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The Rumor Mill News Reading Room

CGI's PatMac: Censored: Updated COVID Vaccine info & Recent Sudden Deaths & Injuries

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Tuesday, 21-Feb-2023 22:57:48

A post submitted by CGI member PatMac.


*Over 60 scientists have called for an end to COVID-19 “vaccines” after documenting foreign toxins that damage the blood and impede circulation. Non COVOID deaths are up 40%

*The leading cause of myocarditis is COVID-19 vaccination. Every clinic needs an approach to clinical and subclinical diseases. It’s #1 in DDX of cardiac arrest without prior heart disease. Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough

*Autopsy Report Reveals Those Who Died Suddenly Were Likely Killed by the Covid Vaccine.

REPORT ; https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00392-022-02129-5

*Australia has removed liability indemnity from doctors who gave the jabThis means the buggers can now be sued and prosecuted for poisoning and killing people

*These are recent Sudden Deaths

*UNLV defensive lineman Ryan Keeler, 20, has died suddenly

*An 18-Year-Old College Student DIED SUDDENLY After Becoming 'Unresponsive' While Exercising on Campus.

*A New Jersey boy, Eric Garcia, 12, DIED SUDDENLY after collapsing during no-contact football practice

*Under-15 Football Star Estrella Martin,14, Dies Suddenly.

*Mia Jennings, 19, Died Suddenly After A Heart Attack

*A 21-year-old Thomas College student, Dustin Allard died suddenly. “He was never sick before the day he died and had never been diagnosed with anything,” his parents,

*A High School Senior in Las Vegas, Jordon Brister, 18, Died Suddenly after he unexpectedly suffered cardiac arrest while at school.

*Air Force Academy cadet Died Suddenly- Blood Clot in his Lungs

*Former Detroit Lions linebacker Jessie Lemonier passed away at age 25.

*An 8-Year-Old Dies Suddenly 3 Days After His Birthday

*This 14-year-old girl's legs are so weak after the COVID VACCINE, she's in a wheelchair & can't stand up. She said the doctor doesn't know what is causing her paralysis & seems hopeful not knowing that in the next few days, she will be dead.
See her heartbreaking interview: https://twitter.com/CRRJA5/status/1617694950598258688

*A 2-year-old girl Died Suddenly after receiving a Moderna & GlaxoSmithKline vaccines.-

*Former college football and NFL standout offensive lineman Uchechukwu Nwaneri passed away suddenly on Friday. He was 38. He had posted that anti-vaxxers should be jailed.

* Natalie Boyce, 21, Died Suddenly after the Moderna Covid vaccine.: Mother of Natalie, a fit & healthy young woman speaks out

*A 22-year-old has a Heart Attack shortly after his wedding.

*Georgia Student, 13, Complaints Of a Headache, Died Suddenly Hours Later of Undiagnosed "Leukemia". Had bleeding in "brain, lungs, stomach...everywhere" - Father...

*Former NFL Lions Player, Stanley Wilson Jr., 41, collapsed and died.

*Former Fox contributor Mark Steyn was vaxxed twice and had 2 Heart Attacks. Since he became an anti-vaxxer and lost his job.

*FL Rep. Dr. Rudman isn’t scared of Big Pharma — he reveals his good friend just “died suddenly” and calls out the jab…

*Cartier Woods, 18, a "Very healthy" Senior student from Detroit Northwestern High School suffered cardiac arrest playing basketball and died suddenly last week

*A Healthy Woman, Jamie Forbes,346, Receives Covid Vaccine & DIED SUDDENLY 31 Days Later

*25-Year-Old Belgian Soccer Goalie DIES SUDDENLY Collapsing On Pitch

*Footballer Ben Idir Mehenni Died Suddenly of a heart attack on the field.

*A 32-Year-Old Firefighter and Marine Corps Veteran Josh Fanti DIED SUDDENLY!

*5 Canadian teens ages 17-19 DIED SUDDENLY in their sleep in the past month...

*Now Suffering nerve damage The Fully Vaccinated WWE Legend Hulk Hogan ‘Can’t Feel His Lower Legs’

*Fully Vaccinated Mary Dix, who mocked the unvaxxed, has suddenly died. So sad. She was a young mother of 2.

*Tony Miller, 40, of Litchfield, MI, formerly of South Haven, Died Suddenly on Thurs, Jan 26, 2023, at his home. No further info on the cause of death.

*Trista Martin, a healthy 18, year-old DIED SUDDENLY After Taking the Vaccine- *Her family blames Pfizer.

*His Family in Shock After Their Healthy 21-Year-Old Son Rickson Williams Dies Suddenly In His Sleep. Rickson’s death continues an alarming pattern of young adults worldwide suddenly dying for reasons unknown.

*21-year-old Army National Guard Karolina Stancik suffered two heart attacks after the C0VID vax
.Interview- https://twitter.com/sues86453/status/1615677171862851584

*18-year-old schoolgirl Asia D’Amelio Died Suddenly after collapsing at her school

*Tevin D. Walker was only 29 years old & worked for Lone Butte Development Security. He took the Modern@ shot & died suddenly 4 days later

*A Student Collapses at a GM Basketball Game – A Defibrillator Was needed to Revive Him

*A 34-Year-Old Border Patrol Intel Agent DIES SUDDENLY Due to an “Unexpected and Sudden Heart Attack.”

*Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree Pierre Lipton, a 26-year-old athlete & businessman passed away after collapsing at the Mesa Marathon

*Triple vaxxed MSNBC anchor Yasmin Vossoughian now has Myocarditis

*A 23-Year-Old Georgia Police Officer, CJ Williams DIES SUDDENLY of a Heart Attack During a Foot Chase

"1923" pays tribute to Derek Chavez, 32, at end of tonight’s episode. Chavez died on Jan 12 of a heart attack. He got his first and second shots of the Pfizer vaccine in April 2021.

*Autopsy Analysis of 2 Teen Boys Who Died Days After 2nd Pfizer Covid Shot Finds ‘Myocardial Injury' A study examining deaths of the boys, who did not previously have cardiac symptoms, found they likely died from a Vaccine-induced 'cytokine storm' inflammatory immune response

*Irish Film Producer James Flynn, ‘Banshees of Inisherin’ and ‘Vikings’ Producer, Died Suddenly of an unknown illness at 57 after winning a recent Oscar.

*Renowned MIT Professor and Drug Safety Analytics Specialist Calls for an Immediate Suspension of all mRNA COVID Vaccines

*Experts believe the vaccine-induced death toll in the US is around 400K with injuries well over a million. When will they stop them?


*Pfizer covered up ‘extreme side effects for children…this should surprise no one!

Report: Infants and Children Under 12 Given the Pfizer mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Seven Months BEFORE Pediatric Approval. 71% of Adverse Event Cases are Classified as Serious.


*BREAKING — New Bombshell COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Study Finds 278,000 Associated COVID Vaccine Deaths Within 1st Year Of Rollout

*Doctor confirms a "50% increase" in miscarriages and a "50% decrease" in overall fertility since theCovid vaccine rollout. The vaccines were about depopulation.

*NEW: Dr. Deborah Birx Admits Manipulating Data & Altering CDC Guidelines To Deceive Trump.

*Must Read: Doctors were “bullied” into not writing medical exceptions for the vaccine…

*How the COVID pandemic paved the way for the implementation of a totalitarian one-world government, where human rights and freedoms will no longer exist

*Researchers say the Spike Protein causes mRNA Translations resulting in Hyper-Accelerated Aging…They are thankful to all the Guinea pigs The best thing that anyone who is vaccinated by the clot shot can say about it now is that it hasn't killed them yet!

*The FDA finally admits that getting a COVID-19 vaccine and a flu shot simultaneously may increase the risk of strokes.

*The New Abnormal: The Rise Of The Bio-Medical Security State https://discernreport.com/the-new-abnormal-the-rise-of-the-biomedical-security-state/

*BREAKING — 100% of COVID Deaths in Canada Are Now Due to mRNA Vaccine, New Data Shows. It appears the manufactured pandemic is now a real pandemic driven by these poisonous vaccines


*132 Canadian Doctors Have Died Suddenly Since The COVID-19 vaccine rollout In 2021, 53% Higher Than in 2020. Medical students or medical residents under age 30 dying at a 900% higher rate in 2022. -Dr. William Makis MD

*The NFL Players Association is now urging players to have a Heart screening done in light of all of the complaints of COVID vaccine side effects. Also, many High Schools are now putting defibrillators into the schools because of COVID-induced Heart problems.

*HUGE: A 101-Page Whistleblower Document Reveals The Biden Pentagon Suppressed Concerns About COVID Shot Side Effects & Many Soldiers Suffered Horrifying Injuries As A Result

*Cancer Rates EXPLODE From VAXX mRNA Spike Protein Found In Center Of Cancer Cells

*Senate Hearing Shown Evidence Covid Shot Causes 145% Increase In Death. Also...

*The more vaccines a baby gets, the higher the likelihood of sudden death: published in the peer-reviewed journal Cureus on February 2

*Oveta Fuller is the internationally renowned Virologist who was instrumental in securing the emergency use authorization for the Clot Shots that were forced on the public said she took the vaccine and "nothing happened to her"... except that she died suddenly shortly after.

*Florida Surgeon General Issues New Warning on mRNA COVID Vaccines After Finding 1,700% Increase in VAERS Reports in Florida Alone. Staggering irrefutable evidence of the government poisoning the public.

*As I've said for a long time this pandemic/vaccine psyop is a long-planned sterilization and depopulation agenda. Stop the vaccines now!

Article - The COVID Vaccine Agenda Is A DARPA-Funded Depopulation Program.- https://stateofthenation.co/?p=156062

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