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Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 2-Aug-2022 03:02:36

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie
Please find below Second Amendment Monograph served to President Trump, 3:09 am, pacific, 7/31/2020.
I hope the readers will apply the principles facts and law presented and begin taking back control over our country by applying the law.


Dear President Trump.
Second Amendment Facts.
Will You Keep Your Word?

President Trump, inquiring minds, your Beneficiaries in particular, want to know when you will stand up for and stand on the Law of the People’s Second Amendment.

You Mr. Trump, gave your promise to the American people to restore the rule of law and return our country under those conditions. Your beneficiaries advise you that so far your promise is not been good. Thus the education below from the position of the sovereign employer. Now you will have a choice to make.

The record you have created by your own words and actions concerning the 2ED Amendment defines perfectly the politicians position of the personality culture destroying the People’s country by participating and supporting the confusions concerning the Second Amendment.

Not one time since you were elected have you performed the duty of the People’s office President, which requires faithful execution of the Law. The Supreme Law of the Land as guided and controlled by the People’s Bill of Rights.

All you have done is kick the can of misleading claptrap and confusion down the road in the same manner dictated by the anti gun crowd. Arguing with your adversaries over their points when you have the facts and the law to stand on is an engagement and supporting their position.


Allowing all the dialogues concerning the 2ED Amendment to be lead by the anti gun crowd takes one simple form.

Failure to identify the facts of law controlling all dialogues concerning limiting the People’s Rights. Please review your own actions and omissions very carefully.

So, the facts here give you the opportunity to keep your promise to give the country back to the People declared before the world January 20, 2017. The Court of Public Opinion is now in session and taking evidence upon which to base judgement.

This Second Amendment issue is a leadership issue waiting to be picked up because the facts and the law are so clear and precise and long term established before the world.


  1. States United under confederation perpetuity created the current United States government operations under constitution. See article VII constitution.
  2. The People declared they needed further restrictive clauses on the construction of the limited federal government serving the state as a management tool over specific powers held by the states as granted by the People. This is the Bill of Rights.
  3. The Bill of Rights is the thou shall not, trespass, ever, upon the rights reserved by the People in our construction of governments to serve We the People.
  4. Amended means added to some thing that existed prior. Amended also means controlling what existed prior by clarification and attachment. Thus the Bill of Rights are control factors over all federal government operations defined by constitution. The preamble to the Bill of Rights clarifies this completely.
  5. The legislative section of the national constitution does not identify any powers assigned by the states in their representation, administration, of the Peoples authority to create governments, for the RULING OVER of the Declaration of Rights in state constitutions.
  6. The powers granted by the People to create a judicial branch of our national government administration of limited powers to apply the law as written does not identify the power to RULE OVER the Declaration of Rights in the state constitutions.
  7. Powers granted by the People to create an executive branch of our national government administration of limited powers is to apply the law as written, identified, from complete and exclusive power held by the office of President to faithfully execute the law as written. This is the first and highest duty of any President.
  8. Being that the fact of law, the contract between the states called the Constitution for the United States of America, creating the national government administration, does not assign power to RULE OVER the Peoples will expressed in our Declaration of Rights and our Bill of Rights, THERE IS NO SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION over the Second Amendment. No authority is held by the federal government nor the states to limit the People in our Second Amendment Rights in any manner what so ever.
  9. The states constitutions memorializing the right in the Declaration of Rights sections of the Peoples right to keep and bear arms is a specific statement declaring that there is NO SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION for controlling the people in our use or possession of arms to be granted to the construction of the federal United States under Constitution.
  10. Being that the People are identified as the source of authority for all law, all government structures are instituted and created under the authority and in the name of the good People , the preambles to all constitutions both of the states and the national governments are declarations of the People’s powers to create governments, which identifies that all of the founding documents creating our country and all governments operating within it are contracts between the people.
  11. The good People created governments. The governments did not create the people.
  12. The created never RULE OVER the creator. The good People’s Declaration of Independence identified the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God as the authority for We the People to create governments to serve us.
  13. The good People individually, do not hold authority to rule over their neighbors. Therefore, the good People’s contracts could never express authority to RULE OVER other people or RULE OVER the good Peoples laws memorialized by Constitutions, particularly our Declarations of Rights and our Bill of Rights.
  14. LACK OF SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION over the Second Amendment in both the state governments and the federal government means that every limitation placed on the people Second Amendment right is a trespass on and an attack on the Peoples law.
  15. LACK OF JURISDICTION over the Second Amendment of both the state governments and the federal government means that every limitation placed on the Peoples Second Amendment right is a trespass on and an attack on the People’s rights secured by law.
  16. When the legislative sections of the state and national Constitution do not identify the people as either subjects or objects to be regulated, RULED OVER, by legislation, nor identifies the authority to induce the people to accept rule by legislation means there is NO PERSONAL JURISDICTION over the PEOPLE as well.
  17. Consent of the governed is the very foundation of our Republic. Consent can never be manufactured particularly under deceptive practices of misleading the people to believe that statutes control their lives when there is no authority, NO JURISDICTION, for the statute to exist. This statement alone settles all Second Amendment limitations imposed by any government state or federal.
  18. The engagement in an argument concerning an inanimate lump of metal determined to be in a fire arm of some sort is the illusion that creates all the confusion that you engage in. The mere fact that you, as President of the United States, have engaged in arguments supporting the premise that inanimate lumps of metal holds intent or power to harm, injure or kill is the mark of a confused or ignorant person or both.
  19. You admit that you believe an inanimate lump of metal could have intent to harm and operate its self every time you have failed to stand on the facts and law destroying all arguments concerning the secured by law right to keep and bare arms.
  20. When the President of the United States engages in bogus argument with who he has already identified as seditious and treasonous individuals and positions, and support is given to those argued with, the trust paced in Donald Trump the man is greatly diminished. This is because you Mr. Trump as the People’s President failed to simply state the law and the facts that way they laid out here in very simple and direct terms and provide the leadership to the people on how to deal with our public servants attacking the People and our law of the Second Amendment.
  21. Mr. Trump, make no mistake whatsoever in understanding that you are still the People’s President and hold full and complete obligations to us, as laid out in the terms and conditions for assuming our office of President, called the constitution as amended and controlled by our Bill of Rights.
  22. Mr. Trump, you know and have always known that no transfer of value can ever be based on a fraud, or even the mere hint of a fraud. This point is particularly relevant and has affected the whole world in the context of the fraudulent 2020 election.
  23. Essentially there are only two jurisdictions that control our country. The first and controlling jurisdiction is the People’s Original Political Jurisdiction wherein our governments are created via constitutions as amended and controlled by Declarations of Rights reserved and the Bill of Rights. The second and vastly inferior jurisdiction is that of the administrative state which is simply what government is in our country, administration of the Peoples political will.
  24. The fundamental principles and legal relations between master and servant, owner and employee, principal and agent, apply in the context of this monograph covering the Second Amendment confusions. Mr. Trump you know and have always known that the servant, the employee, the agent are never authorized to usurp, supersede or RULE OVER the master, the owner or the principal.

Now, President Trump you are called to honor your word to the American people given January 20, 2017 and act under the rule of law the way that you promised. Your promise required that you execute the law as written which requires you to speak it to the public and to those trespassing up on our law and the People.

Mr. Trump, your decision from day one of the People’s Presidents office service indicates that you have a fear of applying the law. Considering the fundamental law of the People declared in our Original Political Jurisdiction is what made America great to begin with, raises some very serious issues concerning your understanding of the fundamentals of the American experiment in self executed liberty through the rule of law executed by consent of the governed.

President Trump, we your beneficiaries promised you from day one of our first communications to you at the White House we would be straight up and tell you what’s up. That’s exactly what we’re doing here. You can either deal with these issues straight up or continue to kick the can down the road as a corrupt politician living in the personality cult that is now described as woke. The whole woke culture runs away from the facts of the law because they can’t deal with it.

So as always we wish you the best and pray that you will simply be the man that most of the American people want you to be and stand up straight, stand on the law and show real leadership by executing solutions recognized by the Peoples Original Political Jurisdiction.

The solution to resolve all Second Amendment issues is for President Trump to inform the People that carrying a copy of the Second Amendment is the perfected superseding license authorizing any American to have, hold and carry inanimate lumps of metal identified by the Second Amendment as the right to bare arms. Further advisory that any public servant challenging any American for exercising our rights secured by law is an act giving aid and comfort to our enemies, known as TREASON.

Inviting an open public dialogue on the points above will engage many many people in the exercise of forming the People’s administrative orders for public servants concerning the People’s Law of the Second Amendment.

A true story explains how simple getting the facts and law right really is.

In about 2013 I was invited to a meeting in downtown Seattle. The lady that invited me to the meeting of about 25 people knew of my understanding of the Second Amendment. I was baited into giving my opinion concerning the right to keep and bear arms. I asked the group as a whole are they sure that they wanted to hear the facts, the law, and the truth. They all said yes. I then asked them if they believed in the concept of democracy. All of those people replied with a resounding yes. Are all of you anti-Second Amendment supporters. Again I received a resounding yes.

I went to the door and turned and looked at the group and said I’ll be right back. I stood in the hall for 30 or 40 seconds.

I opened the door and left it open and walked back into the room. I advised that I had just gone down to the street and found 25 people that supported my understanding of the right to keep and bear arms as a personal choice guaranteed to every American. I informed that this is the same right that allows them to choose not to keep and bear arms.

I then informed them that we now have one more person on our side of the argument and under their rules of democracy we were now in control. So, that each of them would go out tomorrow, buy a rifle, shotgun, and two handguns, 100 rounds of ammunition for each, take an accredited training course in firearms safety, and go out in public at all times barring arms in the form of inanimate lumps of metal.

I then informed that in order to really address any given situation that appears to be a confusion the fundamental principles beginning the issues need to be on the table in open discussion. I informed them that the failure to do that is a guarantee that no issue could ever be resolved simply because the root of it was not present nor understood.

I asked how happy are you with your democracy now?

I pointed out that the rule of law in a Republic, respecting every Americans right to choose covered pretty much all aspects of life. No law-no choice or rule by slavery.

President Trump, will you keep your word by clearing up one issue of major importance to the People?


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