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Posted By: hobie
Date: Sunday, 29-Jan-2023 06:51:36

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie.

Here’s hoping this gets delivered for publish.

Thank you for all your assistance to me and all RMN readers.

The explosion of information concerning the depths that corruption reaches in our American culture will continue to control and create more confusions until We the American People wake up to our true powers and authorities and begin to understand the basics.

Then, when We as the People personally exercise our Natures God given rights, We as the People will be able to clean our own house.

Nothing to loose, everything to gain by going into personal action rather than trusting some one else to do it for us.


Invitation to Some Think Right and Action Taking.


Sovereign as a concept, a political, legal and commercial operation in fact and deed resides only in individual people.


Sovereigns do not assign the powers and authorities of sovereignty to any one because that is an impossibility, politically, legally and commercially. This is because the concept of sovereignty as developed in all cultures is created only when the ruled over, subjects, accept the ruler as sovereign, usually by force of arms then transferred into Rule by Law, Sovereigns Law. Thus, the Sovereign as the ultimate authority and owner of all properties, both real and chattel, hold all powers from which is created the administrative forum to apply those powers called governments administering Rule by Law. The Administrative state of affairs serves completely the Sovereign because the Sovereign is the Creator of that state of affairs.

All law is contract, all contracts are private between the party to the contract, all laws of contract deal with and address property, right to or of property ultimately defining the ownership over the property. Ownership of property is re-presented as Title, both assumed and of official record.

KING George, in his full sovereign powers, released his sovereignty, ownership, over his subjects in his colonies, ruled over by his administrative servants, operating as and known as governments filled with bureaucrats serving their master George the KING.

The KING was limited by his Treaties with other sovereigns of the time, to Treating, contracting, with other sovereigns like himself, exclusively by his contracts with others of his kind. Capacity of equality and parity required for proper contract, in the Rule private among the franchised sovereigns Law governing that private associations actions.

The Law Systems administered under all Sovereign’s, then and now are are a private property of the Sovereign.

This concept of ownership over systems, particularly law systems, being vested in the Sovereigns that creat those systems is valid in our American Republic where the People are Sovereign over what We created, all government authorities and powers.

The Declaration of Independence culminating in the 1783 Treaty of Peace declared before the world a new kind of Law created by the People, serving the best interest of the People, the Sovereign American People. Thus, as the creators of this new form of Rule by Law is the People that created it private property.

The People’s Title and ownership to what We as a new class of mankind created is recognized in our Preambles constructing our Rule of Law.

KING George’s release ratified by the 1783 Treaty of Peace, under Seal of the English King, was also binding the Kings partners to the Law of Rule by manufactured Sovereignty, franchiser being the Holy See, all, recognizing the subject properties, mankind called colonists, as Sovereigns. The alleged sovereigns Rule of Law, the alleged sovereigns operate under, was destroyed by We the People executing the Laws if Nature given to mankind by Natures God.

One of the parties to the select and private among the parties Rule over Law of franchised sovereignties, slavers all, an agency to the Holy See managed by the Pope as the binding the principal to the contracted parties. The act of the agent King George bound his franchiser and all others operating under the same franchise as like kind constructions.

The Declaration created a separate yet equal station among mankind by defining the source of authority to exist and live on our home planet. The separation exposed

two separate Gods or a God and an alleged god. One serving individual Liberty recognized as the right to choose to be a subject slave, voluntary servitude, or a freeman. And the other, the god of slavery by force by private law of the slaver franchise system, exercising lethal force to execute private law over all mankind within the venue, land covered by a jurisdiction legalizing slavery.

Thus, the American People, under Declaration of service to Natures God applied and administered by Laws of Nature, became recognized as Sovereign individuals on parity with King George and all associated Rule of Law characters making up his very small yet extremely powerful world.

The good People constructing constitutions forming governments recognizing their individual Sovereignty, the awesome responsibility and powers of that capacity, refused to contemplate any American Sovereign exercising subjugation over other Americans. The result of this refusal created the concept of a Sovereign People operating in voluntary contract, having no subjects. Property issues such as indentured servants and directly purchased slaves were reserved as an issue that could not be addressed at the time for the reason of the cultural history. Changing a cultural flow of events takes time.

The phrase ‘cultural history’ recognizes and exposes that no one knew how to be a free-man because there were none before the 1783 recognition. Thus, the concept of the American Adventure is personal liberty was born.

The Rule of Law that marked the destruction a two class structure of owners and owned is the Peoples Contract identified world wide as the Declaration of Independence. Then, the administrative law serving that independence from slavery was memorialized in our States United constitutions.

The prior Rule by Law of Sovereign Kings governing Trusts under the Rule over slavery world, and administration of the Sovereign’s powers styled governments requiring the position of trustee, manager to be defined along with the perfect identification of properties held in trust is not valid in the New American Republic. Lacking these element in the indenture transferring ownership of the properties a trust can not be recognized in the prior Rule over by Law systems.

The Kings world of sovereigns never transferred the so called sovereignty as a concept or property, or right of or in property to the administrative state serving the Sovereign Kings so called called governments.

Sovereignty as a concept resides only in individuals.

All sovereignty over one’s self comes from Creation and a personal, factory direct relationship with Natures God.


Our American new form of trust from Declaration through Constitution created by the contracts wherein only the American People are parties never assigned for use nor transferred our personal sovereignty to any government We the People created.

Thus, no government is sovereign nor holds a valid position to claim sovereign immunity.

The only Sovereignty to be found in our American Adventure in personal liberty recognized as the right to choose, is the Peoples contract Constitutions controlled or amended by the Peoples reserved rights or amendatory declarations under the Bill of Rights.

Thus, the only protection any public servant has from any claim of breach of employment contract, and resulting crimes, while acting in public servants positions is the public record each servant constructed showing compliance with the Peoples Constitutions.


Being that the People’s Constitutions legislative sections DO NOT identify the People as either subject matter nor persons to be legislated over, ALL application of statutory laws require CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED in order to hold any American to account.

Exercise of statute legalized force, applied by agents serving in legislative, judicial, executive or administrative support functions for same, applied by acts disguised under banner of or in the name of lawful government are an exercise in Rule Over by those acting as Kings managing mankind as chattel property, subjects in the same manner that caused our American Republic to be created in the first place.

Declaration of NO CONSENT, places every public servant and employee in the position to prove their authority or admit they have none which exposes enticement to slavery.

Servants do not ever have authority to challenge, alter or amend or circumvent or interpret the contracts they promised to serve.

When We the People begin to understand our true powers and authorities, act accordingly, We will resolve the confusions disrupting our country and the world on our terms and crush utterly the purveyors of the confusions.


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