth are not standards by which a justice or judge should be appointed.

Mr. Trump, deciding a Supreme Court appointment based on gender influence of any sort whatsoever is a high civil rights crime disenfranchising every American male from equal access, equal protection of the laws, and equal opportunity before the law.

A President that bends to pressure from any special interest group attempting to push a limited or private agenda, gender, for their own purposes exposes that group as Anti American. What else could the need to put gender ahead of competence in any discussion involving appointing a a Supreme Court Justice be seen as?

Are you Mr. President, absolutely sure it is in your and our countries best interest to go down this Anti American principle of private agenda equality superseding loyalty to the fundamental principles, laws, set by constitution?

The two women mentioned as favorites as with all the other judges on your shot list for appointments are well and completely trained, more importantly manic in loyalty, to, what most Americans recognized as a corrupt, two tiered, biased judicial, prejudiced color of law justice system. There is no way to refute this statement. The public records prove conclusively, the current, and for quite some time, crop of judges do not give two hoots about the Peoples Bill of Rights, nor the limits of governmental operations defined by constitution. The proof is all the case opinions and court orders declaring from on high that a single federal judge is God like in the power to deconstruct the Bill of Rights and overrule good standing statutes protecting the American People.

NONE of the judges on your shortlists as published are known to have objected to, reported, the crimes of their colleague judges. Failure to report civil rights crimes against the rights secured to the People by Constitution, particularly the reserved rights to the People identified by the Bill of Rights, is a federal felony. Yet the short list characters have done nothing to serve the law in the manner they promised as required by law. Failure to serve the law, operate under the laws, particularly when appointed to high public office and paid to do so, denies every American affected by these characters, the Equality before the Law because the federal judges orders are enforced across the land as law with no reference whatsoever to the constitutional authority supporting their actions.

When the a People are not informed of where the authority from constitution or constitutionally compliant statue can be found, chances are very, very high that lawful authority is available.

The immigration and DACA case fiascos prove the point perfectly.

What’s worse is your USDOJ attorneys are coconspirators with this special class of superior beings ruling over every Americans life from a federal bench. This fact is public record. Not one federal judge has been indicted for the blatant civil rights crime of protecting the special class of foreigners in our country illegally before serving and protecting the People.

President Trump, you have in your hands the most unique opportunity any President has ever had.

Recently it was published as sourced from the White House that you were considering one of three Senators as justice for the Supreme Court.

Change the paradigm! Only the President appoints public officers. There are no constitutional constraints whatsoever limiting or controlling who you deem qualified to serve the People properly.

We Wish our President appoint Tom Cotton to the Supreme Court.

Senator Cotton clearly understands the constitution and appears to understand public servants do not rule over the People. Further the indications are that Senator Cotton recognizes and understands the legal relationship between governments and the People who created them.

With a justice not beholden to the select special private agenda class of current federal judges our country stands a much better chance of returning to the rule of law set out in our constitutions and our Bill of Rights.

We have reviewed the so called credentials of the published short list of possible appointees. With the exceptions of Senators Cruz, Hawley and Cotton, we find the short listers fatality deficient in the fundamental knowledge required for public servants positions.

It appears that the Senators interactions with constituents has allowed them the recognition that public service is truly a privilege. Further that the privilege carries specific duties to the People as sole beneficiaries of all government powers.

We do not believe the ivory tower, protected and limited environment of the small self recognized special class of federal judges, operating with self constructed immunity and limitation of liability, represents a neutral non partisan pool from which to choose justices for the People’s One Supreme Court.

What we see, along with a majority of Americans, is the current federal judiciary is as, if not more, corrupt that the current FBI and USDOJ. When these characters choose over and over to source their authority, for their rulings, from other judges and arguments between judges rather that the Bill of Rights, Constitution, lawful statutes or proper executive orders, there is no People’s law present.

When the law of the People’s Bill of Rights is not present in our courts, the law of the land has no meaning and we are all subjects being denied our rights by judicial fiat.

Please, Mr. Trump, set a new standard. Let others follow.


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