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“We ’ve caught them all.” - DJT; "WE" THE MILITARY - DEREK JOHNSON

Posted By: jensingr
Date: Sunday, 22-Jan-2023 21:54:24

Look at the title of this...

👉🏻Reconstitution of the Executive Branch, January 2021.

Reconstitution of Executive Branch:

January 6, 2021: 4 years into the Military Operation and Continuation of Government; the last tweet by CIC Trump is:

"I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Part of Law & Order -- respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!"

The District of Columbia is a Foreign Territory. The "J6ers" who took their happy asses into the Capitol Building of a Foreign Territory... clearly didn't listen to the man who they were in D.C. for in the first place.

Two, they walked into the middle of a planned Operation. So, not only trespassing, but also interfering with a Strategic Operation.

See what happens when you’re not following and paying attention to what actually governs the land when good people are in charge?

99% of American’s fell for the distractions of January 2021… when the Reconstitution portion of the Federal Continuity Directive 1 (Continuity of Government ≈ COG) is open source for everyone to have known what’s ACTUALLY going on.

Checkmate, the Military ✅☠️🤣

Maybe if Americans would not wait until the last minute to "fight" for the Nation they 'claim' they'll "fight" for if they had to… and fight to maintain versus fight not to lose it…

Maybe if Americans would stop "letting Congress do what they're paid to do" when they're paid to work for US...

So it MIGHT be in the best interest to understand Laws and Orders of which they're to be writing, passing, and interpreting…

Maybe if Americans would have been paying attention to what is and was going on via Laws and Orders that govern this Land, plus understanding Military Operations, Laws, Orders, Codes, Regulations, and Terminology, we wouldn't have to reach the depths we've reached to have to need or use a controlled Covert Operation or Military Operation period.

This is ALSO why it's prevalent to pay attention while things are happening and now here we are 2 years removed from January 2021 and having to remind and try to wake up sleepyheads.

The National Guard moved into the District of Columbia days before January 20, 2021.

The ONLY person who can Federalize the National Guard to Active-Duty is the 👉🏻 President.

10 United States Code 12406:

January 20, 2021:

There's only one Law and Order. Meaning, you cannot use Laws and Orders to fit a certain narrative. Democrats and Liberals are notorious for twisting, misconstruing, and butchering Laws and Orders, Founders, and their Quotes.

That's how they control people. Checkmate. They've got half of Americans stuck in a matrix and a web of false information.

Recently, Cheney and others proposed to evoke the 14th Amendment on CIC Trump to prevent him from running in 2024...

Even though I know it's a Military Operation and Continuity of Government and this too is one tiny, microscopic part of the plan... Oh the irony... How can Americans not see?

Joe Biden raised his right hand and swore in at 11:47 AM EST which is a violation of the 20th Amendment of the Constitution on January 20, 2021.

20th Amendment:

There's also two different versions of the "Inauguration" as multiple people have shown the videos of the clouds and skies filmed by notable networks.

Not to mention all of the jacked up uniform combinations that should leave every Veteran fuming. That whole day via Military Uniforms alone is what we call "all jacked up, you need to square yourself away soldier"...

It was a very visual atrocity on purpose to wake up Veterans. The uniform is sacred because our brothers and sisters lay their lives down in it.

America has too many "All Oorah and No Brains" Veterans. It must be said. 🤫

The Eisenhower 'Military Industrial Complex' did not just apply to Generals losing their sight of the climb to the top.

It's all service members losing sight of their purpose of service and duty to their Nation and the People.

The Information War can be solved by separating Laws and Orders of our Foundation and those that support the Constitution versus everything else.

It's then solved by learning those Laws and Orders of the great system we have. The Laws and Orders that support the Constitution aren't what's oppressed, suppressed, controlled, and divided us...

It's the Career Politicians who've twisted, butchered, and misconstrued the Laws, Orders, and History to a bunch of Americans who became soft, lazy, and spoiled, and stopped or never learned their Foundation, History, Laws and Orders that support the Constitution and "let Congress do what they're paid to do" or "that's out of my paygrade" and even worse "I'm a working Mom of 3 and don't have time to read all of this."

Then you have the Veterans who are "All Oorah" and don't have a single clue they served under a separate Law much less how to take all of the Laws and Orders from both sectors and piece those with Executive Orders, Codes, Statutes, Acts, mixed with Optics and Comms.

Basics. We must get back to the basics.

I've heard comments such as: "It's normal for a President to extend Executive Orders by the former President."

One, those people are too lazy to read and piece all of these together.

Two, that comment is like saying "my Dad was an Expert Shooter, so I am too."

Let's assume this person actually went out on the range and shot expert as well. Notice the terminology? "So I am too."

The 'so' would be an 'and' if already proven. With "so" - there's no proof.

IF "Biden" were actually President... Why wouldn't he have his own policies? You do realize that he's not once signed anything of his own.

Even if you didn't know what's going on via Military Operation and COG... DJT set the precedent of being the MOST transparent President in United States History on TV every single day signing a law or discussing policies, economy, infrastructure, trade, foreign policies, etc.

And do you also realize these "Executive Orders" he's been signing... One, this is a controlled Operation and this portion is controlled via 47 US Code 606 actually titled War Powers of the President... controls Media, TV, Internet, and closing of Government Facilities. Two, these are distractions which are all a requirement from a COG. And three, anyone can register a document with the Federal Register.

Proof of 47 US Code 606 in action? Remember the fences around the Capitol... that are still there? 47 US Code 606 - Closing of Government Facilities.

Why does "Biden's" "Press Secretary" and "Media" meet in a fake James S. Brady Press Room that was built to replicate the actual James S. Brady Press Room? That alone should tell you it's not on the same premises and you're watching a show. 🤦🏽

Biden has extended every single Executive Order with National Emergencies and CIC Trump’s Federalization of 1 million Reserves.

Executive Order 13818 was the first EO where CIC Trump declared a National Emergency for Human Rights Abuse.

And on December 12, 2022, ole "Biden" literally JUST extended it.

Executive Order 13818:

Executive Order 13848 Extension 2022:

Signed September 12, 2018. Two months before the 2018 Midterm.

The 2018 Midterm was the FIRST Election under DJT’s Visual Administration.

How did he know to sign an Executive Order declaring a National Emergency for Election Integrity two months before ANY Election under his Visual Presidency?

The EO specifically says: “ Although there has been no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote tabulation in any United States election"...

Does not say no domestic. And voter tabulation cancels out voter fraud from the people and state perspective. In 'ANY' United States Election. Meaning all have been domestic from within.

Very KEY and Important 👆🏼

"Our gravest threats are not abroad, they're from within." - DJT, November 15, 2022.

“We have it all.”

“We’ve caught them all.” -DJT in 2020.

We = Military Intelligence.

The ONLY evidence of domestic voter fraud would have been 2016 and prior.

That along with the Military taking over with Article II of the Constitution, the Law of War Manual, the Military Justice Act of 2016, and the Federal Continuity Directives 1 & 2.

Then with those in place via Laws and Orders, the Military and World Generals as outlined in the Law of War Manual began their Strategic Operation doing so using Laws and Codes in place to destroy the Corporation aka the Swamp aka the festering rot of D.C. and implement a new system as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.


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