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REPOST: Rayelan: "Why I read Sorcha Faal"

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Friday, 12-Jan-2018 19:05:50

In Response To: SORCHA: "Trump Rejects London Visit After Assassination Warning—And Reveals Plane That Saved America On 9/11 As 15 January Explosion Nears" (MrFusion)

Rescued from a reposted version at NesaraNews, which was in response to an article declaring that David Booth/Sorcha was "a fraud disinfo agent from the CIA":

It is impossible to be sure if this a complete and accurate reproduction of the original.

The ONI is mentioned in the title of a formerly linked post, now lost, at the very end of this.

Why I read Sorcha Faal -- and Rachel is NOT his Sister!! / ...his daughter /

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Tues, 27-Sep-2011 09:11:02
In Response To: Re: Tunnels to at least 13 underground bases.......

Rachel is Booth's daughter. If the author of this piece gets that piece of information wrong... how can you believe the rest of his information? I know David Booth. I am probably the ONLY person who stands up for him because I don't believe all the lies that are posted on the internet about him.

Yes... I believe that he "plagiarized" his book Code Red from the Internet... but I also have a niggling feeling, that he wrote the articles he plagiarized, BEFORE he plagiarized his own articles. Why would he do that? To avoid being accused and probably killed for releasing classified information. And how do we know that the release of this classified information, did NOT prevent what he had been predicting... but then again... maybe we are approaching the time when what he wrote about, is just about to happen. The setup is in place right now... and the events that may destroy the United States, are also in place.

Theresa at STA, did an exhaustive job looking up and documenting all of the articles he stole. But to the best of my knowledge she did not contact the authors of the articles, to find out if they actually existed or if... as I suspect... David wrote the articles... put them up on the internet... and then Plagerized them.

Why would anyone do this? It's simple... to stay alive. It's much better to be discredited and alive... than to be accurate in what you report and be dead. I should know. I named RMN Rumor Mill News Agency, so I wouldn't be taken seriously and taken out! As for David working for the CIA... I am certain this is NOT true. David was psychic as a child. He was also a Catholic. It's my belief that the Catholic church got to him, before the CIA did. The Catholics have a saying: "Give me a child until his 7th year, and we can control him forever." It's also my belief that David works for Vatican Intelligence.

What I believe about Sorcha is my opinion... and this opinion is a long thought out opinion, that has had lots of input from my own sources, who have also wondered about Sorcha Faal and David Booth. The one thing we all agree on, is Sorcha Faal is a creation of the Booth family. Whether Rachel writes these reports, or David writes these reports, or the webmaster writes the reports, from information he has been given by one or the other of the Booths... will probably never be known.

What I do know, is there is too much information in the reports, that have a ring of truth to them, for me to take a broad brush and label all of it as disinformation. Doing this will only deprive people of information that may be the bridge that connects the dots for all of us. As you know... all GOOD disinformation contains a great deal of truth. Some of the best disinformation contains up to 98% truth. This is simple FACT known to any intel operative.

If my take on David is correct... he writes Sorcha Faal, for several reasons...

1. To keep a presence on the internet, to let people know he is still alive. This is like an insurance policy. He probably is hopeful that if he and his family are disappeared, someone would investigate.

2. To try to communicate things that he knows are coming... but here is the problem. If he comes forward and tells the complete truth... that will probably be the last thing he does... and probably the last thing his daughter does.

For at least ten years now, David has had to reveal the things he knows, in such a way that he and the information ..... can be totally discredited. The writers here at RMN routinely post information that I cringe when I read it, because I am certain it's not true. But since I am not GOD... and since I don't know for sure that the information is NOT true... I don't say anything. Unless I personally KNOW that someone is a lying piece of crap working for some various agency... I say nothing. The reason for this is I am NOT GOD. I don't have a way to verifying everything that is posted here on RMN. That is the reason that I ask ALL of our writers and readers, to develop their intuition... their discernment. One thing I will NOT do is CENSOR any writer or any avenue of information.

There are those here on RMN who feel it is THEIR personal job to CENSOR Sorcha Faal. Why? .....(....) WHY do certain RMN agents feel it is their responsibility to prevent people from reading Sorcha Faal? Why aren't these same agents warning people about ..... GLP and other nuts and fruits on the internet? Why is Sorcha Faal singled out for censorship? BTW... I have asked for an interview, and I have NOT been denied that interview. Won't that be a fun day, if she does agree to come on? RMN does NOT censor anyone. Why do RMN agents try to keep our readers from reading Sorcha? We regularly post Jeff Rense and people have called him a CIA agent for years. I've known Jeff for years, and I can't tell you whether or not he is a CIA agent. I don't think he is... but how can anyone know for sure? (I am only using him as an example) Many people post Alex Jones here, and he has been called an Israeli mind controlled asset. I don't censor his posts, because I don't know that he is an Israeli mind controlled agent. .... we are going to continue to post his breaking news stories, because IMO... he and Paul Watson get at least 90% of their information right. Remember... good disinfo is up to 98% accurate. What I am pointing out here is even our best investigative reporters don't put out information .....that is as accurate as good disinformation from a trained disinformation agent..... I have spent years talking to CIA operatives, assets, contract agents... and even the Director of Covert Ops... who just happens to be the same man who took me to Mars in 1986, and to meet the King of the World (his father) in 1990.

He is also the man I had dinner with, on Offutt Air Force Base during the time when the base was locked down for a Top Secret Meeting, that the MSM reported as the closing of the Looking Glass Command. That was ONLY the cover, for a ultra top secret flight to Moscow, with four SR71s, four pilots and four passengers. The only passenger I remember, besides the Director of Covert Operations, was Brent Scowcroft who was the National Security Adviser at the time...... When I created RMN, it was created to be a beacon of truth, in a sea of darkness. Because of who I am, I knew that I could NOT be the ONLY person who posted on RMN, or RMN would immediately be called a CIA disinformation site. I also knew that the ONLY way to find the truth, was to have hundreds of us working diligently to find it... that is why we have over 200 people with posting priviliges on RMN. .... With RMN you see headlines... and if you are interested in one of them... you open it and read it, and if you want to comment on it... you email the writer, or Hobie.

I am hoping that by pointing out that Sorcha is the only person who regularly gets attacked and pointed out as a disinfo agent, while others... who may or may not be working with the Mossad or CIA, are never attacked,.... and readers are never told NOT to read their information... that our readers will wonder why Sorcha is singled out like this. ....There have been too many occasions when I have read one of their articles... and the article connected one event... to another... and then to another... events that were NOT mentioned in the article... as if Sorcha's articles are bridges, that connect many headlines that are totally unconnected. .... If I had set up a Report or Magazine that I claimed contained a 100% sourced intelligence... and then I actually published inside information... how long do you think I would have survived? I created RMN the way I did, so I could easily be discredited rather than killed. ...A reporter from the Chicago Tribune, Eric Lipton, actually gave me and RMN, a lot of publicity back in 1999, but he did it in such a way as to make me appear as a conspiracy queen!......, I think his mission was to discredit me. Instead... his article, put RMN on the map. Here's a link to our correspondence, and then the article.

[no longer available -MrF]

If you want to read the article that I posted, this information in response to... you have to check the threads.....For me, Sorcha has connected more dots, than I can remember. I promise that the next time I read one of her articles that creates the bridges for me... I will take the time to write the article, which shows you how this happened, and what I was able to connect. Sadly, most of my time goes into raising the money to keep a roof over my head, and pay the bills for RMN. .... So... if you feel RMN has helped you on your awakening journey... please feel free to chipin. Thank you so much for reading RMN.

Oh... by the way... what was Code Red about? It was about Planet X coming in and destroying the United States... The reason that so many of our troops are stationed outside of the country, is so they can return and rebuild... or rebuild a New United States, where they are stationed... if they survive. .....Read Code Red online for free http://www.scribd.com/doc/97576/Code-Red-The-Coming-Destruction-of-America-2004 Thank you for Reading all of this!!

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