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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 5-Sep-2020 05:54:33

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Please Publish as a Public Service.
The TWITTER video showing the control over county officials is exciting.
Most Americans are not familiar with bonding and corporate or governmental operations.
Thus the Monograph to expose the fundamentals so more of the People could get involved in holding our public servants accountable.
Been there, done that, watched it work in crazy ways.

As always thank you for your hard work and commitment.


This monograph is presented to those who are finally recognizing public servants surety, personal protection, covering acts taken in public office, either authorized by law or under color of official right are subject to laws, commercial and trust operational procedures.

Presented in context of DREBONACCI, Palm Beach County Florida Commissioners being served documents, now spreading very quickly via TWITTER.

Recently in Florida, public servants in open recorded public meeting, were duly served semi proper and semi complete notice exposing personal and systemic commercial, political and legal liabilities. Thus, this Monograph, based on first hand involvement with systemites, particularly the surety providers and the mechanisms for processing attachments to the point of being effective.

Back ground may be important. In the early to mid 90s, in Washington State, various individuals and groups came together to perfect attachment of liability to public offices and their servants. Varied methods were employed. The result was Washington implementing a statute protecting its employees against attachment of personal assets. The second result was restructuring the Risk Management operations for increasing cover for wrongdoers. Secondary to this cover is the difficulty inserted into procedural applications obviously intended to effectively discourage the People from holding public servants to account.

The ultimate and overwhelming evidence that effective means of holding systemites liable is the fact that with in 2 years every other state followed Washington’s template for screwing the People.

Twenty five + years later, with continued applications exposing each element of the systemic corruption, protecting the special self developed class of public servants, exposed how to be very effective.

The below are the lessons and reference points verifying the true value of hard work, never giving up, understanding your legal relationships to government and how to actually put the systemites in the position to make the choice. The choice is follow the law of the People’s Constitutions, or, create the public record evidence exposing breach of trust, contract, civil rights violations compounding into major felonies. Remember public records are proof of fact and not escapable by any public servants.

Until individual legal standing and capacity is established, no systemite is required to recognize you. The whole of the control structure is based on assumptions. Destroy the assumptions destroy the positions based on them.

In order for statutes to be valid and enforceable they are required to be in strict compliance with the legislative powers granted by the People via constitution. There is no legislative authority recognizing the People as either subjects nor objects to be controlled by legislation. This is where the fundamental concept of our governments come from, summed up in one short phrase. ‘ Consent of the governed’. Lawful statutes do no not need a bond to be certified as valid.

Statutes and acts under them that are not in compliance with the powers granted the legislatures are required to be bonded. This is to limit the liability for the state and individuals operating with out true and complete constitutionally recognized authority.

There is no legislative recognition that the People creating the states, via the Peoples Constitution, are subject or objects to be regulated. Consent of the governed controls, no matter how many say different. If I do not hold authority to regulate my neighbors, I could not authorize or empower the government to do so.

The simple fact is the People creating state governments from day one understood and intended to create governments to serve the People. We are the beneficiaries of all government powers, never the subject of government powers.

The Attorney Generals and Secretary of States offices are subject to public disclosure laws. RCW 42.56.030

Construction.The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created. This chapter shall be liberally construed and its exemptions narrowly construed to promote this public policy and to assure that the public interest will be fully protected. In the event of conflict between the provisions of this chapter and any other act, the provisions of this chapter shall govern.
Demanding specific information from the executive branch will expose bonded and not bonded statutes. Demanding Attorney Generals opinions concerning specific acts of the State is very illuminating. Reviewing which acts of the state carry the Seal of the State from the official record keeper, Secretary of State Office can be quite illuminating. RCW 43.07.030
General duties.The secretary of state shall:
(1) Keep a register of and attest the official acts of the governor;
(2) Affix the state seal, with his or her attestation, to commissions, pardons, and other public instruments to which the signature of the governor is required, and also attestations and authentications of certificates and other documents properly issued by the secretary;
(3) Record all articles of incorporation, deeds, or other papers filed in the secretary of state's office;
(4) Receive and file all the official bonds of officers required to be filed with the secretary of state;
(5) Take and file in the secretary of state's office receipts for all books distributed by him or her;
(6) Certify to the legislature the election returns for all officers required by the Constitution to be so certified, and certify to the governor the names of all other persons who have received at any election the highest number of votes for any office the incumbent of which is to be commissioned by the governor;
(7) Furnish, on demand, to any person paying the fees therefor, a certified copy of all or any part of any law, record, or other instrument filed, deposited, or recorded in the secretary of state's office;

The Notary Public operates under private bond representing the State under Seal authorized to be used by the Secretary of State. This makes any document sealed by notary a public document. No government nor any of its agents, officers, employees, franchised licensed individuals or entities is allowed to deny or argue against public record documents.

The Risk Management division of the executive branch exists to protect the state. When the states and counties began being self insured they cut their own throats. A good potion of the bonds covering the state and county and city acts are self insured. This means no third party surety or insurance is in place. it appears that a special class of surety or insurance is engaged for these self insured acts or omissions. This fact is KEY. Using public money, administered by public servants, to protect and cover up for other public servants, deny the People remedy and relief and get rite for being damaged by state actions, or omissions, major civil rights felonies were committed. The proof of felonies is in the public records subject to public disclosure laws. The result of these felonies is the People are treated as SLAVES serving the government. When Risk Management policy and state law limits the insurance claimant to the state the People are subject to systemites serving and protecting the state which allows by color of law the People to be ignored. See number 1 above. Failing to make the People that are damaged whole is another badge of SLAVERY.

Elements and procedures that seem to cause the systemites to REACT are listed below. React and respond are two very different concepts and actions. Respond means engaging in good faith to resolve the issue. REACT means doing something to protect a position, individual, or action from scrutiny. Each of the below are well tested and always some sort of magic happens. There is always a reaction. We as the People need to watch carefully from an informed position. Then we can take advantage of the REACTIONS.

A. Fully identify the individual wrong doer, their official position, the positions duties starting with public servants duties to the constitutions, then statutes governing powers, then the rules or regulations. Make the allegations in specific form. Cite the public record facts proving the allegations. Identify the TORT behavior. Cite the consent to be subject to TORT and damages from the state statutes. Create your own forms modeled on official forms. File the charges at Risk Management. File the Risk Management document at the Attorney Generals office under cover letter REPORTING CRIMES, particularly civil rights crimes with reference to the statutes. Put both of these under a cover letter to Office of Professional Responsibility demanding investigation and contact from the investigator assigned. Be prepared at all times to educate these critters in every conversation.

. Tortious conduct of state—Liability for damages.
The state of Washington, whether acting in its governmental or proprietary capacity, shall be liable for damages arising out of its tortious conduct to the same extent as if it were a private person or corporation.

NOTE: The systemite wrong doer signed a contract to gain employment as a public servant. This covers both elected and unelected officials. Their signature is the same signature that attaches all their personal properties. The State, county, city, surety, guarantor or insurance operations are NEVER allowed to conspire, cover up, pay damages, protect wrong doers on proved charges of negligence, felony, or any of the compounding and accumulating TORTS or violations or felonies resulting from DIVIDED LOYALTY public servants. This means the individual systemite is personally liable for damages.

B. Find the office that keeps the wrong doers employment records. Craft a cover letter referencing and attaching the documents in A. Demand the duly served files be placed in the wrong doers employment files and the systemite be informed of same. This is what real due process looks like. Demand a formal ATTACHMENT be placed on any guarantor, surety, insurance positions covering the systemite. Demand formal official notifications of these acts being carried out.

C. NOTICE THE INSURANCE COMPANIES. Serving three or four of the large insurance carriers is usually enough. They are all interlocked in liabilities so they are required to notice their partners, sub or derivative or superior carriers. In the cover letter to them be very clear you are reporting felony charges that have been filed. Attach the files concerning the systemites, your public servants outlined above. It is very important to close with a demand they provide you with a claim form in the event they hold any liability whatsoever. This requires a letter back to you. That’s the point. Proven engagement with those supervising the acts of the systemites which allow the wrongdoers and their protective agents to stay in business.

The key element is to identify your self as having the capacity politically, legally and commercially to enforce the Peoples rights to hold our government servants to account. A two page Identity document that is complete and correct, with instructions, is available at ISR.SOLUTIONS.


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