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Saratoga Ocean: March Equinox and New Moon - A powerful opportunity for change

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Friday, 17-Mar-2023 20:02:24

This message is from a mailing list

March Equinox and New Moon - A powerful opportunity for change
Saratoga Ocean

Are you ready for next week's equinox on March 20th? I love these cosmic turning points of energy! And then the day after that, on March 21st, we have a new moon in Aries. Both of these events together mark a powerful moment for change, new directions, and manifestation.

Because the equinox signals a time to focus on balance and harmony, it's a great idea to set new intentions that will bring these qualities into your life. And the new moon can definitely amplify your manifestation efforts.

I don't know about you, but I am definitely at some kind of a turning point in my life, although I'm not quite sure yet what that means. The experience that I shared with you last week about my mentor(s) pushing ChatGPT is definitely pushing me to rethink a few things.

Oh, and here's a nifty little update on that situation to give you an idea about where the world is going. I had a private email exchange with one of the top people who works for the guy in question. After they deleted my Facebook post with my questions about the use of ChatGPT, she offered to talk to me in private. (To straighten me out, of course.) I thought it was best to email her with my thoughts first. So I did.

Well, I just got a reply from her. And my goodness! I had no idea that I'm so screwed up! 😳 Thank goodness she enlightened me. (Please note the sarcasm.)

Here's what I learned:

ChatGPT is just like what happened with Y2K. That turned out to be nothing, and so is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is just like telephones and computers. See, you can also do terrible things with a phone line and with a computer. But it's not the phone or computer's fault. It's the result of bad human input. I mean, don't you always think about using correct telephone 'input' when you call a friend? I know I certainly do! 🙄 (You know I'm kidding, right?)

Then she said "When was last time that you got out a pencil to check the accuracy of a calculator?"
And finally, the bottom line is that ChatGPT can never be at fault. It's completely innocent! If things go wrong, it's the human's fault for giving it bad input.

Oh, and one more thing. She continued to insist that my problem is that I'm anxious and in fear about this robot. Even though I already told her that I have zero fear about this AI. But thank goodness I found out that she knows better than I do about my own feelings. What a relief! She continues to insist that I am anxious and afraid of ChatGPT.

And here's the final kicker! Are you ready?...
Because I have so much 'fear', according to her, my critical thinking skills have been disabled, and they cannot afford to let that spread into the group. That's an exact quote 😱!

In other words, sit down and shut up. No questions allowed. How dare you question the robot?

Can you imagine telling a paying customer (me) that you know better about my feelings than I do, and that my critical thinking skills have been disabled? Because I ask questions that you don't want to answer? Wow! Everytime I think this can't get any worse, it does. Can you see how her language is already changing into machine language? Everything is machine-centric now. Humans don't talk or communicate with a phone or a computer. No. They produce 'input'.

Input good = ✅ good result.
Input bad = ❌ bad result.
AI = always innocent!

And if a human has fear about AI, then part of their brain will be 'disabled'.

Then she ended it with "Now can we get back to the purpose for why we're here, please 🤨 ?"

Kind of reminds me of being scolded by an old-fashioned school teacher because you misbehaved in class. I can almost imagine her standing over me, ruler in hand, and giving me a menacing look over the top of her spectacles!

Another one of my mentors, who used to be sweet and kind, has a more succinct way of putting her insistence that everyone needs to use ChatGPT.

Here's what she says: "Use it or die!!" (said with a fair amount of anger and frustration)

Now that is so bizarre that it actually made me laugh. 😂

These people are nuts! I think that when you start mixing your thinking with AI, you quickly morph into a very strange type of hybrid personality.

So this is where the world is going. My sense so far is that when people get really committed to this AI, they start to become colder and more distant. Less friendly. They forget how to have a normal, back-and-forth conversation with another human being.

It's probably because in order to use these AI's, you have to practice thinking in a language that they understand. You have to learn how to interface your thinking with how this robot works. And that's going to change how your brain works. It's going to change how you interact with other humans.

Now because this person I mentioned was so exasperated with me, I am hoping that it means that she's also gotten push-back from other people. Which would be awesome because it would mean that not everyone is a sheep.

Overall, we are in some very treacherous waters right now. I think it's imperative that we be guided by the Universe and by the natural blueprint of how life was originally designed to be.

People are going to start getting really weird. ChatGPT is very divisive. It's very polarizing. It's kind of like the shot. There is literally no room for a dissenting opinion.

So here's what I suggest you do, especially as we enter this beautiful seasonal change next week. Get reoriented with the amazing cycles of the natural world. Go deep within yourself and find a secure connection with whatever the experience of Divine Love means for you. Let yourself be guided by a much higher love and intelligence than what we see here on this planet.

Sometimes life gets to a point where you don't know all the answers and you sincerely need guidance. There is a huge power that is guiding this planet's evolution to a much better place. Align with that power. Align your frequency with that energy. Remember that miracles are always possible in your life.

Oftentimes the greatest miracles come from the most unexpected places!

Have faith in yourself, and protect your consciousness from all the insanity.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 🍀

Have a beautiful next few days.

Much love,
Saratoga ❤️

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