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Anna Von Reitz: 'Earth to Rod Class and "the Generals"'

Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 19-Oct-2021 00:43:28

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Monday, October 18, 2021

Earth to Rod Class and "the Generals"

By Anna Von Reitz

Rod, you know we love you. You are one of the Good Guys and you have the wounds to prove it.

So we are on your side of the issues.

But, that said, you have never understood jurisdiction and that has cost you and everyone following you -- all those good people --- who have been endangered needlessly.

Remember when you and I talked about you taking deer rifles into Washington, DC?

I told you that you couldn't exercise your Constitutional Guarantees in the District of Columbia or the Municipality of Washington, DC because those are both foreign jurisdictions?

I told you that you couldn't stand upon the Constitutions in those enclaves, because they function under their own foreign law? And within their borders, their foreign law stands?

You ignored me. You went to DC with your deer rifles. You got arrested. You were tried in one of their courts as a "Federal Citizen" and.... you were convicted and punished.

That was predictable and I predicted it and I told you and you ignored me and you suffered the consequences.

Now, all these people you trained as "Private Attorney Generals" are being thrown in jail and just left sitting there for months in limbo.

Our guys have had to rescue four (4) of them so far.

Get a clue, Rod, please. Your refusal to recognize the fact that Federal codes, regulations, ordinances and statutes don't apply to us, average Americans, is a mystery. If you won't believe me, see the U.S. Supreme Court case Rodriguez v. Ray Donovan and DOL. There it is in black and white from the Supreme Court Justices ----- none of that applies to the General Public.

The Federal Code does not apply to the General Public---- until and unless we go to work for the Federales, or stray onto actual Federal property (like you did when you went to DC), or we engage in federally regulated activities, such as the interstate transport, manufacture, or sale of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, or go out on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.

Recently, October 1, 2020, the amount of land in this country being managed by the Territorial Government took a drastic decline. This is because the actual declared and recorded American State Citizens living in and populating the land and soil of the original States of the Union and in those States that were enrolled prior to the Civil War, voted to enroll all the Western States that were formed as Territorial States under the provisions of the Northwest Ordinance.

This established the American Public Law in all of these States of the Union, retroactive to the date of their acceptance as Territorial States. It also removes all presumption of Territorial Custodianship.

The States have continued to address housekeeping issues, and issued the International Peace Treaty and the appropriate Proclamation officially ending the Civil War and putting an end to any Legal Presumption of continuing hostilities on our shores.

But I digress, the real point of this correspondence is to point out that both "Private Attorney General" and Federal Bounty Hunters and the provisions for their offices, are all tied to the Territorial Government and to these False Presumptions of continuing Civil War and a custodial role for the Territorial Government over American State assets---- none of which can be continued.

Without a "war" there are no "Private Attorney Generals" and there is no need for Federal Bounty Hunters to chase down rebels and prosecute them for war reparations.

All Americans who want their Constitutional Guarantees honored need to come home, declare their birthright political status, join their State Assembly, and learn how to enforce the Public Law of this country. This is a Public Duty that all Americans share.

Nobody can complain or object or interfere in the performance of our Public Duty. Our State Citizens are completely empowered to conduct lawful Citizen's Arrests in all States of the Union, which thanks to the actions described above, now applies throughout the fifty States.

Please redirect your training efforts to peacetime service, and to the proper recognition that what we are facing is a proliferation of criminality in specific jurisdictions of the law, not some kind of political or mercenary conflict.

Please also advise the Generals that are supporting your efforts that it is inappropriate to continue to act under color of law and under presumptions of war in the face of a lawful Peace Treaty established by the only entities with the standing and authority to declare the Peace -- the States themselves. All other parties to the American Civil War are Employees required to stand down for lack of standing.

Rod, we love you, but we are sick of playing catch up, rescuing people that took your advice, and tired of hearing you bad-mouthed in the press for no good reason.

Just realize that Federal Code does not apply to Americans except in "strictly limited" circumstances, which we have cause to know, that the Civil War has been ended by the States, and that the Western States are at last complete and enrolled as States of the Union.

The world has changed for the better.

We have no more need for Private Attorney Generals, Lieutenant Generals, Inspector Generals, and similar offices, and in fact, most of these people will simply get themselves into trouble going forward if they continue to act under the presumptions of war.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America


See this article and over 3300 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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