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Misc. News and Reports 2/19/23

Posted By: GeorgeEaton
Date: Sunday, 19-Feb-2023 09:54:20

The video below illustrates how the globalist politicians are using Hilterian body language as they "demand" the west go to war against Russia.The leader of Nato is using the same communication tactics as he dances around and waves his arms to try and persuade the people that war must be fought. What they aren't telling the people is that, this war WILL lead to a nuclear holocaust. Funny how they leave that part out, after all their political rhetoric, contrived emotionalism and persuasive arguments are spewed on the masses.

US diplomat Nuland's words that Crimea is legitimate target for Kiev and America highlight depth of disagreement between Washington and Moscow, and that US is main provocateur of international tension - Peskov.
"Japan and US conducted air force exercises due to the missile launch of the DPRK" - Japanese Defense Ministry.
"Japan and the US conducted joint air exercises over the Sea of Japan with the participation of F-15, F-16 and B-1 bombers" - command statement

Death Toll Hits 45,000 in Turkey & Syria After Devastating Earthquakes (the death toll will triple or more, now that all hope to find survivors is now gone)

Syria undergoes the worst earthquake in its modern history, thousands die, tens of thousands become homeless, and the world sends humanitarian aid. Israel sends missiles that kill 15 and wound scores of people.
Unconfirmed reports that IRGC Quds Force commander Ismail Qaani was killed in the Israeli airstrikes on Damascus earlier today, Ismail Qaani was made commander of the Quds Force right after Qasem Soleimani was killed in an American airstrike in 2020.

Israel to help Ukraine create an air threat early warning system

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned China of the consequences should China provide weapons to Russia.

Russia UN envoy: West hell-bent on destroying Russia, inciting deep Russophobia

Paul Larudee says the Israeli attack on Syria, amid earthquake relief efforts, shows Tel Aviv’s atrocities have no limits.

Belarusian President Lukashenko threatened Lithuania and Poland with tactical nuclear weapons

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned neighboring Poland and Lithuania of the danger of attacking Belarus and dragging it into war. He said he was familiar with such plans of his neighbors in a detailed report of Belarusian intelligence.

"You want to drag Belarus into war. You dream of us crossing the border of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania."
stated Lukashenko.
The President of Belarus stressed that Poland's and Lithuania's calculation is to significantly increase the front line, which will make it impossible for the Belarusian-Russian forces to wage war from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea.

"A correct military calculation, but empty and useless."
stated the Belarusian leader.
Alexander Lukashenko noted that Poland and Lithuania will not have such a chance. However, if the Lithuanian and Polish troops enter the land of Belarus, according to Lukashenko, there will be a terrible response.

"The Westerners know with what weapons."
concluded the Belarusian president.
As a reminder, the day before, Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus would deploy tactical nuclear weapons on its territory, which can be carried by aircraft. [link to voennoedelo.com (secure)]

The video below is disturbing, disgusting and complicated. The idea that patriotic Americans would join forces with the old Soviet empire or the Chinese Communists is wrong minded and off base..What millions of Americans are trying to do in observing this new manufactured conflict, is to support the right of Christian Russia to maintain their independence and defend their sovereignty as they face the globalist manufactured war against them. Americans should not in any way deviate from our free enterprise system and embrace communism in Russia, China or any other country. Both the east and the west are promoting a New World Order, but true Americans should soundly reject any form of a New World Order and instead cultivate a world where nations are free to exercise their own independence.

The religious excitement and emotions are running high in Asbury, again. It is an infectious and cathartic emotional experience that ignites the passions inside a person. It has good and bad implications for each person.
In many ways it is a good thing and helps wake people up to what is going on in the world and in their own lives. It can be a wake up call to make a stand for values that before they ignored.

On the other hand, mesmerizing and drug-like emotions can mislead people to make rash decisions and to arrive at conclusions not based on rational thinking. In a catharsis experience it is like a switch is turned off in many cases where people will no longer think logically or rationally.

Also notice in this new highly emotional religious happening that the people are jumping up and down, this comes from the black culture influence, and is now done at football and basketball games. In stadiums with weak construction this could cause a collapse and injure or kill innocent people.

Also notice that after 3 years of pandemic shutdowns the people are gathering together with no one taking responsible cautions for the flu virus. This could be dangerous and detrimental since the variety of viruses are still very active in the nation. People must realize the flu outbreak was orchestrated as a biological germ warfare attack on this nation, and the world. And this attack is ongoing, we cannot let our guard down until we know for sure that the enemies of mankind have ceased those depopulation operations.

Where will this religious frenzy and emotionalism end? Several decades ago it ended up in more religious converts, and more emotionally charged people becoming missionaries to non-white nations. IMO it actually helped spread racial homogenization, mixed marriages, and one world communist views. How is that helpful in making a stronger America? It does the very opposite.

Detailed SITREP on comparative war casualties
Source trying to be methodical
KIA Russian 15,000-20,000 ( does not include DPR)
KIA Ukrainian 140,000-160,000

UK to test WW3 imminent warning message to all cell phones within days, despite the UK being amongst the least prepared countries on the planet (lack of basements and fallout shelters, old crumbing poor quality buildings and infrastructure etc) and being one of the most vulnerable and most likely first targets.
[link to www.express.co.uk (secure)]

You know the Black South Africans that rule that country now.. are mad as hell at the Israelis for stealing all those diamonds and gold from them over the decades…

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