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SORCHA 1/29: "American War Hawks Recoil In Fear After “This Time It’s Different” Warning"

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Sunday, 29-Jan-2023 13:42:09



January 29, 2023

American War Hawks Recoil In Fear After “This Time It’s Different” Warning

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting socialist Western colonial leader German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stating this morning: “Over the past 11 months, I have spoken with Putin over and over again, as French President Emmanuel Macron does...The last call was at the beginning of December...And I will talk to Putin on the phone again because it is necessary to talk to each other...The tone of such conversations is not impolite, despite absolutely different views on an awful senseless war…I consider it important to always bring the conversation back to a particular topic on the way for the world to get out of this awful state...The conditions for that are clear - the pullout of Russian troops”, says in quick response, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: “There are no phone calls on the schedule so far…President Putin was and is open to contacts”, then he factually declared: “There is a hybrid war being waged against Russia, including economic warfare”.

In knowing that the socialist Western colonial powers “hybrid war” against Russia is nearing a nuclear apocalypse, this report notes, yesterday it saw President Donald Trump warning the American peoples: “Through weakness and incompetence, Joe Biden has brought us to the brink of World War III”—a warning joined by President Trump’s former national security advisor US Army General Michael Flynn grimly assessing: “We are going to creep into this war like we crept into other wars like Vietnam, like Afghanistan, like Iraq and this going to be turned into an absolute disaster... This is bad for America….This is bad for the world… We are about to enter potentially World War III”—a grim assessment that followed top NATO commander Royal Netherlands Navy Admiral Rob Bauer proclaiming: “NATO is ready is ready for a direct confrontation with Russia”—all of which caused Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev to gravely observe: “Firstly, defending Ukraine, which nobody needs in Europe, will not save the senile Old World from retribution if anything occurs…Secondly, once the Third World War breaks out, unfortunately it will not be on tanks or even on fighter jets…Then everything will definitely be turned to dust”.

After four days of military exercises stretching from the Mediterranean Sea up into space, this report continues, the United States and Israel fired more than 180,000 pounds of live munitions in the largest joint exercise ever carried out by these allies—within hours of this largest ever joint military exercise concluding yesterday, Iran came under a drone attack during the early hours of this morning—the Iranian Defense Ministry then reported: “Air defense units have repelled a drone attack on a military workshop in the central city of Isfahan...The unsuccessful attack did not cause any loss of life and only led to minor damage to the roof of a workshop”—after which Al-Arabiya television reported: “The US Air Force and "one more country" attacked the Iranian defense ministry’s military plant in the city of Isfahan using drones”.

Along with the socialist Western colonial powers attempting to provoke Iran into joining World War III, this report details, top American military commander General Mike Minihan, who leads the United States Air Force Air Mobility Command, ominously warned his forces to prepare for total war against China and issued the order to all of his subordinate commanders: “This goes right down to demanding that various personnel visit the shooting range to make clear that unrepentant lethality matters most...Aim for the head”—is a war against the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) being built by China to break the socialist Western colonial stranglehold on free global trade—in the just published article “Amid The Smoke Of War, Power In Europe Is Shifting Decisively To The East” sees it revealing: “The only proposition Germans now accept is that Scholz lacks leadership qualities; the latest opinion polls indicate that only a quarter of voters consider him a strong leader. So, far from being transformative, Germany’s tank decision offers no reassurance that the future strategic choices of Europe’s most significant and wealthiest nation will be reached with the speed or the determination that will be increasingly necessary”—and is an important revelation to notice when viewed in the light of world-renowned Brazilian geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar, in his just published open letter “Can You Smell What The Year Of The Rabbit Is Cooking?”, assessing:

The exchanges between Europe and China may have started only in the 1st century B.C. The men who actually traversed the Eurasian immensities were actually few. It’s only in the year 98 that the Chinese ambassadorship of Gan Ying departs for Da Qin – that is, Rome. He never arrived.

In the year 166, the Antoninus Pius ambassadorship, allegedly sent by the Emperor himself, finally hits China; but in fact that’s just an adventurous merchant. For 13 centuries there was a huge exploratory void.

Despite the prodigious advances of Islam and the omnipresence of Muslim merchants since the 7th century, it’s only in the 13th century – at the time of the last Crusades and the Mongol conquest – that Europeans picked up again the road towards the East. And then, on the 15th century, the Ming emperors succeeding the Mongols totally closed China to the outside world.

It’s only due to a certain extent to the Jesuits in the 16th century that a meeting finally happened – 17 centuries too late: Europe finally started to acquire some knowledge of China, even as it dreamed about it over and over again, since chic Roman patricians were enveloped in transparent silk robes.

It’s only around 1600 that Europeans seem to have become aware that Northern China and Southern China are on the same continent. So we may conclude that China really became known in the West only after the “discovery” of the Americas.

Two worlds ignored each other for so long – and still, all along the watchtowers in the middle of the steppes, trade kept moving from one side of Eurasia to another.

Now it’s time for another historical push – even as a discombobulated Europe is kept hostage by a cabal of imperial Straussian neo-cons and neoliberal-cons. Duisburg, in the Rhur valley, the world’s largest inland port, after all remains the key Iron Silk Road hub across BRI, linked by endless railways to Chongqing in China.

Wake up, Young German: your future is in the East.

With the socialist Western colonial powers using Ukraine as their lynchpin conflict to destroy the Belt and Road Initiative so they can maintain their stranglehold on global trade, while keeping Germany from turning East, as it’s rightfully a Eurasian nation more linked to Russia and China than the United States an ocean away, this report notes, one of those knowing the truth is former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, who just factually observed:Ukrainian elites are simply wasting their time...They are hiding their corruption and delusions of grandeur behind a story that they are playing some big game with the United States, Russia, Europe, and China”—a factual observation joined by Politico reporting this morning: “A contingent of military officials is quietly pushing the Pentagon to approve sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to help the country defend itself from Russian missile and drone attacks, according to three people with knowledge of the discussions”—and as to why this “contingent of military officials” in America wants to escalated the conflict in Ukraine, the just published article “Why We Fight: US Openly Salivates Over Ukraine's Vast Untapped Titanium Reserves”, sees it reveals:

Ukraine could provide the United States and its allies with the titanium they need to build the fighter jets, warships, tanks, missiles, and other weapons required to confront Russia and China, sources on Capitol Hill with ties to the military-industrial complex have told US media.

Ukraine has really significant deposits of rare earth minerals, and if we play our cards right could actually be a really attractive alternative to Russian and Chinese sources, which is where a lot of dependency currently is”, one anonymous congressional staffer said. As there are increasing debates throughout the West about why it’s in our interest to keep supporting Ukraine, I think this is one of the arguments that you’re going to start hearing more”, the person said.

Titanium is also a “key vulnerability” for the US, a source with knowledge of the US defense sector said. We’re talking about our ability to produce more planes, we’re talking about our ability to produce munitions. They all rely on titanium, and we’ve allowed ourselves to grow reliant on foreign suppliers for these things. Russia has previously been one of those primary suppliers”, they added.

The US depends on imports for over 90 percent of its iron ore, and does not maintain titanium in its National Defense Stockpile.

Among those knowing how the United States and its socialist Western colonial allies plot needless wars to plunder global resources, this report continues, is former US Marine intellignece officer and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who, in his just released open letter “How I Tried To Prevent The 2003 US Invasion Of Iraq, And Why I Failed”, grimly reveals: “No amount of truth can stop the world’s most powerful war machine fueled by the lies of its president”, but during an interview this past week he also factually observed: “NATO and their allies are extremely divided, and you know there are countries that are outright saying that they are not interfering in this...Other countries are only pretending to be involved by providing equipment that will not work. But most importantly, none of them believes that Ukraine can win the conflict, no one”.

Guiding the American war machine for over 100 years, this report details, is the United States socialist-globalist foreign policy think tank Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), that sends out its marching orders via the publication Foreign Affairs magazine, but which this past week published the article “The End Of The Age Of Sanctions?”, wherein it admitted the Western colonial sanctions on Russiahave failed”, and stated: “Sanctions have long been the United States’ favored diplomatic weapon…The Biden administration’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a case in point: it immediately imposed a raft of punitive economic measures on Moscow and rallied other governments to do the same…That sanctions are a popular tool of U.S. policymakers makes sense…They fill the void between empty diplomatic declarations and deadly military interventions…Yet the golden days of U.S. sanctions may soon be over”—and was an admission of fact quickly followed by the article “Goodbye Empire? US Sanctions Are Failing In The Face Of Multipolarity”, wherein it observed: “Foreign Affairs, a highly influential US magazine – effectively a US empire house journal – has published an article detailing how sanctions are quickly losing their efficiency as a weapon in Washington’s global arsenal...This speed of this about-face could well be an indication of how irresistibly the multipolar world is coming to be”.

Guiding the American war machine for the past 74 years, this report notes, is the United States government funded Pentagon think tank RAND Corporation, that published volumes of documents and studies supporting failed wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, to name just a few, but this past week published its study “Avoiding a Long War: U.S. Policy and the Trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict”, wherein it warns: “The costs and risks of a long war in Ukraine are significant and outweigh the possible benefits of such a trajectory for the United States...The consequences of a long war—ranging from persistent elevated escalation risks to economic damage—far outweigh the possible benefits...Since avoiding a long war is the highest priority after minimizing escalation risks, the United States should take steps that make an end to the conflict over the medium term more likely”—and was fear-drenched study quickly followed by the article “New RAND Study Breaks From US Hawks, Warns Against "Protracted Conflict" In Ukraine”, wherein it observed: “The famous Pentagon and US government-linked think tank RAND Corporation has finally attempted to inject some rare realism into the Washington establishment’s thinking and planning regarding the Ukraine war”.

Though barely known to the American people, this report concludes, both the Council on Foreign Relations and RAND Corporation think tanks pay strict close attention to the analysis provided by former top Pentagon advisor and decorated combat tactical legend retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Ph.D., who, just prior to these think tanks releasing their fearful findings last week, released his analytical document “This Time It’s Different”, wherein he assessed and warned:

Contrary to early Beltway hopes and expectations, Russia neither collapsed internally nor capitulated to the collective West’s demands for regime change in Moscow.

Washington underestimated Russia’s societal cohesion, its latent military potential, and its relative immunity to Western economic sanctions. As a result, Washington’s proxy war against Russia is failing.

Ukraine’s materiel losses are equally severe. These include thousands of tanks and armored infantry fighting vehicles, artillery systems, air defense platforms, and weapons of all calibers. These totals include the equivalent of seven years of Javelin missile production.

In a setting where Russian artillery systems can fire nearly 60,000 rounds of all types—rockets, missiles, drones, and hard-shell ammunition—a day, Ukrainian forces are hard-pressed to answer these Russian salvos with 6,000 rounds daily. New platform and ammunition packages for Ukraine may enrich the Washington community, but they cannot change these conditions.

So where is Washington headed with its proxy war against Russia? The question deserves an answer.

Washington emotes. Washington does not think, and it is also overtly hostile to empiricism and truth. Neither we nor our allies are prepared to fight all-out war with Russia, regionally or globally.

The point is, if war breaks out between Russia and the United States, Americans should not be surprised. The Biden administration and its bipartisan supporters in Washington are doing all they possibly can to make it happen.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]





January 29, 2023 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

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