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Posted By: Seawitch
Date: Thursday, 9-Feb-2023 11:04:57

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Thurs. 9 Feb. 2023

Compiled Thurs. 9 Feb. 2023 12:01am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty-two multiple personalities

Big Phama and IT companies appeared set on murdering a large percentage of the world’s population. Pfizer has publicly admitted to creating viruses in order to sell vaccines.

Covid/Vax Operation

Since Meeting in Nov. 2022 FDIC Bankers have realized that the Fiat Dollar was crashing, along with their banks, and have been preparing for Bank Runs, but keeping their bankruptcy from the general public.

“A Child’s Prayer”

A Child’s Prayer (2013) | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

Heavenly Father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer ev’ry child’s prayer?

Some say that Heaven is far away,
But I feel it close around me as I pray.
Heavenly Father, I remember now
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago:
“Suffer the children to come to me.”
Father, in prayer I’m coming now to thee.
Pray, He is there;
Speak, He is list’ning.
You are His child;
His love now surrounds you.
He hears your prayer;
He loves the children.
Of such is the kingdom, the Kingdom of Heav’n.

Judy Note: On Wed. 8 Feb. a High Up Source indicated that the funding for the RV has already been released to the US Treasury and was in the Quantum Financial System ready to be distributed, though the liquidity date for Tier4b has now changed. Funding would be coming from the Rodriguez Trust some time around, or on, Mon. 20 Feb.

Big Phama and IT companies appeared to be set on murdering a large percentage of the world’s population. Pfizer has publicly admitted to creating viruses in order to sell vaccines. Studies have shown that the double vaccinated were 27 times more likely to get re-infected with Covid and the tripled vaccinated were more likely to die. With the Covid jab, spike proteins were delivered to all bodily organs, resulting in hyper-accelerated aging. 5G radiation has been found connected to the Covid-19 Pandemic and induced the body to create new viruses and illnesses. People were experiencing Sudden Death Syndrome from the CV-19 Vax, yet it was preventable – none of which has been reported by the Mainstream Media. …See Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Pierre Kory and
https://rumble.com/v274idk-u.s.-government-admits-5g-radiation-causes-covid-19-stunning-admission.html https://www.naturalnews.com/2023-02-07-covid-spike-proteins-delivered-organs-hyperaccelerated-aging.html People Are Dying From The CV19 Vaxxx & It’s Preventable – Dr. Pierre Kory w/ Greg Hunter (Video) (rumormillnews.com)

FCIC Bankers Have Been Preparing for Bank Runs. The FDIC insures $9 TRILLION of bank deposits with only $125 billion worth of assets. Only 1.3% of its holdings are in reserve. Are FDIC Bankers Preparing for Bank Runs in the U.S.? – Vaccine Impact

Because Restored Republic via a GCR Updates were being redacted, you might want to read the un-censored original versions at the end of the Updates on Operation Disclosure: See: Judy Byington | Operation Disclosure Official

Global Currency Reset:

On Sun. 29 Jan. 2023 the Iraqi Dinar was listed on the ISX Nasdaq and began being traded, with rates not public but shown on the back screens of the bank. The Iraqi Dinar had begun the process of revaluing. (We do not have to wait for the Iraqi Dinar to float to it’s permanent International Rate before we are awarded the Contract Rates.)

As of Tues. 31 Jan. 2023 and behind the scenes, the US Inc. fiat Dollar officially transitioned to the new gold/asset-backed US Note. It would take the new USN three months to transition from the fiat US Dollar and nine months to completely roll out.

As of Wed. 1 Feb. 2023 as banks around the globe began using the new Quantum Financial System, the US Inc. fiat Dollar, British Pound and European Euro were no longer recognized as legal tender anywhere in the world.

Over last weekend RV funds were released, began processing and Bond people received 1% of their monies.

On Sun. 5 Feb. at 10 pm EST countries around the Globe had their asset-backed currencies out so they could be traded internationally.

On Wed. 8 Feb: The Central Bank of Iraq publically announced the increase of the Dinar exchange rate to the US dollar. The Dinar was 1310 to 1 USD, down from 1460. “On Wed. 8 Feb. the Central Bank of Iraq started selling the dollar at the new official rate and would continue that procedure until the dollar exchange rate stabilized according to the official exchange rate.” (The International Rate would gradually float to a 1:1 with the US dollar.)” …Frank26

Wed. 8 Feb. MarkZ

From Rueters: “Iraq revalues currency to 1300 IQD per 1 USD. – Cabinet statement”

On Bloomberg: “Iraq revalues currency weeks after replacing central Bank head.” “They are showing clearly that they have the ability to change it at anytime at will.

“The banking side was ecstatic. They have been looking for this first move. Treat this as a rumor but many of my bankers that are involved in the exchange process are convinced that after Iraq made that announcement this morning we are now in a 48 hour window since they have now made that first move. Treat this as rumor… The thing you treat as fact is the process is well underway.”

“I am still hearing though from banking contacts that we will get contract rates and it should go all at once. I hope they are right.”

“They are saying now it could happen between yesterday when they announced the rate is 1300 and mid February.”

“We don’t have to wait for the float to get the Contract Rate. We will get our money right away but you will have extremely severe NDAs for us. And if you violate this NDA they will pull every penny away from you.”

Feb. 8 Feb. Evening MarkZ: “What I am hearing from my sources that the rate will jump down do 1100 or lower in the next couple days to get the people to finish turning in their US dollars so the working class will have Dinar in hand and then I hear we get a real whammy of a rate change. That is what I am waiting for.”

“I have been told it kicked off yesterday Tues. 7 Feb. Finally we are seeing big changes.”

“Bankers are still very excited. They are still convinced it will be in the next few days.”

“I am told we will know the rates before we go in and that is when we have to sign a NDA to not share that rate.”
Wed. 8 Feb. Currency Rates, Charlie Ward:

As of this morning Wed. 8 Feb. the Big Army updated the Finance office in Iraq recording today at 1445. Remember last week I sent by picture it was 1431, and had been that rate for months. I do believe we’re looking at a target of 1100.

There’s the CBI Rate, Street Rate, Market Rate & then the Black Market Rate:

The CBI Rate is a fixed rate.

The Market Rate, also known as the going rate, is the usual price charged for goods or services in a free market, rather than one fixed by a state authority.

The Street Rate price in British to US was the actual retail price.

The Black Market Rate describes trade that happens in secret, unrecorded.

These rates are different. I believe some confused these rate together. The rates are fluctuating you are hearing are Market Rates floating.

The World Bank wanted them to devalue down to 1800, then they mention they would reinstate the currency’s by dictation.
I personally will wait for the CBI Rate to go from 1$ par – $3.22-$3.48. I do not believe it will go higher than the $3.48 rate. I speculate these numbers based on the countries asset backed amenities. Not just oil.

So we have to take in to consideration the oil, Sulfur and the geopolitical or geographical transports between Europe and China. This is where the float comes into place.

In my opinion Iraq could stand alone and go first due to the reforms process in the workings displayed now and publicly. I believe Iraq is fully ready to be re-instituted. In the right leadership. This is why I see them as a head start.

I do believe however see other countries are in reforms process but not as packages as Iraq has come.

The Reset will be based off new financial system will be stipulated and according to global compliance based on the protocols, based on asset backed resources in one country.

There’s always another scenario Iraq has a corrupt reevaluation small numbers manipulated. To get us out the way back to corruption and a ruler over all the people and controlling how much money they have holding Iraq back till change in power. Let me know if you want me to call you to explain if I didn’t do well.

Remember that oil is what everyone wants. It’s the demand over their assets being the sweetest crude oil east to refine. And a lot of it.

The Iraqi Dinar Revaluation:

For those of you who might be disappointed that the dinar was only revalued to 1300 per dollar, don’t be! It was a very intelligent move by the Iraqi cabinet! Many people in Iraq have a lot of US dollars, due to the fact that their currency was worth very little versus the dollar.

If you revalued directly to $3.80, you would wipe out the purchasing power of all the Iraqi people who have dollars ,and they wouldn’t have a chance to exchange them for the dinar.

By setting the initial evaluation to 1300, it gives the Iraqi people a chance to get out of the dollars with some value ,and a good amount of dinar! It also has spurred urgent selling of the dollar today by many of the people there.

This accomplishes two things: (1) The people salvage some of the purchasing power going forward, (and are probably increasing the purchasing power significantly!). (2) It initiates a mass selling of the dollar, causing it to become even weaker against the Iraqi dinar. So that will cause the rate to go up naturally in our favor, and you don’t bankrupt the Iraqi people while doing it!

As far as I’m concerned, this signals that the Revaluation has begun!

GESARA Disclosure: (from Zorra)

Sharon: Every person born on this planet receives a Birth Certificate that has a number on it and is printed on special paper. When signed by their parents, they -unknowingly- authorize the newborn to be property of the government. That certificate becomes a BOND (Bond like Zimbabwe), they take it to the bank transforming it into a “bank note” and they end up opening an account in your name without your knowledge.

When you receive your document number, and together with the one on your Birth certificate, you can obtain information about your account. One of those numbers becomes the account number and the other is the bank’s routing number.

I have searched for mine and I have found pages and pages of available money and who is connected to my account, that is, who are the ones who have access to use it. There is so much money in them that it can last for generations and generations and it would be impossible for it to end.

In my account there were names of shipping companies, congressmen, stores, financial institutions, private persons, hundreds and thousands of people using the money that is in them…

Also here in the USA, there has been talk lately that there was not enough money for our retirement and what is paid to retirees, they take it out of our own accounts that have millions and millions of dollars.

Sharon: The accounts were a creation of the dark government called the Cabal group. They deposit a large amount, I’m not sure, I think it’s 1 million (although what they deposit isn’t their money either) but from there it starts to grow and accumulate.

One of the people I have connected to my account, she has access to 4 trillion and is only 1 of all the people listed. I have noticed that the last transaction was in April of last year (2016).

In 2017 Pope Francis signed the release of all people on the planet so that they are Sovereign Beings and not owned by the Vatican and the British crown in conjunction with the PPC.

Donald Trump signed Executive Order #13968 with the title: “PROMOTING REDEMPTIONS OF SAVING BONDS”/Promoting the Redemption of Saved Bonds.

The people who are investigating what each Executive Order that D. Trump has signed during his time in government means are drawing the conclusion that this EO means: that every human being on planet earth has the RIGHT to redeem the BONUS for being the LEGAL OWNER.

This is just one of the prosperity packages they are going to distribute.

The QFS (American Patriot).

The RV funds are calculated and deposited into QFS accounts as gold-backed currencies using digital gold certificates. The funds will be deposited in the national currency where the redemption takes place.

Keep in mind that this Global Currency Reset means the world has reset its currencies to a whole new gold-backed system of finance for the world.

The QFS is protected by The US Treasury Dept. including the USSF United States Space Force.

Those involved in using this computer have used it to “connect” into the archaic Central Bank computer(s) system. In doing this, it has obtained account information from every bank account in every bank in the world.

With this information, the QFS was integrated into the SWIFT transfer system to where each transfer is channeled through the QFS to record transfer data. The QC then completes the transfer to the intended bank account.

With this recording ability, every transfer attempt through the SWIFT system and all the data has been recorded and saved. This means that every time money is transferred, the QFS has recorded the account number of where the money came from, who transferred it, when, and the account where it ended up.

Loy Brunson with Charlie Ward:

The Brunson Case again goes before the Supreme Court on Fri. Feb. 17.

It asserted that 385 members of Congress, plus Biden, Harris and Pence, broke their Oath of Office to protect the Constitution and called for removal of those traitors from office for failing to investigate 50 allegations of fraud in the 2020 Election.

The case now rested on one question, “If there is no penalty for breaking the Oath of Office, then why have it at all?”

You can support the Constitution by sending a letter in support of the Brunson Case 22-380 to the Supreme Court: https://rumble.com/v27wgtq-send-your-letter-to-the-supreme-court-in-support-of-the-brunson-case-22-380.html

IRS Agents have confirmed that you are not required to pay income tax.

After proving in a Federal Tax Court that they owed no monies to the IRS, Patriots Ken and Barbara Cromar were twice visited by SWAT Teams in their quiet middle-class neighborhood, arrested, their fully paid for home repossessed and sold, and all possessions thrown in unknown dumpsters including expensive equipment Ken used to make a living – but that didn’t stop them fighting to reinstate their rights in cases working their way through a corrupt legal system to the Supreme Court.

Read the Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS story “Babylon is Falling”: February « 2023 « (cedarhillscitizens.org)

Biden Crime Family:

Investigators Zero In On Biden Aide With Links To Hunter In Docs Scandal: https://resistthemainstream.com/investigators-zero-in-on-biden-aide-with-links-to-hunter-in-docs-scandal/?utm_source=telegram

Election Fraud:

30 Percent of Counties Vote to Secede From Oregon, Join Greater Idaho | Facts Matter: https://1.breakingheadlines.news/HEPMaW
GOP Congressman Clay Higgins warned Twitter executives that they may be arrested for interfering in the 2020 election.

The Real News for Wed. 8 Feb. 2023:

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Missing Ahead of Mass Military Parade:

ALERT – The bombing of the Nord Stream underwater gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea was a covert operation ordered by the White House and carried out by the CIA, a report by a veteran investigative journalist claims. – The Times UK report.

White House says Chinese ‘surveillance’ balloons have been spotted over countries across five continents.

Travis Scott Concert:

All their hearts stopped at the same time. Let that sink in.

A surge of people that produces a stampede will produce Blunt force trauma and asphyxiation. Historically we have found not one case of mass cardiac arrest all at the same time from a stampede of people except the Travis Scott concert. Of which the heart attacks came hours after the stampede and live feed video of the concert showed isolated incidences.

This was not a stampede that caused this. The stampede was the cover.

This is something else. Something scary. Something serious. I don’t know if this is 5G weaponization, directed energy or frequency weapon… I don’t know if these people were vaccinated and this is nanotech at work. Whatever it is, it is real. Stay vigilant out there.

Must Watch Videos:

Wed. 8 Feb. SGT Report: SGT Report – This Is The Truth They’re Been Hiding For Centuries! – Dr. Len Horowitz – Must Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)

Wed. 8 Feb. X22 Report: X22 Report – Deep State Is Cracking Under The Pressure! An Informed Public Threatens Those In Power! – Must Video | Opinion – Conservative | Before It’s News (beforeitsnews.com)


Our mission at Operation Disclosure is to bring you important news events and raw intel from various sources focused on exposing the Deep State/Cabal and their downfall. We are also focused on disclosing our lost ancient origins and extraterrestrial contact.


Disclaimer: All articles, videos, and images posted on Operation Disclosure were submitted by readers and/or handpicked by the site itself for informational and/or entertainment purposes. All statements, claims, views and opinions that appear on this site are always presented as unverified and should be discerned by the reader. We do not endorse any opinions expressed on this website and we do not support, represent or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content posted on this website.


Copyright © 2022 Operation Disclosure



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