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Anna Von Reitz: "The Lies of Time and Money: Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 4-Mar-2023 18:54:05

In Response To: Anna Von Reitz: "Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court - Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti" (hobie)

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Saturday, March 4, 2023

The Lies of Time and Money: Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti

By Anna Von Reitz

First Addendum to Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court

January 19th 2023.

It is the position of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of organic States, that neither time nor money exist in the manner presented to the public, which results in fraud and practices of evil.

Seasons exist. Celestial cycles exist. The one eternal moment called "now" exists, but time does not exist in the way that men have been taught to think of it. These errors promulgate more errors.

The Holy See has created an imperfect and arbitrary system of calendars, years, months, days, and hours marking our position in relation to these natural celestial cycles and we have called it "time keeping" but this convenience does not change the fact that both the past and the future are illusory, and time, to the extent it exists, is a perceptual phenomenon used to catalogue events and physical locations.

In truth, the past is forever beyond our reach and the future not yet within our grasp, but because of our "time keeping" men are given the fallacious idea that time exists as a unitized substance that can be measured and bought and sold as a commodity.

This misunderstanding continues unabated even though the Ecclesiastical Law and The Holy Bible and the Prophet Jeremiah inform us of this Gross Error.

Similarly, money has become a symbolic representation of "value" which is left undefined. As a result, money becomes an idol and we observe the return of Mammon.

We are beset on every side with the idea that "time is money" and witness the most appalling abuses of living people based on this nonsense, when it is readily observable that time does not equal anything, and neither does fiat money.

Perhaps we can say that one man-made nullity equals another man-made nullity, but the problems created by these false "gods" remain.

Today, we have the spectre of men selling large portions of their lives in exchange for graven images---literally, exchanging the most precious gift of the True God for graven images produced by other men operating printing presses.

The lunacy and injustice of this is self-evident and so are the hellish conditions that predictably result.

Mankind has been bamboozled into practicing idolatry unawares and Mammon has crept into the House of God, whereupon we invoke the Ecclesiastical Law to bring correction.

Mankind has been defrauded and enslaved to Mammon while under the care and guidance of successive generations of Church and Secular leaders---all of whom have failed their duty to defend the mandates of Heaven and in particular, the First Commandment.

These errors and the abuses resulting from them, and the incorporated Perpetrators promoting these errors, are subject to Ecclesiastical Law, which is why these issues are being brought before the Vatican Chancery Court and the Pope.

The specific reliefs sought are invoked on behalf of all living people worldwide who have been deceived, defrauded, and enslaved by these same errors, and they include but are not limited to:

Liquidation of all incorporated central banks and return of the purloined assets of the central banks to the nations and people that these assets naturally belong to.

The very purpose of central banks is commodity rigging, which is illegal and unlawful by definition.

These central banking institutions were allowed to exist based on the idea that they would moderate inflationary and deflationary economic cycles, prevent bank runs, and create stability for depositors, but no such benefits have been observed in over a hundred years.

Instead, banking has been politicized and abused to profit the bankers and their cronies at the expense of the public.

All this unlawful activity has been organized and accomplished via organized coercive profiteering (tax systems, duties, licensing and tariffs), criminal impersonation of living people (public officers and trusts named after them, false employment records kept on the resulting Legal Fiction Persons in IRS Masterfiles, etc.), securitzation of living flesh (monetization of unlawfully converted assets), war-for-profit schemes, manipulation of trade including price and supply fixing (especially precious metals and national currencies), institutionalized gambling (insurance), hypothecation of debt related to unauthorized salvage operations, probate fraud, and bankruptcy fraud.

Most recently, the failures of the central banks have resulted in bail-ins and bail-outs that have harmed the general public and depositors, unjustly enriched bank shareholders, and greatly contributed to social unrest and injustice, declining property values, inflation, supply chain interruptions, and economic collapse.

A similar situation exists with respect to unlawful securitization of living flesh by the Securities and Exchange Commission and unlawful conversion activities by clearinghouse facilities like the DTC and DTTC leading to the unlawful impersonation of living people.

These institutions and agencies have worked hand-in-hand with the central banks to defraud and strip assets from the living people to whom these assets belong.

All these incorporated businesses must be liquidated as a result of their unlawful and injurious activities, and a completely new system of international trade must be provided and adopted to put an end to the idolatry, self-service, and lies at the very foundation of the current banking system worldwide.

In view of the long duration of the crimes perpetuated against the living people by these incorporated entities, a very substantial remedy is sought along with the return of the physical assets that have been commandeered by these incorporated institutions and agencies.

On behalf of Demitrius Julius Shiva we bring claim as his International Fiduciary for control and return of the Global Collateral Account assets to the living man who is the lawful Inheritor of specific Master Accounts 333, 555, 777, and 999.

It is well-known to the Holy See that Severino Garcia STA Romana was hired by the Vatican to act as the Chief Metals Depositor and employed in that capacity to move gold and other physical assets belonging to the Avila Family Trust into the central bank system worldwide.

It was as a result of Severino Garcia STA Romana's professional activities that his name, or one of his known aliases, appeared as the Depositor of all these physical assets. As a result of his known professional capacity, all the Global Collateral Accounts associated with the Avila Family Trust have been set aside from the probate of Severino Garcia STA Romana's personal estate, and are now due and owing to Demitrius Julius Shiva, the lawful Inheritor.

Demitrius Julius Shiva has instructed all the central banks in receipt of physical assets belonging to the Avila Family Trust to segregate the assets of the Trust and prepare for these assets to be removed to safe-keeping within the boundaries of The United States. He is also requesting that the value of shares in these banks which is owed to the Avila Family Trust as a result of the Avila Family Trust's role as underwriters be set aside from the bankruptcy or liquidation or reorganization of these institutions, as the case may be.

The Avila Family Trust has upheld its obligations and acted in good faith in support of the Marshall Plan and later European Economic Recovery Fund efforts following the Second World War and does not deserve to be harmed by the failure of these banks to function in a lawful manner and according to consensual agreements.

The failure of the Global Federal Banking System to come to terms regarding a new Fifty Year agreement since 2005 indicates Bad Faith on the part of these central banks and we do not understand why the Vatican and the Holy See have been silent on these issues and have thus far failed to protect the interests of the Avila Family Trust and have not come forward to assist in the recoupment of the Global Collateral Accounts and the credit owed to the Avila Family in the form of the ASBLP Accounts administered by the World Bank.

To the extent that the World Bank has failed to honor the Will of Anthony Santiago Martin and has made no effort to contact or negotiate with the lawful holder of his Irrevocable General Power of Attorney, it appears that the World Bank has also acted in Bad Faith and has sought to retain non-consensual control of the credit assets generated by trading Avila Family Trust assets for over fifty years.

The Holy See and the Vatican were instrumental in choosing Severino Garcia STA Romana as the Chief Metals Depositor for the Avila Family Trust assets and have assisted in the management of the Avila Family Trust assets for generations; therefore nothing we are saying to you is unknown, undocumented, or secret.

What is inexplicable is the failure of the Holy See and the Roman Curia to discipline these various corporations, including the World Bank, Inc., that have continued to use and profit from the Avila Family Trust assets without any authority or contract to do so since 2005.

This, too, is an issue owed the consideration of the Vatican Chancery Court. Not only the Avila Family Trust has been impacted adversely by the Bad Faith and legal chicanery that has been employed by the central bank corporations seeking to commander private assets for their own benefit without consensual agreement.

More than 5,000 substantive physical asset trusts have similarly been mischaracterized as "abandoned" and called "Heritage" or "Legacy" trusts by the Perpetrators of these unjust enrichment schemes acting as incorporated Executors de Son Tort.

It is our firm intention that all assets belonging to Americans will be returned to them and to their control. Demitrius Julius Shiva is now fully immigrated to The United States and stands in original jurisdiction and is a peaceful member of the General Public population of the organic State known as South Carolina. He has standing as a South Carolinian and is correctly represented in international jurisdiction by The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, which is bringing this matter before the Vatican Chancery Court for action favorable to his interests.

It is also our firm intention, and our agreement with Russia and China, that the lawlessness of these corporations, including the central banks, clearinghouses, securities brokerages, insurance institutions, governmental services corporations, and medical/pharmaceutical corporations must come to a halt, either by peaceable agreement and restitution, or by liquidation of these organizations, which have injured the living people who are their customers, employers and underwriters.

These colluding corporations have evaded and deliberately misinterpreted their contractual service obligations, violated the treaties and constitutional contracts of their employing Principals, and have operated in a lawless and predatory manner detrimental to the whole world.

We, the people of Russia, China, and the States of America, are also agreed that the lies that are at the bottom of the current monetary system have to be addressed in favor of the living people.

It is our wish and Will that everyone on Earth have peace and plenty, that all governments be committed to peaceful co-existence and that all government services and infrastructure be fully funded without recourse to taxation of any kind.

We wish for the Internal Revenue Service and its equivalents, together with the various Bar Associations and similar privateers, to be permanently disbanded.

We have created a separate free-standing replacement for the current banking system, one that is based on truth, prepaid credit, and actual asset-backed money used in honest trade. It is by these actions and intentions that we wish to overcome poverty, ignorance, and the taint of usury, idolatry, theft, and falsehood which corrupts the present financial system.

To the extent that the Vatican Chancery Court has jurisdiction to answer these wrongs referenced herein by action to correct and otherwise by liquidation of the offending corporations, we invite prompt and just settlement of the issues we have raised.

We wish for a common and correct understanding of the nature and function of time and money to allow purely beneficial use of these concepts.

We wish for recognition of the problem that money presents when it becomes abstracted and is used as an idol based on graven images.

We wish for affirmation of the First Commandment given to Mankind, and recognition of its premier importance in the conduct of our lives and the preservation of life on this planet.

We wish for the return of the Global Collateral Assets held by the Avila Family Trust in Master Accounts 333, 555, 777 and 999 and the ASBLP credit accounts to the natural and lawful Inheritor of these assets, Demitrius Julius Shiva, and we also seek the return/release of the more than 5,000 private family and foundation trusts that have been misappropriated and misrepresented by incorporated entities.

This return of assets to the lawful owners includes but is not limited to the assets of the V.K. Durham Trust, the Urban Trust, and the Saint Germain Foundation among many others that need to be returned to the control of the actual Inheritors and living Trustees who stand on the land and soil of this country.

We wish for the end of the watery delusions that have mistaken living people for corporations, so as to impersonate the victims of this scheme and thereby deprive them of their natural estate, standing, and lawful protections.

We further wish for the rejection of any and all claims that people who have been injected with engineered and patented mRNA under force and color of law, are now no longer "human" and are instead Genetically Modified Organisms owned by patentholders and subject to those patentholders without recourse to any Human Rights.

This repugnant and criminal activity must be repudiated in the strongest possible terms as a deliberate pollution of the human genome leading to widespread murder, maiming, and long term health issues that the Perpetrators, commercial corporations, are seeking to profit from.

This above-referenced activity is all the more abhorrent as these same corporations are attacking their own benefactors and underwriters, in the manner of rabid dogs.

We wish for the immediate return of the 20,000 Metric Tons of gold that were illegally confiscated by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration from the American people; this purloined gold was distributed to the Federal Reserve (6,000 MT) and the World Bank/IBRD (14,000 MT) as a shareholder investment.

We, acting as the Federation of the organic States of the Union, wish for the return of these assets and the value of the shares, to support our Prosperity Institutions, which will be used as an independent system to correct the world accounting and distribute prepaid credit and restitution that is owed to the living people of this planet.

We wish for immediate action to finish the work begun by Pope Benedict XVI to unlock the storehouses of the Lord and secure the return of the Seal of Saint Peter which was illegally and immorally expropriated from James Thomas McBride by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). The authority of the Seal belongs to living men, who are Americans from The United States appointed by the Pope, to perform this great work for the education and preservation of Mankind.

The mindless obstruction of this humanitarian effort by members of the district government has to end; we recommend the liquidation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Government, Inc., and the Government of the United States, Inc., which are responsible for criminally misdirecting the activities of this incorporated agency subcontractor.

We wish to remind the Vatican Chancery Court of the imminent necessity to prepare for world changes that are physical as well as mental while our planet is still within the photon belt. This action is necessary and the cause is urgent.

Please assist us in our Secular Offices to accomplish the removal of the offending persons and corporations and note that our presence here at this time has been foretold for many generations; the name of our Fiduciary is recorded in the Bible in precisely the position she now occupies.

John 1:5 And the light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehendeth it not.

It is not necessary for the darkness to understand; it is only necessary for the light to shine forth.

This Addendum issued on the Third of March 2023 and initialed by:
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
The United States of America
Whereupon all possible Due Process has been served on the Holy See and on the various members and officers of the organizations responsible and we have determined that the only reasonable and truthful remedy is the extension of pre-paid credit to everyone on Earth and the payment of government services and infrastructure development without recourse to any form of taxation, the abolishment of the so-called Internal Revenue Service, and all other privateer organizations engaged in the collection of non-existent debts.

The sources of this pre-paid credit are: (1) at the hand of the True God; (2) as an inheritance of investments and arrears owed to our ancestors and to us for the last six generations; (3) as a credit for liens established against illegal confiscations, non-payment, and false claims; and (4) via a recoupment of physical assets owed to us individually and collectively.

With respect to this last item, (4) above, we specifically request action to return the assets of all individual "Heritage" and "Legacy" Trusts thought to be public trusts and over 5,000 individual Family and Organizational Trusts, to the heirs and progeny that these trusts naturally belong to.

Contrary to any registrations entered in the name of Dimetrius Julius Shiva, he is a living man standing in original jurisdiction on the land and soil of a State of the Union we represent; he has not offered to donate the assets of the 111, 333, 555, 777, and 999 Master Accounts, which belong to him or which have been assigned to him by Irrevocable General Powers of Attorney.

These Global Collateral Accounts and the assets held by them are not abandoned and have been set aside from the probate of the estate of Severino Garcia STA. Romana for their expedient use by the Inheritor and his Assigns. Similarly, the ASBLP Accounts held by the World Bank, which represent the trade credit for over fifty years of trade upon the Global Collateral Accounts are due and owing to the actual asset Owner, who holds the Irrevocable General Power of Attorney for Anthony Santiago Martin.

Likewise, the assets of the V.K, Durham Trust, the Saint Germain Foundation and 5,000 other common law and statutory trusts and foundations are not abandoned, not subject to public administration, and must now be liquidated in favor of the actual living owners and Inheritors.

These trusts hold vast amounts of actual physical assets that belong to living people who are owed the return of their property without further impersonation or misrepresentation as corporations, intestate infant decedent estates, or public administration under other false legal conventions and presumptions.

Our organic States of the Union and our unincorporated Federation of States are in Session and in operation as the lawful government Assigns and Receivers; we bring this claim forward for settlement in behalf of our country and countrymen and propose the release of all countries and proxy governments that have been subject to occupation under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure, such that the offending corporations, e.g. CHINA, AUSTRALIA, et alia, must be liquidated and the assets that have been seized upon must be released to the inheritors upon their organization of a lawful government--- a process that must be assisted and fully funded.

This includes the liquidation of all State trusts, Territorial State of State organizations and Municipal STATE and STATE OF STATE organizations in The United States and the return of the assets held by these foreign organizations to the control of the lawful government, its officers and assigns.

To provide stability during the transition back to lawful government, we have chartered a global network of prosperity institutions capable of providing bilateral services. .

The prepaid credit that already exists and which has been generated from the investment of physical assets belonging to the living people is to be distributed directly via prepaid credit accounts established with our global prosperity institutions.

These accounts will be used to pay all reasonable and customary expenses for the living people and will ensure a pleasant and equitable life for everyone born on this planet; it is our intent to solve the problems of waste management, chemical pollutants, high quality food and water, housing, and clean energy without further delay.

Under Ecclesiastical Law it is abundantly clear that these incorporated entities have no natural right to exist and that they have all functioned under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit failing the test of lawful contracting processes and lawful operation. The numerous agreements allowing the existence of incorporated entities demand the protection of the living people and their assets.

We therefore call upon the Pope and the Vatican Chancery Court to take prompt and conciliatory action to remove the offending Legal Fictions and release the trust assets to the Lawful Owners without delay.

A world that functions on credit instead of debt is much to be desired and appreciated for its reflection of Eternal Truth, for the amity it inspires, and for the peace that it encourages and helps to preserve.

We are aware of the potential problems of greed, gluttony, and sloth; but, like all potentials for sin, these must be faced with determination to educate and to inspire. Everyone in receipt of the prepaid credit will be given information about where this largesse came from, and all educational efforts will include

See this article and over 4000 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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