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Partial transcript of Trump's CPAC speech, with comments by a Telegram poster

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Monday, 6-Mar-2023 17:12:07

This is excerpts, plus comments (in parentheses) by Telegram user RattleTrap 1776.



CPAC Speech:


Shoutouts to Attorney Generals (those who've applied and upheld the Laws).

Recognizes General Kellogg.

“Former” President of Brazil. (In attendance; this is a World Operation; I have Brazilian Military aircraft in Florida documented in 2022).

Recognizes James O’Keefe.

The greatest in our history, most important battle in our lives is taking place right now. (A lot of war terms spoken in this speech; most important battle)

For 7 years you and I have been engaged in an epic struggle to rescue our country from people who hate it… (7 years minus 2023 = 2016; his Presidency didn’t start until Jan 20, 2017, or did it? 😎 7 years is giving a nod to the Law of War Manual updated issue December 2016, the Military Justice Act 2016, the Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2 both dated January and June 2017… and everything I’ve got in documents from that date to present via Laws and Orders…)

We will never be a Socialist country, once said it at a SOTU address… (I made this note for a personal reason; an “Air Force Vet” I knew in Colorado made a scene in the Veteran Center at Colorado State University the day after the State of the Union speech and literally heard me talking to a buddy about the Speech, came in our conversation and argued that “Trump never said we would never be a Socialist country.” There’s one of those “Veterans” who served with wrong motives = Slobbering Libtard…)

Marxism, Communism, a state of mind which is far worse…

Our enemies are desperate to stop us, we are the only ones who can stop them (enemies)

They know we can defeat them; we can defeat them…

They know I’m standing in their way…

We’re going to finish what we started… (Finish; nothing he has ever said hasn’t come to fruition)

We’re going to complete the mission… (As I say all the time; Laws are revised or revoked; Orders are rescinded or mission accomplished; EVERYTHING he’s ever said 👉🏻 has happened 🤭)

We’re going to see this battle through to ultimate victory… (Battle 👉🏻 ULTIMATE Victory; through means continuous; never stopped🤭)

We’re going to demolish the Deep State (Demolish RINOs aka Career Politicians)

We will expel the warmongers. They get it for the wallets. (Expel = fired or deported)

We will drive out the globalists, cast out communists.

We throw off the political class who hates our Country. We will expose and appropriately deal with RINOs. (Political Class = Career Politicians aka RINOs = Deep State)

We will evict Joe Biden from White House… (Evict = Rent = Residency; not voting term)

And liberate America from these villains and scoundrels once and for all… (Liberate = set free; Liberate = once and for all = mission complete = done)

Never seen anything like this. (Never; this = Multi-level Operation & COG at same time)

We are never going back to the party of Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, and Jeb Bush. (Republican RINOs… it’s not just Democrats; It was Jeb Bush that CIC Trump told on 2016 Campaign, “I have 200 Generals backing me right now.”)

We’re not going back to a party that wants to give unlimited money to fight foreign wars, that are endless wars, that are stupid wars… (Stoutenburgh vs. Hennick outlines U.S. as a Foreign Territory; 28 US Code 3002 does as well; Eisenhowers famous Military Industrial Complex speech, January 17, 1961, paints the picture of Large Arms, Defense Contracts, and starting Wars for money; has said multiple times: we will end lobbyists and defense contractors because all they do is make excuses to stay in Wars = stupid Wars = Money in exchange for DEATH)

Our soldiers will never live on the streets of our cities… (Homeless Vets but we take care of everyone else).

Why isn’t NATO putting up dollar for dollar? (Article 5 of NATO; “Biden” sends BILLIONS to Ukraine, but Article 5 of NATOs own Constitution is being violated)

Never going to be rotten special interests, China loving politicians, you listening to this Mitch McConnell? You listening? (Special Interests: Career Politicians = RINOs)

We’re not going back to this mindset… not now… not ever… not ever. (EVERYTHING he’s said, has happened ✅)

In 2016, we took away the power of this correct political class and we did more in 4 years than the History of our Country… (Took = Action = Completed = Done = You’re watching an Operation and COG; many of us can see the action’s because we know the Laws and Orders; the rest are having to wake up other ways)

Only President in Modern History who did not have any new wars… I finished some old ones… I finished some old ones (Old ones = plural; Finished = Completed Mission; proving Afghanistan pullout was staged and all Optics to fall on “Biden” = how are you going to wake up if you don’t READ Laws and Orders? Americans love = DRAMA; those who won’t read and apply did it, blame them, not me)…

Remember 2016, Democrats and Republican opponents said… “he will lead us to WW3 with his personality”… (NEVER happened and still… people hate this man; you FOOLS)

I rebuilt our Military… (He guaranteed the National Defense Authorization Act, 700 plus Billion, “Biden” is a COG, the NDAA under “him” is a COG; if you don’t read from the Origin, you’ll keep looking like a FOOL with comments)

Peace through strength… (with the help of our allies)

I signed Executive Order, talking about toppling monuments, 10 years in jail, no negotiations… (It happened, they made arrests, done)

Very old Law and we found it… one of my legal people… “sir I don’t know if you want to bring this back, “I do!” (We have a LOT of Laws on paper that have not been applied or upheld)

There’s only one President in History who’s ever taken on the whole corrupt establishment and Washington… (Corrupt Establishment AND Washington)

And when we win in 2024… we will do it even stronger, better, and faster bc… (Military and COG is doing their thing right now with ESTABLISHED Laws and Orders; when President = visual to people = enact NEW Laws and Orders)

I only came here 17 times… (Here = Washington DC; 17 = 17 Military Related Agencies of the 21 with the Quantum Initiative / Quantum.gov)

I now know the good ones, the bad ones, the weak ones, the strong ones, I know em all… (He knows ALL people of DC)

From the beginning we have been attacked by a sick and sinister opposition, radical left, communists, bureaucrats, fake news media, big money special interests, corrupt democrat prosecutors, racists, they hate me… they get me for anything… (They will ALL be exposed)

The partisan and often corrupt intelligence agencies, George Soros… (And who has been no-showing events lately? 🤔)

Our enemies are lunatics and maniacs, they cannot stand that they do not own me, I do not need them, I don’t need anything about them, I don’t need their money, they cannot steer me, they cannot shake me and they will never ever control me and they will never ever therefore control you… (Can’t be bought; NONE of us can; those who accuse us are reflecting the very thing they do)

I alone will never retreat… we have to charge… we have to charge full speed ahead… (Retreat and Charge are Revolutionary War terms)

You know, I had a beautiful life before I did this… (Did not have to do this = he was asked = he did not seek this out)

Lynch… (Execution terms; said recently when he’s President there will be LIVE Executions on National TV = Military Tribunal terms)

They go with the disinformation campaign… (They = Liberals, RINOs; proves on OUR level we don’t need disinformation; we are a Nation of Laws and Orders = READ AND KNOW THEM)

They tried to stop Trump at the ballot box in 2016, how did that work for them, not too good… (Executive Order 13848 was signed before ANY Election under him; 2018, 2020, 2022 are Operation Elections with Military Intelligence running Elections and seeing what Governors and Attorney Generals apply and uphold Laws and Orders)

We did much better in 2020 than 2016… (“We have it all. We’ve caught them all.” - DJT in 2020… They know. They = Military Intelligence and JAG).

But we have no choice, if we don’t do this, our country will be lost forever… (No choice. This = Martial Law based on Laws and Orders plus many other key speeches)

People are tired of RINOs and globalists… (when people see true Freedom, they’ll realize how bound and brainwashed they’ve been)

This is the final battle, they know it, I know it, you know it, everybody knows it, this is it… (Final Battle. They = RINOs; Everybody = part of Operation)

In 2016, I declared, I am your voice, today I add, I am your warrior, I am your justice, and for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution… not gonna let it happen… (Declared; He declared multiple National Emergencies with Federalization of National Guard that have NOT been rescinded; those ORDERS have all been extended but the key order being the 13912 Federalization plus 13919 & 13963, keeps Trump CIC)

I will totally obliterate the Deep State, I will fire the unelected bureaucrats and shadow forces who have weaponized our justice systems (Obliterate = utterly destroy, wipe out; Shadow Forces = Government Contractors)

I will put the people back in charge… (Constitutional Republic)

The Biden Admin is the most corrupt in American History…

How’s Mitt Romney doing? Not too good. (RINO Mitt had a kid working in Ukraine as well 🤭)

We had Covid come in and a lot of things HAD to happen… (COG; And wait til everyone finds out about the Flu numbers 🤭)

Where’s Hunter? ☠️

Will there ever be a time Joe asks Hunter what’s on it? (Hunter’s laptop) “Every single crime you’ve ever committed Dad.” (☠️ = Military Tribunals will reveal EVERYTHING)

Don’t forget I had a very strong privilege as President, I was able to do things he wasn’t able to do as Vice President or Senator… (Never said President; Privilege = Executive Privilege = War Powers of President)

Calls out the Supreme Court “moment of weakness” (Supreme Court violated Law; they INTERPRET the Law… not seek to conspire)

11 million pages… (and NOTHING… yet FOOLS and Liberals still HATE the man)

There’s a Revolution going on within the FBI because they don’t want to do what they’re being told to do because they know right from wrong… (Revolution; calling out FBI Leadership, not ALL FBI; as he’s done for 6 years)

FBI leadership raided Maralago…

Stay strong, help is coming… (Help; ERG = Emergency Response Groups = Federal Continuity Directives)

Talks about murders in cities… (correlated with other speeches on decimating street crime = Martial Law)

You’re supposed to be a schlemiel (47 minutes, 6 seconds) = (516 = Black Swan, Here We Go, Gameover)

I’ve been exonerated… they know when we return to power we will bring their lies and disinformation tumbling down… (Past tense, already done; Disinformation = RINOs, Journalists, Media, Podcasters who are all about the $$$)

We’re going to complete this mission… (Action, going to happen, Military terminology)

The Secretary General says I’ve done one of the greatest jobs he’s ever seen… I hope he still says that… (Done = implies Actively = current and continuous; Secretary General = United Nations 🤭)

Mentions Article 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (in regard to NATO Constitution; meaning NONE are being applied = World Operation)

Recognizes Gordon Cheng in crowd… (Chinese friend… talks about China… he’s calling out the Chinese Communist Party which are outlined in his Executive Orders not the Republic of China)

With Bush they took Georgia, with Obama they took Crimea, with Biden they’re trying to take everything… and he won’t even know they took it… true…. (🤣☠️🤣 They = Russia; “He won’t know” bc “Biden” is an actor in the place of real Joe. Where’s real Joe? 🤭☠️)

We can soon see a Nuclear Arms with Iran… (Can = what if we stop it?)

From the time I was a young man, I learned never allow China and Russia to get together (Hebrew Theologians have always said the last days would be China, Russia, Iran in which he alludes to in next sentence)

And now it's 3, Russia, China, and Iran... (☠️)

Joe Biden is leading us into Oblivion… (Oblivion = Unconscious of what’s happening; He’s unconscious all right 🤭💯☠️)

We all smile when he falls down stairs and his bicycle… you know what amazes me, reporters didn’t catch him, they’re standing right next to him, they let him fall (They let him fall = his own people ☠️🔥)

I am the only candidate who can make this promise… I will prevent WW3 very easily… (The ONLY = Promise. Has he said anything that hasn’t come true? Nope.; Will = Solid; Very Easily = because this is an Operation with a very Strategic Plan plus COG to prove so)

We’re going to have WW3 if something doesn’t happen fast… (If something = what is that something? He’s told everyone multiple times around this)

But why, but why, Mr. President, do you send me pictures of my home? I said that. I said, you’ll have to ask your wives that question… (Talking about Afghani President; who’s still President; his relationship with the still, current President, amongst other current comments proves Afghanistan pullout was staged; the wake-up calls will come soon)

Before I even arrive at the Oval Office, I will have the disastrous war between Russia and Ukraine settled….it will be settled, quickly… I will get the problem solved… I will get it solved in rapid order, and it will take me no longer than one day, I know exactly what to say to each of them… (This comment speaks for itself; proves everything is a plan)

I got along very well with Putin… even though I’m the one who ended his pipeline… (Remember the picture I released into Internet world of CIC Trump and Putin side by side on Fox News, November 9, 2016, wee hours of morning after Election: Ready for ‘Reset’ and ready to work with Trump; plus the Soccer Ball handoff in 2018 meeting, same year Ukraine broke CIS Treaty with them; who didn’t play in the 2022 World Cup? 🤭☠️)

Putin actually said to me, “if you’re my friend, I’d hate like hell to see you as my enemy…” Because I ended the pipeline, Nord Stream 2

I ended it… it was dead… I told people you’re not doing business with the United States if you go forward with this… (Nord Stream Pipeline and his speeches: “Remember Angela Merkel?”; I gave her a ‘White Flag of Truce’ found in the Law of War Manual; if he's a “former” President, how did he give her that in July 2021? 🤭☠️)

All they’re good at is cheating on Elections and disinformation…(They = RINOs, Deep State, Swamp, Washington Establishment, Career Politicians; Also, proves Laws and Orders aren’t “Disinformation” for all of the Podcast “experts” saying it’s needed… they’re only misleading you and keeping you caught in their little web; they have NOTHING to do with this Operation)

Inhospitable (Harsh and difficult to live in; unfriendly and unwelcoming toward people)

Tom Homan is central casting… (Tom Homan is the top guy under CIC with Border Security; there’s not 20 million pouring over our Border, not when he completed the wall; all Optics; Google: “Central Casting” = is the leading Background Actor casting company in the United States 🤭☠️🔥🇺🇸)

Under my leadership we will use all necessary state, local, federal and military resources, to carry out the largest domestic deportation in American history… (Martial Law)

The towns and cities know who they are… (Speaking of Gangs; reflects ALL of the documentation I’ve been showing with aircraft flying low altitudes and them being Reconnaissance Aircraft which points to the ERGs in Federal Continuity Directives which talks about Emergency Communications etc)

The Police know who they are… (Gangs again)

And we will pick them up and throw them out of our country, no questions asked… (Martial Law)

Take down the Cartels… (Martial Law)

Took out ISIS in 3 weeks… (Said it would take 3 years, did it in 3 weeks; proves the same will happen in US with cartels; also points to his comment a couple years back about a rough 2-3 weeks but after we will burst into a new light)

I will send in the National Guard until Law and Order is restored… (Restored = Constitutional Republic; National Guard is already Federalized in Executive Order 13912, March 2020, “Biden” extended it in March 2022 which means they’re Federalized til March 2024 🤭☠️; “Biden” is an actor and COG)

How’s Portland? It’s Chaos… (Many Aircraft with Call Signs “Chaos”; Trump sent in National Guard there. He’s the only who could do it.”

Frankly, the Federal Government should take over control of Washington, D.C. and manage it… (He’s showing the United States of America and the Constitution are SEPARATE from Washington District of Columbia and their constitution, seal, codes, motto, and Foreign Territory as defined in Stoutenburgh vs. Hennick, Organic Act of 1871, 28 US code 3002; dccouncil.gov (http://dccouncil.gov/))

We will create tent cities to get them the help they need (create Tent Cities and take care of our homeless = ERG = in the FCD1 and 2)

Restitution Fund… (the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner.)

Continuing the work of our 1776 Commission… (Executive Order 13958... "Biden" revoked... but did he? "Biden" is an Actor in a Continuity of Government for the 183853752373th time which is posted in our PUBLIC Federal Register as the Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2... very easy reads... 68 and 41 pages... also showing how lazy Americans are...; Continuity THE work means it never stopped).

We will teach our values, promote our history, and our traditions to our children, we will in other words be proud of our Country again… (Found in the 1776 Report PDF: https://trumpwhitehouse.archives.gov/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/The-Presidents-Advisory-1776-Commission-Final-Report.pdf; In other speeches, he's said he will cut the Federal funding of all schools who do not teach our History)

Economic Security is National Security…. (In multiple Executive Orders that are all active and extended, National Security is all over them; we also have the National Security Agency; it's also a Breach of National Security when certain Government Officials and Military Personnel abuse their Oath of Service by doing and saying things that are a Breach of National Security, for example 9 National Emergencies declared and Congress not finding a joint resolution for those (though this was under a plan; this wasn't the case in years past); that also applies to Soldiers in Uniform on their Social Media telling others about their role in the Military and what is or isn't happening... that's a violation of Uniform Regulations, Oath of Service, and National Security... also subject to Chapter 18 of Law of War Manual).

I will hold China financially accountable for releasing Chinavirus on the world…(As the world now knows about the Wuhan Lab... it's going to link back to Ukraine)

And I will again withdraw from the WHO… We Hide Outbreaks…

So much Common Sense involved… (Thomas Paine Common Sense that I posted recently; great read)

China controls WHO…(Chinese Communist Party not People's Republic of China)

Biden Admininstration… every day is April Fool’s Day (He repeats this day quite often, it's an Optic for something futuristic; how do we get to the Military Tribunals for all of the sleepy Americans not paying attention or knowing?)

88% of the Democrats except the Leadership want voter ID, but they don’t want voter ID, it’s April Fools Day… (Statistics show 88% of Democrat Voters want Voter ID; THEY = RINOs, the Swamp, Washington Establishment)

He repeats “It’s April Fool’s Day” after many scenarios…

I will fight for a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress… (Refers to our CONSTITUTIONAL Republic and imposing Term Limits as he's spoken about since November 2022)

And I will move Heaven and Earth to finally secure our Elections… Paper ballots, same day voting, and voter I.D. (Self explanatory)

We have Governors, some we like, some we don’t… they’re ALL talk.. they control the state…(He's alluding to the Governors who have not upheld Laws put into place from 2017 to 2021)

Our Judges have no courage to do what’s right… no courage (Same thing)

Election Law…(Statute of 1845, 2 United States Code 7, 3 United States Codes 1-21; Election Law is a branch of public law that relates to the democratic processes, election of representatives and office holders, and referendums, through the regulation of the electoral system, voting rights, ballot access, election management bodies, election campaign, the division of the territory into electoral zones, the procedures for the registration of voters and candidacies, its financing and propaganda, voting, counting of votes, scrutiny, electoral disputes, electoral observation and all contentious matters derived from them. It is a discipline falling at the juncture of constitutional law and political science, and involves "the politics of law and the law of politics.")

Build America up, we have to build our country… we don’t build anymore... (After decimating street crime and gangs with the ERGs and definitions of those in Federal Continuity Directives plus knowing what War in streets will look like with Martial Law... he later talks about this...)

Our objective will be a Quantum Leap in the American standard of living especially for our young people as I announced yesterday we will hold a competition to build new Freedom cities on the frontier to give countless Americans a new shot at home ownership and the American dream…(Quantum System = Executive Order 13885 that Sleepy Americans think "Biden" revoked because they'll read that on the Federal Register but completely avoid the Federal Continuity Directive which outline a Military Operation and Continuity of Government proving THAT "revoking" is to wake people up... it wasn't revoked because it's still in an active and current Act called the Quantum Initiative Act and the site Quantum.gov is not archived... it's very much active... and our major ally Japan already has commercials rolling on our National TV about the Quantum Financial System)

And I’ll challenge the Govs in all 50 states… all 50 states to join me in a great beautification campaign… we will rename our schools and boulevards, not after communists, but after great American patriots… (Cleaning up our Country via streets and schools after they tear down ugly buildings, wait for it)

We will get rid of bad and ugly buildings and return to the classical style of Western Civilization (Badabing, Badaboom, getting rid of bad and ugly buildings... safe houses... places where street gangs and thugs operate and hide)

We will support Baby Boomers…

Our country will shine, thrive and prosper like never before… (like never before... moving to a new light)

All of this is within our reach but only if we have the courage to complete the job, gut the deep state, banish the terrorists and Marxists into Political Exile forever… they are bad for us (Complete the job = Mission Complete = Termination of Executive Orders = only President can do; How many times have I used the Commonwealth Act 671 in posts and videos? EXILE; banish FOREVER; who knocked out 100% of the caliphate in 3 weeks when told 3 years? Yeahhhh, that's what I thought)…

Change only happens if we plow fearlessly ahead and declare with one voice that the era of woke and weaponized Government is over…that is our task, that is our mission… and this is the turning point and the time for that decision… (This is the turning point... before April Fool's Day? Military Tribunals coming mid-2023....)

Because as you’ve probably heard me say before… we will not back down, we will not bend, we will not quit, we will not yield, we will press forward with push, we will press forward with vigor, we will push onward and we will finish at we started…(Nothing can stop what's coming)

We started a great, great Positive Revolution, nobody’s ever seen anything like it before…

We will cross the finish line, we will dismantle the Deep State, we will demolish woke tyranny, and we RESTORE the American Republic to all of its radiant glory…(Finish, Demolish, Restore, Radiant = new light)

And with God’s help and your support we will make America powerful again…

We will make America wealthy again…

We will make America strong again…

We will make America think of your heart pounding…

We will make America proud again…

We will make America safe again, not like our streets of the cities which are a disgrace for the entire world to watch…

And we will make America great again…

Music playing… “Hold on I’m coming”

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