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America and the Europaland will tremble

Posted By: tonzal
Date: Tuesday, 28-Feb-2023 12:35:30

BATTLEFORWORLD.COM | February 28, 2023: Despite what the governments in the West are saying about wanting peace, they're all positioning themselves into World War Three. - In the year 1961 things started to speed ahead by the Rockefeller Brothers in the United States. President John F. Kennedy wanted to pullback on the United States meddling in using its foreign policy to destabilize countries, and his decision was being shaped by the Vietnam War. Shortly after, Kennedy was assassinated because the United States holy grail to world domination was through its foreign policy to which the U.S. State Department plays a leading communication role.

By 1981 a coup was initiated against the Rockefeller Brothers by the Rothschilds. According to Whitney Webb, over time the Rockefellers where pushed back and fronting the elite establishment in the United States were the Rothschilds. However, another source in the know said, that it was the overthrown Bolsheviks from the former Soviet Union (the group that is now making mischief and war in Ukraine against Russia) who stepped in replacing the Rockefellers in the United States of America. The Rockefellers are still around only somewhat inactive.

Another source also noted that the original Rothschilds started from 'Chateau De Vie' and this branch went into London, and the Rothschild lineage that came after them were in a quasi alliance with the Rockefellers. And it is this faction of the Rothschilds that attacked the Rockefeller Brothers starting from 1979 to 1982 using Henry Kissinger. And they had planned to set off what they called at the time "Nuclear War One", which was to erupt in the autumn of 1982 on September 17, as a surprise American nuclear first strike against Russia, but something intervened, and Israeli officials were enraged and instead set off the Beirut massacre.

Three nuclear missiles in flight.

The elite establishment in the United States right now as of 2023, influencing the government and political parties, the Pentagon, media, etc., consists of the Rothschilds and their henchmen, the Zionists and the Bolsheviks, known as "The Dark Force, or The Dark Leadership". The Bolshevik-Zionist-Axis was let into the United States inner sanctum by Cecil H. Underwood.

Former US President Donald Trump took to the podium in February blaming "warmongers and 'America Last' globalists" at the State Department for pushing and stirring up the conflict in Ukraine. And promised that if he's elected president in 2024, he will rid Washington DC of "warmongers, frauds and failures".

Trump warned that "World War III has never been closer than it is right now," and laid the blame on "all the warmongers and 'America Last' globalists in the Deep State, the Pentagon, the State Department and the national security industrial complex." And singled out Victoria Nuland, the US deputy secretary of state for political affairs, who Trump said was "obsessed with pushing Ukraine towards NATO." And that Nuland and "others just like her" at the State Department supported the 2014 "uprisings" in Ukraine that saw the democratically-elected president, Viktor Yanukovich, replaced with the pro-Western Pyotr Poroshenko, who started military repression against the people of Donetsk and Lugansk. ...

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 3, the free PDF book: Download and read: America viciously provoking Russia, pages 875 and 876: A poem to Governments and Public Media in Europe and the United States of America, dated July 7, 1949, predictions by Eduard (‘Billy’) Meier of Switzerland:

America and the Europaland will tremble,
when freedom comes from the East with a heavy hand,
the oppressed by America and Europe,
however, gets punished by a harsh lesson,
for the meaning of world domination,
that they cherish evil and
thereby countries, put people into dictatorships.

The great Bear will come who will bring freedom,
Russian land, which will teardown all the false-freedom,
that many in America and Europe have heard,
as do many other countries around the world,
but the Bear from the East will destroy it
and settle the whole thing into peace and freedom.

But it will take a long time until then, with weeping
which will be carried out into the world with tears,
because evil terrorism, dictatorship, hatred and war
deny victory for peace and freedom.

Might and greed for world domination are tearing the world apart,
and in many countries, many a death cry rings out,
as America and Europe carry out false-freedom
and beat the human beings with war, misery and distress.

The mischief-makers, whose actions are based on might,
are taught by the Bear and announced to them,
that world-power demands fuel evil conflicts,
which leads humanity into death and ruin.

Therefore, the Bear will tear apart all the evil of America,
and it will also promise the same to Europe.

When violent wars coming from the world-grabbing America
destroys everything in the world, in every which way,
when the same echoes from the European dictatorship and
the shouting of murder by evil terrorism rings out,
then the Bear will start, biting the hostility,
and this will tear apart the Western powers’ evil doings.

Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format – Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 3 Book)

"The world is on the verge of a global conflict if Washington [DC] wants Moscow's defeat. Russia will defend itself by any means, including nuclear weapons," said Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. And Vladimir Putin rightly said: "It is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield." It is with this that the suspension (for now) of START-3 is connected. Let the out-of-touch [ruling] elites in the US think about what they have achieved. We will also observe the reaction of other nuclear powers - NATO members: France and Britain. Their strategic nuclear forces were usually not included in the balance of nuclear warheads and carriers in the preparation of agreements between the US and the USSR (Russia), but it is high time to do so.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about: The Anti-Christ one world movement controlled by the ruling elites in the United States, page 418. In Russia there comes the hope of the world, page 418. Great enemy (i.e., America, infiltrated by nefarious elements) of the entire human race, page 419. America as a One World Power falls, will be devoured by lice (i.e., civil wars, etc.), page 419. There will be a great earthquake, page 420. The friendship of Russia and China, page 1479. The last pope and World War Three, page 1491. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format Links: Book Summary - Volume 1 | and Download Book - Volume 1)

The alliance of Russia and China will confront The Anti-Christ/The Dark Force that has taken over the West:

Prophet Nostradamus predicted the great alignment in
Century VI, Quatrain 21:
When those of the Northern pole are united together,
in the East (i.e., New York and London) will be great fear and trembling.
A new man elected (i.e., a new pope*), supported by the great one who trembles,
both Rhodes and Byzantium will be stained with Barbarian blood.”

(*, The Vatican bureaucracy was reorganized, so this pending new pope supporting the West could be not forthcoming, but if there should be a new pope and one that supports the West, it is trouble for all of humanity. This pending new pope that is to support the West, would be in alliance with the mischief-making ruling elites.)

The Dark Force took over the Pentagon by 1982, forcing the United States government leadership to bow down and ruin America for the Baby Boomers, the Millennials, Generation X, etc. ...

Next on the block being targeted by the State Department is the country of Hungary. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is not cooperating with 'The Club', causing the State Department to send Samantha Power into Hungary to stir up trouble, to possibly provoke a coup, civil unrest, etc. to teach Orbán a lesson for supporting Russia. And if Samantha Power and her henchmen has to burn down Hungary or have Orbán assassinated, they're going to do it. This is a NATO country and what that says is, it does not matter, the elite establishment thugs, make their own rules.

Rumors are echoing that the earthquake that hit Turkey was done by a United States electromagnetic HAARP device.

This is the type of "Dark Leadership" countries of the world are dealing with, because of the United States of America.

"These dark forces, as I have said many times, are the Bolsheviks. Having lost control of Russia, they now have a stranglehold on America's government instead", said Peter Beter, (here). The Bolsheviks are in alliance with the Zionists and both are guided by the Rothschilds.



America and the Europaland will tremble

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