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SORCHA 1/4/23: "Europe Balks Over Collective Economic Suicide On Behalf Of American World Order"

Posted By: MrFusion
Date: Wednesday, 4-Jan-2023 12:53:01



January 4, 2023

Europe Balks Over Collective Economic Suicide On Behalf Of American World Order

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin oversaw the launching ceremony via video link this morning of the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, the first Russian warship carrying Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles, says during the event he stated: “The Zircon missile is a unique weapon that no other country has anything comparable...I am sure that such a powerful armament will allow us to steadfastly defend Russia from potential foreign threats..It will help to maintain the national interests of our country”—after which Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed the frigate will conduct a voyage in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, and stated: “A ship fitted with Zircons is capable of carrying out high-precision and powerful strikes on the enemy at sea and on land...The unique feature of Zircon hypersonic missiles is their guaranteed ability to bypass any existing or prospective air defense systems”.

Shortly after the launching ceremony for the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, this report notes, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced: “As a result of Russian Armed Forces artillery strikes on accumulations of manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over 180 Ukrainian servicemen, five tanks, five infantry fighting vehicles and three armored combat vehicles were destroyed”—an announcement followed by Western military analysts reporting: “The French watched live the destruction of a Ukrainian Armed Forces base filled with CIA-MI6 agents and HIMARS and RM-70 MLRS systems...A Russian missile hit the "Man" hotel while a second hit the "Ice Palace" known as the "Ice Arena" in Druzhkovka...A third strike followed against the railway station....Eyewitnesses reported secondary explosions of ammunition stored at the base...All reports indicate that the Russians hit a gathering of Ukrainian military and Western military advisers...The attack was recorded live on a French TV channel”.

On the diplomatic front, this report continues, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told new Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen in their telephone conversation yesterday about Russia’s readiness for joint work to enhance bilateral cooperation—a conversation blasted by Ukraine Ambassador Yevgen Korniychuk to Israel, who cited it “as evidence of a change in Jerusalem’s position on the war”—yesterday it saw Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal estimating it will cost the socialist Western colonial powers up to $1 trillion to rebuild his war shattered nation—yesterday it also saw Ukraine Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar complaining that the Ukrainian military leadership has no information about the plans of the Russian offensive—a complaint joined by top Ukraine spy chief Kirill Budanov threatening “deeper and deeper” strikes into Russia—and if the socialist Biden Regime provides Ukraine the weapons to make these strikes, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova previously warned it “would cross a red line” and make Americaa direct party to the conflict”.

Should the socialist Biden Regime decided to become a “direct party to the conflict”, this report details, world-renowned Scottish-American historian Niall Ferguson at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, in his just released open letter “All Is Not Quiet On The Eastern Front”, notes: ‘As my Hoover Institution colleague Jackie Schneider has pointed out, just “four months of support to Ukraine depleted much of the stockpile of such weapons, including a third of the US Javelin arsenal and a quarter of US Stingers”...According to the Royal United Services Institute, the artillery ammunition that the US currently produces in a year would have sufficed for only 10 days to two weeks of combat in Ukraine in the early phase of the war....A February 2022 Department of Defense report on industrial capacity warned that the US companies producing tactical missiles, fixed-wing aircraft and satellites had reduced their output by more than half”, and factually observes: “Kissinger is right to worry about the perils of a world war…The first and second world wars were each preceded by smaller conflicts: the Balkan Wars of 1912 and 1913, the Italian invasion of Abyssinia (1936), the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), the Sino-Japanese War (1937)”.

In analyzing the socialist Western colonial sanctions placed against Russia, this report notes, Belgium public broadcaster RTBF just reported: “The sanctions that hit Russia do not seem to encourage the population to challenge power...The daily life of Russians has not changed since the tightening of Western sanctions...The western brands that have left the country have been replaced for the most part, whether in cosmetics, fashion or food...Russian, Turkish or Chinese brands have rushed to recover the spaces left vacant in shopping centers”—a report quickly joined by Belgian member of the European Parliament Guy Verhofstadt angrily declaring: “The bloc’s attempts to punish Russia have achieved the opposite result...We are rewarding Russia for its war against us...The effect of the European Unions nine sanctions packages on Moscow is less than zero”—all of which followed top British hedge fund manager Russell Clark, in his open letter “Have We Seen A Peak In Pax Americana”, assessing: “The question of Pax Americana is whether US military can still project power?...Defeat in Ukraine would almost certainly signal an end to Pax Americana…If Russia was to take control of Ukraine, the ability of the US to protect the global trade system would come under severe pressure…Could countries really rely on imports of key resources from elsewhere?...Could Europe and Japan continue to have undersized armed forces?...The key tenets of globalisation would fall apart, and with it the underpinnings of Pax Americana”.

Most certainly championing Pax Americana before it implodes, this report continues, is CEO Jamie Dimon of America’s largest bank JPMorgan, who, in his just released open letter “The West Needs America’s Leadership”, calls for a massive increase in US military spending “to protect the world” and declared: “Only America has the full capability to lead and coalesce the Western world...America needs to lead with its strengths—not only military but also economic, diplomatic and moral”—and was a Pax Americana declaration responded to by Pierre de Gaulle, the grandson of legendary French President Charles de Gaulle, who most factually declared and observed: “I revolt and protest this intellectual dishonesty in the Ukraine crisis because the triggers of the war are the Americans and NATO...The United States, unfortunately, continues the military escalation, making not only the Ukrainian population suffer, but the European population as well...German Chancellor Angela Merkel knowingly contributed to the conflict by authorizing the Ukrainian nationalist expansion, which came after the 2014 pro-Western coup in Kiev...The government that came to power that year sought to annihilate Russian culture and the ability to speak Russian in the largely Russophone Donbass...The scale and the number of sanctions show that all of this was organized a long time in advance...It is an economic war, from which the Americans are the beneficiaries...The Americans sell their gas to Europeans for a price four to seven times higher than they do in their own country”.

Among those honestly assessing the Pax Americana world order more European nations by the day are balking against, this report concludes, is famed American war historian author Robert Freeman, who, in his just released open letter “We’ve Reached Peak Zelensky. Now What?”, observed:

When the president of the poorest, most corrupt nation in Europe is feted with multiple standing ovations by the combined Houses of Congress, and his name invoked in the same breath as Winston Churchill, you know we've reached Peak Zelensky.

It's a farcical, almost psychotic over-promotion, probably surpassed only by the media's shameful, hyperbolic railroading of the country into war with Iraq, in 2003. Paraphrasing Gertrude from Hamlet, "Methinks the media doth hype too much".

Let's remember that before ascending to his country's presidency, Volodymyr Zelensky's greatest claim to fame was that he could play the piano with his penis. I'm not joking. And he ran on a platform to unite his country for peace, and for making amends with Russia. Again, I'm not joking.

Now, he's Europe's George Washington, FDR, and Douglas MacArthur all rolled into one and before whom the mighty and powerful genuflect. Please. The only place to go from here is down. And, that is surely coming. Soon.

Consider some inconvenient facts that the fawning media, which is essentially the public relations arm of the weapons industry, doesn't want you to know.

The European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, recently let slip that the Ukrainian army has lost more than 100,000 troops in the eight months since the beginning of the war. Over the nine-year span of the Vietnam War, the U.S. with a population six times that of Ukraine, lost a total of 58,220 men.

In other words, on a per day, per capita basis, Ukraine is losing soldiers at a rate 141 TIMES that of U.S. losses in Vietnam. The U.S. lost the public on Vietnam when middle class white boys began coming home in body bags. Does anybody with half a brain believe such losses in Ukraine are sustainable? Does anybody have another plan to avert such slaughter?

Von der Leyen is among the shrewdest public figures in the world. What she is doing is laying the predicate for Western withdrawal from Ukraine and ending the War. If you look at the facts on the ground, not the boosterish propaganda ladled out by the media, you can understand why.

In a matter of weeks, Russia, with its hypersonic missiles, destroyed half of Ukraine's electrical power infrastructure. This, as winter is coming on. It can just as easily take out the other half, effectively bombing Ukraine back into the Stone Age. Is that what anybody wants?

The startling, indeed, terrifying part of this is that neither Ukraine nor the West have any defense against these hypersonic missiles. They travel so fast, and on variable trajectories, they cannot be shot down, even by the most advanced Western systems. They represent one of the greatest asymmetries in deliverable destructive power in the history of warfare, probably dwarfed only by the U.S.'s possession of atomic bombs at the end of World War II.

Again, there is no effective defense against them. The Russians have them. The Ukrainians don't. Game over. Can you understand why leaders in the West are beginning to wake up?

On the conventional front, the Ukrainians are having trouble securing even conventional weapons to defend themselves. U.S. arms suppliers are working around the clock to replace their own stocks and the stocks that European countries have given to Ukraine. But the backlog is running into years. A recent headline from The Wall Street Journal stated, "Europe is Rushing Arms to Ukraine but Running Out of Ammo".

Finally, the U.S. has committed $112 billion to Ukraine. That includes $45 billion just slipped into the omnibus funding bill against the likelihood that a Republican-controlled House will cut such funding, almost certainly substantially.

That's more than $10 billion per month since the war started in February. And that doesn't even count the subsidies, both material and financial, from the EU which amount to billions of dollars more per month.

Without such subsidies, Zelensky would not have lasted a month in the war. How many hours do you think he is going to last once that flow dries up? And it surely is.

The Europeans are coming to realize that their continent is being de-industrialized, literally moved backwards an entire epoch in economic terms, because of their willingness to serve as the doormat for the U.S.' imperial war against Russia. Not even they, with their supine fealty to U.S. domination, are willing to commit collective economic suicide on behalf of the U.S.

France's Macron and Germany's Scholz are suggesting that accommodations to Russian interests must be devised in order to bring about a peaceful settlement of the war.

Macron suggested in a television address to his nation that an antagonized Russia is not in the security interests of Europe. "We need to prepare what we are ready to do…to give guarantees to Russia the day it returns to the negotiating table".

Scholz was even more specific. In an article in Foreign Affairs he declared, "We have to go back to the agreements which we had in the last decades and which were the basis for peace and security order in Europe".

This is a direct repudiation of the U.S.'s maximalist position before the start of the War, that Russia's security needs were of no interest to a marauding NATO.

Even U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is now mooting the idea that territorial concessions must be on the table. In a Wall Street Journal article, Blinken stated that, "Our focus is…to take back territory that's been seized from [Ukraine] since February 24th".

Notice, that this is a significant climb down from the U.S.' earlier position that all Russian gains since 2014, including Crimea, must be reversed before negotiations could begin. And this is just Blinken's opening hand. More concessions are sure to follow as Russian gains become greater and their likelihood of being reversed, lesser.

Put these four things together: staggering, unsustainable losses of soldiers; terrifying, indefensible asymmetries of destructive power; inability to supply oneself with even conventional defensive weapons; and categorically reduced support from your most important backers.

Does that sound like the formula for winning a war? It is not. It's the formula for losing the war, which is why von der Leyen, Macron, Scholz, and Blinken are now laying pipe for getting out. The tide is going out under Zelensky. He will soon be remembered as a Trivial Pursuits question, or an answer on Jeopardy: "The only modern head of state known to be able to play the piano with his penis". Ding. "Contestant #3?" "Who is Volodymyr Zelensky?"

A peace will soon be declared. Russia will keep the Donbas and Crimea in recognition of the facts on the ground. Both sides will be better off for this. The Donbas is ethnically, linguistically, religiously, and culturally Russian, which is why it voted overwhelmingly for assimilation into Russia. Besides, if Kiev loved them so much, it wouldn't have murdered 14,000 of them over the past eight years and resumed massive shelling in early February of this year, before the Russian invasion.

Ukraine will foreswear any future affiliation with NATO. This is Putin's highest priority and what he asked for--and was denied--in his request to the U.S. and NATO last December, before the invasion was launched. If Russia begins its much-feared winter offensive, as many expect, Ukrainian generals will dispatch Zelensky in a coup rather than send their few remaining soldiers to certain annihilation.

U.S. grain and pharma conglomerates will buy up Ukrainian farmland—some of the best in the world—for pennies on the dollar. This is the standard MO of U.S. multinational vultures coming in after the kill to pick apart the carcasses. U.S. weapons makers will look for and help provoke the next feeding frenzy, much as they materialized Ukraine barely a year after the humiliating U.S. defeat in Afghanistan derailed their last gravy train.

Russia and China, driven together by U.S. bullying, will continue to constellate the nations of the Global South into an anti-Western bloc committed to collaborative, mutually profitable, peaceful development. The U.S. and its closest allies will cower behind the walls they've constructed of the ever-shrinking share of the global economy that they can manage to hold as their own.

Ukraine will prove a turning point in the dismantling of U.S. hegemony over global affairs that it has enjoyed—and, let's be honest, often abused--since 1945. The U.S. public is not psychically prepared for such a come down. But that is the cost of living in the fantasy world that the media lavishes up to keep that self-same public ignorant, fearful, confused, entertained, and distracted.

Finally, the neo-cons who have led the U.S. into the serial debacles of Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Ukraine, costing the country tens of trillions of dollars and even greater amounts of destroyed reputational capital, will claim their customary immunity from any accountability for their savage failures and cheerily move on to their next calamity. We need to be on the lookout for their next gambit to pillage the treasury and advance their own private interests above those of the nation. It will surely come.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



January 4, 2023 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.

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