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Reader Charles, July 20: "TRUMP DACA FELONY"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 22-Jul-2020 00:27:28

In Response To: Reader Charles, July 20: "TRUMP, IMPEACH FEDERAL JUDGES" (hobie)

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
Please PUBLISH ASAP the below monograph delivered to the WHITE HOUSE, 4:40 pm, pacific, 7/20/2020.

What the completely corrupted socialist systemites fail to recognize or understand is that the LAW never goes away.
No matter how much the LAW is covered over by multi layers of confusion vellums, the fundamentals still and always control.
This is because real LAW is in harmony with The CREATION.
our new web site, coming soon, operates under the following two sets of rules.
1. All Law is contract, private between the parties, and deals with property or property rights.

2. Principles first, facts second, law third, procedures forth.
Identifying each of these points in any issue will expose the core of the issue.
In dealing with systemites start wit the procedure and work back to the principles while identifying the contract, parties and properties.
Procedures first because after so many generations of corrupted teaching the education system is only capable of graduating systemites that only know plug and play procedures.


Dear President Trump, our President.
Felonies Attached to DACA

Beneficiaries, Charles C. Miller, and Andreí Paul Provost Jr., in full capacities of Grantors, Bailors and Depositing Creditors to all United States Government powers and Authorities, now give FAIR NOTICE to our President.

This Letter of Fair Noice is delivered within the confines of the public trust jurisdictions created by the good People, beginning 4 July 1776. Fair Notice in the context of legal relationships between Beneficiaries and Trustee, should be considered a strong admonishment and demand to cure Breach of Trust.

Please do not interpret this Letter of Admonishment as a lack of support for the majority of your good works. We understand that our President is mired in a toxic swamp now known as federal government operations guided by Divided Loyalty public servants, acting in sedition, rebellion, mutiny, captured by the legal identifier of criminal negligence through breach of contracted obligations. None the less there is no political, legal or other excuse that could be considered valid for our President to conspire with past administrations illegal acts related to DACA people being in our country illegally.

Your beneficiaries are simply applying the law to our office, the Peoples Office of President. This is the Sovereignís duty!

An illegal invitation to come to America results in illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration is a felony whether the invitation was was issued or not!

For the President to ratify former administrations illegal acts in any manner whatsoever, is a premium Breach of Trust and a high crime violating the civil rights of the American People, the exclusive beneficiaries of all government powers.

Illegal aliens, no matter how they came to our country, have no legal, political or commercial standing.

Any one claiming illegal aliens hold political or legal standing in our American jurisdictions is incompetent or a Divided Loyalty public Servant. This statement is provable by direct reference to the Peoples Constitutions and properly authorized statutes.

Mr. President the simple fundamental fact is that when a country does not protect its self from illegal immigrants, particularly when the good standing laws doing so are in effect, the leadership of that country allows invasion by foreigners.

Granted the DACA invasion is different than the Chinese Wuhan Virus invasion, yet both result in the destruction of our country and our way of life. Both are acts of WAR!

Mr. President, our People, our laws come first or the illegal aliens and DACA people come first. Itís your choice. The whole country awaits your decision!

Until the illegal DACA acts are addressed fully and properly, the good standing laws governing immigration are enforced properly, the conspiracy, felonies, driven by either mistake or intent is ongoing as controlled by DIVIDED LOYALTY agendas that do-not serve our American way of life.

The conspiracy to circumvent the properly active federal statutes, under full constitutional authority, are fostered and supported by Divided Loyalty public servants committing one of the highest civil rights crimes possible. The crime is against the American People. The crime is denying the People honest government services while violating the laws, resulting in denying the People access to the laws protecting us and our country. Allowing those crimes to continue and to grow is joining the conspiracy. The result of these civil rights crimes is INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE to mere men disguised as public servants. Deceit by public servants is a moral, legal, commercial crime, driven by deceptive private agendas exercised by DIVIDED LOYALTY public servants.

Mr. Trump, your America first policy means the American People are protected first, last and always. In the event you as our President act to provide illegal DACA people with a mechanism to circumvent the Felonies they have already committed, you will have joined the conspiracy. Your first obligation is to the People and protection of the People through the law as it existed the moment you took office.

The duties of President do-not, a legal impossibility, encompass moral, political, legal or commercial obligations to illegal aliens, no matter how they came to be in our country.

If your duties required recognizing and supporting illegal aliens, they would be defined by Constitution or Statute. There are no such powers under our American law! The term ultra vires applies. That means no authority.

Providing the DACA people with any kind of relief without addressing all of the issues that have already harmed, injured, and caused the American people massive amounts of money is a ratification of the conspiracy to commit felonies in conjunction with the past administration.

Service of Beneficiaries Fair Notice via the White House web portal is deemed Duly Served, federal public record. Objection to proper service will be public record establishing the facts as outlined herein.

The Breach of Trust in our American experiment is defined very simply as serving any subject or object subject to government powers that do-not serve the Beneficiaries, the creators of all government authorities best interests.

We the people placed our trust in Donald John Trump as our president because you promised We the People, you would run right straight down the pipe and follow the law completely. There is no excuse whatsoever to allow the political pressures of Divided Loyalty co-conspirators seeking to destroy our country to push you into a bad decision.

In the event you do not understand how huge this issue really is in relation to the survival of our country then you do not deserve the office of President.

How do we survive as a country established and operated through the rule of law when our chief law-enforcement officer simply refuses to enforce the law the way itís written and prosecute every law breaker involved in this deep dark situation.?

Mr. Trump, your beneficiaries promised you to speak straight at all times and advise you. That is the job of the Sovereign American people in our legal relationships with our public servants. It is our public servants highest job to listen to the people first, last, and always. Any public servant choosing to listen to other public servants, media, social media, pundits, consultants or advisors above the people is in the ultimate Breach of Trust.

Serve the People or the corrupted socialist political operations invading our country, or other agendas serving DIVIDED LOYALTY Public servants.


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