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CGI's empyyrean: Nanoose Bay on Van. Island is the 2nd biggest nuclear refueling station in the world

Posted By: RumorMail
Date: Wednesday, 1-Feb-2023 19:09:24

A post submitted by CGI member empyyrean.

CGI is RMN's reader's forum.


Hello readers,

There was a post from Tonzal seen here https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=216393

It was about US NAVY doing a study on their three dry docks for nuclear sub maintenance and repair and how a heavy earth quake can affect it.

Here is a snip

"The drydocks certified for nuclear submarine maintenance include three located at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, Washington, and one slot at the Trident Refit Facility in nearby Bangor, and all have suspended submarine docking for further evaluation and upgrades, the US Navy announced in a statement. "

Okay what about the World's second largest nuclear refueling and re-arming station in the world located right on Vancouver island, Canada located at the military base in Nanoose Bay.

This is a fact, now they have 6+ nuke reactors, which their first was the Manhattan project reactor back in the 40's. The Manhattan project reactor is recorded being dismantled and transported by train to San Francisco by train then it supposedly disappeared.

Well Where it went from there was to Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island. The official cover story is weapons testing range....ahahah, does a weapons testing range need one of the deepest ports in the world? Subs go 150ft down to gain access to the underground hangar to do everything from exchange and refuel nuclear rods, to re-arming weapons, and also maintenance.

Do the Russians known about this yes they do, during WW2 they also used Nanoose to refuel and resupply. They are well aware of it, the Biggest nuke refuel station is in Russia of course.

Nanoose Bay now has at least 6+ nuke reactors on site, maybe more now, they can change rods, weaponize plutonium and much more.

How come Nanoose Bay is not part of the Earth quake study? what happens if those reactors get damaged in a earth quake? Vancouver Island gets annihilated?

The whole thing about Canada not being nuclear is a big sham, There are nuke reactors all over Canada at least 2-3 in each province with Ontario having the most.

How do I know about Nanoose Bay and its history, well that is because the vessel I owned was a sub patcher/runner during WW2 and it made frequent stops there to drop off subs attached to her keel so they could rearm and refuel.

On the quest to expose a super secret side of the Pacific Theater of operations in WW2 that very very few know about and it was vital that this operation was on or else the entire Allied navy would of been scuttled off the coast of NA.

the gum boot navy (civilians) were responsible for this, vessels between 36 ft to 67 ft would go out into the pacific for fishing, which they did at the same time, but the allied sub would use their ballasts to slowly come up to the keel of the boat.

Two divers would go into the water and strap the sub to the keel using hidden winches in the vessels. Once attached the sub would be brought back for rearm and refuel usually at Nanoose bay.

The sub was hidden in the shadow of the the fishing vessel and that is how they got past the Japanese subs and blockades, since the Japanese had 3x more subs then the Allies have Navy Vessels at the time.
Even the Japanese admiral (cant remember name off hand) even made a statement about how he couldn't figure out how the allied got their subs past the Japanese blockades?,, well that is how.

My vessel HI-YU a 36ft yellow cedar vessel built out of Wingen Shipyard in Tofino, built by Hilmar T. Wingen and the Haida Natives had technology on it 25 years beyond what was in most vessels.

From high density Chocolate marble floors in the V-berth and engine room to block any sonar penetration to radio equipment and other equipment well beyond the time. I still have a section of the chocolate marble, which is not made any more and hasn't been made for decades.

The real name of HI-YU is Lady Mist and at the time it was being used by Dan Bond who had serious connection in and was in the military with the Son of Hilmar Wingen known as Thomas Wingen.

Now after the war was over the DoD and Canadian DnD did their own holocaust on anything that was related to sub patchers/runners, from scuttling boats associated with it to burning down Wingen Shipyard to the ground.

Lady Mist however escaped the carnage as she sat quietly at a private dock in Ucuelet just south of Tofino. She got a face lift in the late 1950's in a classified hangar and sat at the dock for 15 years.

Now it was safe for her to return to plying the waters and boy did she ever, once known as the loudest boat in the west, she saved thousands of lives and feed thousands of mouths.

I still have pictures of her in the classified hanger getting the facelift as well as pictures of wingen shipyard before and after the "fire".

Lets just say if it wasn't for the sub patchers/runner fleet of civilians the battle of the pacific never would of happened. The entire allied navy would of been easily scuttled off the coast of North America.

So now comes the Manhattan project reactor arriving in san Francisco by train, it was offloaded onto subs in pieces and the patcher/runner (very select few) would bring the subs to Nanoose Bay for off loading.

My partner and I are the ones who broke this story open to the public as its a side of WW2 Pacific Naval history that was covered up for about 80 years, mainly because it leads up to what Nanoose Bay is today.

The HI-YU (Lady Mist) was one of the last physical pieces of evidence that leads up to Nanoose Bay's nuclear secrets.

I even have eye witness testimony from people who worked there and seen the reactors. They are now retired, but when a witness backs up the researched and uncovered story, well then it must be accurate.

Every Navy Vet who I have talked to about this subject are surprised the amount of information that has been uncovered.

This is only part of the Great adventures and missions that amazing vessel has been on.


Will serving Creation

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