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Anna Von Reitz: "Bunny Math"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 24-Feb-2023 20:47:47

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Friday, February 24, 2023

Bunny Math

By Anna Von Reitz

This is my attempt to give insight into the political and scientific Social Planning Boondoggle we are presently mired in, and the mindless "Science du Jour" forces that we have to deal with.

Sometime in the early 1900's some rather dim people became aware of geometric progressions --- what I call, "Bunny Math".

This is the simple proposition that arises when you have two bunnies, and they promptly become 4, 8, 16, 32, and so on until you -- in theory -- have a hundred billion bunnies and nowhere to go without stepping on them.

These people then looked at world population in terms of Bunny Math and determined that, high holy cow, in no time at all, the planet would be totally overrun by what they termed a "cancerous" proliferation of people.

They looked at the slums of Brazil, India, and China and they extrapolated that either: (a) we were all headed for a dire existence in urban slums with our pitiful lives ending in disease and famine, or (b) we had to be locked down and prevented from being fruitful on a permanent basis.

This looming "population dread" infected quite a number of aristocratic and wealthy people who then weighed in behind eugenics programs and Planned Parenthood and birth control research and abortion and any number of efforts aimed at reducing human fecundity at the same time that they chased the elusive Fountain of Youth for themselves.

This gives rise to two (2) diametrically opposed Social Planning Goals for different sectors of the population, with the 1% planning to live forever and the rest of us being bred like dogs.

Gradually, both of these concerns merged into the realization that if we all live to be a thousand years old instead of a hundred, all these overpopulation issues become a hundred times worse.

Thus, overpopulation became the Big Bug-A-Boo that kept the so-called Elites up at night and mumbling in small groups at dinner parties.

To be fair, some Elites rolled their eyes toward the heavens and slunk into corners to carry on conversations about other subjects, but they weren't popular and suffered the wrath of the Queen's Pecking Order.

At this point in the development of the Population Panic, men seated in leather club chairs in London began pushing the idea of population control and how much better it would be if we could concentrate our scarce social service and charitable resources on fewer people.

One group preached eugenics and the need to breed a better human, much as you might develop a new dog breed, and thus, to improve the quality of the output of our "production line".

Another group of these Social Engineers started advocating population reduction and birth control and abortion.

Finally, a third group of these New Social Leaders (very quietly) pursued a means to extend the duration of their own lives.

Huge amounts of money were being thrown at all parts of this Trifecta of Social Aims --- beginning in the 1880s, and entering the stratosphere of both government and private investment after the Second World War.

I was nine, in the Third Grade, and standing in the middle of an animal barn at the County Fair with my Father, keenly observing bunnies while he explained all this to me. Of course, he glossed over the sex and exactly how all this meshed together mechanically, but the math was self-evident, and I wrinkled my nose and asked the obvious question---

Why weren't we already living our lives wedged together like sardines?

After all, Bunny One and Bunny Two got started on this project a long, long time ago? And as we all know, bunnies tend to multiply even faster than a simple geometric progression would allow.... it would have to be a complex geometric progression....

Well, as Dad pointed out, (rather lamely and apologetically) bunnies are prey animals and their large populations support large predators....

Just like people, I blurted out, having already observed Wall Street.

My long-suffering Father suggested that we head over to the V.F.W. stand for a hamburger.

I was in a position to observe all three of these groups, these "Social Planners", at work, and trace the whole business to its logical --- and illogical --- conclusions: the passage of Roe v. Wade, the rise of Planned Parenthood, the One Child Social Policy in China, and so much more.

The terror of overpopulation among Social Planners and World Leaders drove all of this, and the search for Eternal Life led to Adrenochrome, yet nobody stopped to check the math and nobody bothered to observe reality, either.

Being terribly concerned about the spectre of overpopulation had, by the 1970's, become fashionable, and fashion knows no reason.

Please note that China reversed its One Child Rule and introduced its Two Child Rule.... then, its Three Child Rule.... and it now has millions of confused and frustrated single men who are incapable of pumping out a single baby.

China, the most populous nation on the planet, is suffering a population collapse. So is all of Western Europe. So, to a lesser extent, is America.

This trend has been perfectly obvious ever since the end of the Baby Boom following the Second World War, but the Social Planners and Politicians were already thundering down a very different track, adhering to their fashion sense instead of the facts, like so many stampeding steers still wearing bell-bottoms.

Though the politicians are trying to paper over the idiocy of their Social Planning Agencies (and their own incompetence) by importing vast numbers of refugees and immigrants, things are not going well for the Brave New World Social Order Engineers who don't observe, don't do math, and keep plowing right on into oblivion long after their ideas have been debunked by Mother Nature.

Roe v Wade has fallen, and if the world hasn't quite yet awakened to the fact that our children are our most precious resource, there are at least some dim stirrings in that direction.

There may even be some glimmerings in the minds of the Idiots in Charge to the effect that we don't "need" another World War to control our population and that we are not, after all, mere livestock to be bred according to some dimwit's concept of beauty.

Having begun to come to our senses, let us continue to make all the much-needed corrections including the open social recognition that babies are precious, children are precious, and we are all precious. All needed. And at least for my part, all loved.

Even if the purported Best of Us are stupid louts.


See this article and over 4000 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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