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Anna Von Reitz: "Pfishing and Slander Sites/Organizations to Avoid"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 23-Jan-2023 05:04:43

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Thursday, January 19, 2023

Pfishing and Slander Sites/Organizations to Avoid

By Anna Von Reitz

It's happening all over and with increasing frequency because the internet is basically a free-for-all at this point, with no standards, no laws, and no enforcement. Another one just turned up this morning:

qfs-capital.com - The New Age of Finance

This is a phishing site pretending to be a bank and to offer you a blockchain account to conduct business in cryptocurrencies using "digital wallets. It asks for all your contact information and all your existing digital account numbers on PayPal, etc. --- and in exchange, they give you an "account", but there is absolutely no banking software or functionality behind this account, and the most that you might --- not saying will -- get out of this site is an entry code to enter a blockchain.

Whoopee-do, huh?

They get all your information for free, and you get entry to "a" blockchain with no idea if this is a good stable well-maintained blockchain system or Matt and Joe and Sylvia checking in once in a while.

In this case, I'd be surprised if there is any meaningful blockchain attached at all. More likely an ancient laptop labeled "Blockchain".

Generally speaking, beware of websites that have names similar to but not exactly the same as known programs or known corporations, etc.

This example is typical. Most people have heard of something called "QFS" --- not "qfs" --- but the names are close enough to be confused.

If you have heard good things about "QFS" and are not aware of the importance of stylistic differences, you might easily mistake "qfs" for "QFS" and sign up thinking that this was a known banking option.

It's not.

Other sites to avoid like the plague are what I call "slander sites" that appear on the web for the sole purpose of libeling (written slander) people and organizations, often business competitors real or imagined.

There are two infamous organizations, one calling itself "General Post Office" and one calling itself "The Reign of the Heavens Society" which may or may not be connected.

The General Post Office pretends that its members are the "General Post Office" for this country, when in fact they have no treaties with the Holy See and no contracts with the Universal Postal Union and no offices related to this country at all.

They have chosen a deceptive name for their incorporated business and are engaged in constructive fraud -- misleading people to think that they have something to do with the actual Postal Treaties and service contracts when they don't.

For the record, for everyone's understanding, everyone who buys and handles stamps, uses stamps, receives and handles and transfers mail, is in a sense a "postmaster" --- but that is not an official office in the Post Office, and it certainly does not give anyone who is not a Federation Officer any right to assume any responsibilities or duties as a General Post Master.

Our names --- business and individual -- are on the Postal Treaties and contracts underlying our General Post Office and the Postal Service for all seven related Post Offices and Services. We've held the General Post Office of the Land Jurisdiction of this country since 1732 and still do.

Any False Claims to the contrary, for example, the idea that Russell Gould seized our Post Office on abandonment, is ridiculous. All postal services on land and sea depend on the Land Jurisdiction Post Office, our Post Office-- not any of the six other subsidiary post offices like the APO. Whatever Mr. Gould thought he was "seizing" during the 2000 "vacating" of the Municipal Capitol wasn't available to be seized and his seizure of the Title IV Flag at the same time was equally meaningless.

Let's check our logic circuits this morning: I hire Jake to mow my lawn and I loan him a lawn mower to do the job. Jake breaks his leg, so his Cousin Amos shows up and uses the lawn mower to do the job. Some time later, Cousin Amos runs off with Lucy Mae and leaves my lawn mower sitting in my driveway. Russell Gould comes by, thinks my lawn mower is "abandoned" and steals it.

Possession by pirates does not change ownership.

His claim to own the Title IV Flag and to be some kind of Federal-Postmaster are void.

We have no such office in our entire postal system and his "capture" of a British Territorial Title IV Flag --- a specific version of our flag that we loaned the British Territorial Government to use when exercising our delegated powers --- is the theft of our lawn mower.

So, unless you want to support thieves who are attempting to do an end run around your lawful Government, and using "terms of art" and deceit to do it, avoid anything calling itself "General Post Office" and anyone calling themselves a FEDERAL-POST-MASTER or anything else written out in Parse Syntax, which is just another gibberish copyrighted language trying to combine English words with Latin structure to arrive at?

General Nonsense.

Always remember that our Official Language is English. Just plain old English. And our Continental Congress has never taken a vote to change that or expand upon it for any reason.

Another would-be "government" is The Reign of the Heavens Society, and these elitist pigs are really over-the-top. They began to hit my radar in 2011 when they put out this outrageous advertisement telling everyone that the world was ending December 21, 2012 and if you signed up with them by that date, you would be one of the 144,000.

They conveniently dropped the Biblical requirement that you be a man and a virgin.

I quickly recognized that they had plagiarized the great Utopian work of Frank O'Collins, Ucantia, and used it as the entire knowledge base for their own work of the Devil, The Reign of the Heavens Society (aka TROH) --- which was just one nutcase claim and intellectual property theft after another.

They began slandering me and my pen name in 2011 and I finally took them to task about three years ago and placed agricultural liens on the ringleaders and the organization, which is a commercial corporation.
This in turn drew attention from the authorities and they were subsequently forced underground.

They have adopted various fake names like "Continental Free Press" and "National Assembly for the Government of The United States of America" and so on, which they have filled with hate and libel against me and anyone else who opposes them. Most recently a spin-off organization has been trying to create a whole bunch of new incorporated "States of States" under names like "New California" and "New Montana", etc.

They conveniently don't tell their members that these are new British Territorial Commercial Corporations trying to take over the governmental services contracts of the failed and bankrupted "State of California" --- not American States and not American States-of-States at all.

They apparently think that the rest of us are still asleep and won't recognize their lies and attempted thievery, but we will. And we already informed the Principals that we won't be contracting for services with them on a Successor-to-Contract basis, so....

They are trying to put together these organizations and foist themselves off as Successors-to-Contract when the Principals have already been told that we don't accept any Successor-to-Contract arrangements.

The contracts --- that is, the various Constitutions all have to be renegotiated --- and we, the people acting as State Citizens in the State Assemblies, will do the choosing of what organizations and service suppliers we contract with going forward.

Remember that TROH has been thoroughly discredited and forced underground, not because it was ever a good patriot organization, but because it lies and slanders and makes up ridiculous things and breaks the law and steals people's money. They were caught and punished because of me, so they hate me and set up these phony websites to slander me and my husband and the actual States of the Union and everything else they can vilify.

I take down an average of three of their phony websites -- that somehow never have a working "contact" page or mailing address -- each week.
It's like an unwanted hobby.

Regardless of what they call themselves or call their websites, either, their signature is wild lies, elitism, spewing Biblical references with no apparent real knowledge of the Bible, and libeling me -- because I finally got fed up and brought them to justice.

So, when you encounter one of these hate-filled slander websites, check and see if there is anyone standing there as a responsible party. Check to see if there is a working contact page or viable mailing address. There won't be, because, of course, they are lying and in some cases breaking the law, and they aren't going to be held responsible for that (again).

If someone doesn't have guts enough to put their name and address and contact information on the line --- pay them and their websites, no mind. They have already identified themselves as cowards and as liars, and don't deserve to be heard by decent people.


See this article and over 3900 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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