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Sandy Hook Massacre -- A List of Unverified Clues

Posted By: MaryMaxwell
Date: Wednesday, 15-Sep-2021 20:21:44

Sandy Hook Massacre -- A List of Unverified Clues

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

On September 12, 2021, I published an article about Sandy Hook at RumorMillNews.com. I stated that I have not reached any "verdict" on the allegations of what happened at Sandy Hook. A reader commented, at James Fetzer's blog, that if Mary Maxwell has a PhD and can't work out the falseness of the Sandy Hook story, she must be stupid.

I never really investigated the story. I lived in Australia at the time. I saw right away that there were YouTube videos claiming it was a hoax, but I had no basis on which to judge if those videos themselves were worthy or not. My experience with the Sydney siege was that PeeKay tried hard to tell people, via videos, that the Sydney siege (Lindt Cafe in December 2014) was a fake, but he did not persuade me. (I then attended the coronial hearings and at the very end of them decided that the siege was a hoacks.)

There! I've just coined a word! I do not want to say the Sydney siege was a "hoax," as that word is sometimes used to indicate a wholly made-up story of something that did not take place at all. (Like Rupert Murdoch's story that killer bees were on their way up to US from South America, later acknowledged as a fun hoax.)

I do think the Sydney siege, although staged, did take place. I'm sure Tori Johnson and Katrina Dawson died that night in 2014. I'll call it a "hoacks" to mean that in general we were given many false details. I sent the coroner, Judge Michael Barnes, a submission with "99 things that don't add up." (It's linked below) Also please see my 2018 book, "Inquest."

I haven't delved deeply into Sandy Hook, as I must concentrate on the Boston Marathon case (which I handle mainly by criticizing the prosecutor and the FBI). Nevertheless, there is a ton of literature by citizens who nosed around the 2012 event in Newtown Connecticut. For convenience I'll lay out some of the main ones now. Note: THEY STAND HERE UNVERIFIED BY ME:

Clues from the Physical Scene of the School and Parking Lot

1. The crime is said to have been committed by Adam Lanza, age 20, but there is no picture of him at the scene.

2. Lanza is said to have entered the locked front door of the school by breaking the glass next to the door, yet police had to break the door down.

3. On the grounds there is a big, temporary electronic sign that says "All must check in." (Huh?)

4. There were 4 porto-potties on the grounds.

5. There is a thing on the ground called a "triage tarp," but no child was placed on it.

6. We see no ambulances, even though the videos in real time covered the street where such traffic would have had to enter. Also, no medi-vac helicopter was called.

7. There is an "iconic" photo of a line of kids walking thru the parking lot, each with closed eyes, holding the shoulder of the kid in front of him, and guided by a woman (said to be a policewoman) who wears a black nylon padded jacket. I will dare a comment on that icon. It was DEFINITELY taken on some other day -- we can see, in a video, that Mrs Black Jacket re-arranged the kids a few times as though to get the best possible angle for a photo -- not something you would do in the midst of the tragedy of a lifetime.

(OK, OK, I said I wouldn't "commit," but I'm not claiming there were no murders on Dec 14 at the school. I'm just saying that this particular photo has nothing to do with it. Granted, this photo is the one that appeared all over the world in December 14, 2012 as news of the massacre!)

Now for three outdoor oddities that only come into play for theorists who say the Sandy Hook School had been abandoned months or years earlier, perhaps due to asbestos (or if you are a really deeply dedicated conspiracy theorist, the school was abandoned so that this whole caper could occur. Forward planning, you know.):

8. The school, as visible on a December 14th live video, did not meet the building prescriptions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, such as by having a ramp for wheelchair access.

9. SWAT teams were onsite right away (it should have taken a while to gather them thither).

10. There were no handicapped parking spaces, as required by law.

Clues from Real People Being Interviewed

Sorry, I ain't gonna touch the people-interviews with a 40-foot barge pole. For example, there's a story going round that the local newspaper interviewed Sandy Hook principal Dawn Hochsprung after she died. I am not equipped to track down that rumor, never mind track down the recorded interview of Dawn, never mind get the timeline sufficiently down pat as to say that she was shot dead at such-and-such a moment and the interview occurred at such-and-such a moment.

Oh for a coronial hearing!

Also, I'll disappoint some in regard to the facial-expression problem. On YouTube, we were deluged with clips of a Sandy Hook Dad, Robbie Parker, apparently laughing before his press conference, and the local doctor, Wayne Carver, outright giggled about his inability to say how many bullet wounds he saw on the kids' bodies. I know that it is considered it's impossible to predict how a person will handle the emotion of grief -- I have been unemotional when I should have been wailing. (In Ireland you can hire professional keeners to do the poignant grieving at funerals.)

At Sandy Hook, there was Newtown police commissioner Kehoe. Here I will have to say that his ability to keep stubborn silence when asked questions (months later) by Wolfgang Halbig, was to me very telling. But hey, maybe he had laryngitis.

If you want the truth from these living sources, the only way to get it is by Discovery. You ask the court to subpoena the person and depose them under oath, or have them appear at a trial to give sworn testimony. So far, no court trial has been called for, but it is still a possibility, especially thanks to a new, hoped for Intervention in the Soto v Bushmaster case by James Fetzer. He is a retired philosophy professor, so ought to be able to present his story in an especially rational way.

Total Lack of Forensics

Regarding the massacre of 30 or more people that took place in Port Arthur, Australia, on April 28, 1996, retired NSW barrister Terry Shulze has noisily complained -- for the quarter-century since -- that there was a way to exonerate the accused Martin Bryant (who is still imprisoned). One had only to take the fingerprints of the tray and the cup in the Cafe that were admittedly used by the gunman. Come to think of it, the police’s neglect of that procedure can only mean that they knew NOT to do so. Do you agree?

And Cheryl Dean, at GumshoeNews.com yelled bloody murder over the fact that, in the Boston Marathon case, no one seemed to care that Dun Meng's steering wheel of Dun Meng's carjacked SUV was not tested for Tamerlan Tsarnaev's fingerprints. Or that, the "proof" of Tamerlan owning bomb-making material consisted of January 2013 receipts for purchase of five pressure cookers -- these receipts, from a shop at Saugus Mall, were amazingly still in his wallet in April when he was captured! By the way, they were cash receipts, not engraved with a credit card to identify the purchaser. Geez.

For Sandy Hook, some lack of forensics have been pointed out by the late Robert David Steele (may he rest in peace) at his website Intelligence and Integrity:

11. There is zilch evidence that Lanza, age 20, shot his Mom in her bed with a .22 calibre. Not even fingerprints on the gun. It is simply averred.

12. There is no proof that Lanza used the offending Bushmaster gun at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (A video taken from the air, and therefore of police ownership, shows a cop taking the Bushmaster from the trunk of Lanza's car. Or somebody's car. Or whatever.) Yet Remington Arms is offering a settlement of $33 million to the Soto plaintiffs.

13. There is no proof that Lanza died that day. The Social Security index originally listed his death as occurring on December 13th, not 14th. (Or so say the snoopers who made a screen grab of it.)

To repeat, I haven't gone into the Sandy Hook case at sufficient depth to determine if it was a hoax, a hoacks, or the Real Deal. I've merely listed 13 clues for the reader's consideration.

Fetzer's Possible Day in Court

We are hoping that James Fetzer will be allowed to participate in a case in which he is neither the plaintiff (Soto et al) nor the defendant (Bushmaster/Remington Arms). The loophole by which he can get in, is that he suffered a $450K judgement against him when Leonard Pozner sued him for defamation and the court did not give Fetzer a chance at Discovery. When ruling in that Wisconsin court, the judge made the following assertion, which he casually lifted it from the Connecticut case, Soto v Bushnmaster, as though it amounted to proof of Lanza's guilt:

"Lanza carried out this massacre using a Bushmaster XM15-E2S semiautomatic rifle that was allegedly manufactured, distributed, and ultimately sold to Lanza's mother by the various defendants in this case. There is no doubt that Lanza was directly and primarily responsible for this appalling series of crimes.”

Specifically, that's from the Connecticut Supreme Court's opinion about the Bushmaster gun being military grade, hence ineligible for immunity from liability.

Elias Davidsson's Letter to Judge Brinkema

That sort of quoting, by the Wisconsin judge who had not investigated the matter, has reminded me of an interview I did with Elias Davidsson in 2015. He had just published his very valuable 9/11 research, in a book deliciously entitled "Hijacking America's Mind on 9/11." Let me end this article with a quote from that article.

Maxwell: Your book indicates that, in the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the FBI presented bogus passenger seating plans that include the seats of alleged hijackers. Offering false material to a US court would constitute perjury and may also come under the federal crime of obstruction of justice. Have you tried to challenge the FBI on this?

Davidsson: No, because I have no legal standing.

Maxwell: I see that the Wall Street Journal of May 16, 2013 gave an unusual acknowledgement of the “conspiracy view.” It said:

“During the 2006 Moussaoui Trial, the FBI (under oath) reduced the number of cell phone calls to two calls made from 5,000 feet, and presented evidence of only one (not two) “unconnected” call from Barbara Olson, lasting “0 seconds.” … [A]lthough the FBI conducted a massive investigation into the calls, none of the telephone billing, nor any of the cell phone location data stored in standard phone company records has been publicly released.”

Davidsson: The Wall Street Journal may have been responding to my book, which had been published two weeks earlier, and to the work done by the 9-11 Consensus Panel.

Maxwell: Over what matter did you write to Judge Brinkema?

Davidsson: I wrote Judge Leonie Brinkema on March 17, 2006 as a response to alleged contradictory directions she gave to the jury in the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui. She told them first “I assume every one of you is aware of what happened on September 11, 2001, and has watched or read extensive media coverage about that day and has watched news reports or read about Al Qaeda” and then added, “Persons on trial must be judged not on the basis of what is in the news or popular media, but rather on the hard evidence presented in the courtroom during the trial.”

I expressed to her my concern that “the failure by your Court to establish, according to standards of evidence required in criminal law, that the crime of 9/11 was committed by the nineteen alleged hijackers, may represent a gross miscarriage of justice” and urged her to reconsider her decisions. This remained, as we now know, a futile and perhaps naive undertaking on my part.

Maxwell: I personally don’t think it was either futile or naive. One has to start somewhere to put some balance and common sense back into this thing, and you are just the man to do it. Your exhaustive research into the phone calls from all the planes of 9-11 is meticulous. I am interested in this statement you made on page 14 of Hijacking America’s Mind on 9-11:

“When attempting to solve a criminal mystery, formal operations [can be] used to discover the unknown. These operations include deduction, induction, tests of logical coherence, tests of reliability and plausibility…. Where major pieces of evidence have been destroyed, the solution to a criminal mystery may not yield a precise answer but can provide an approximation…."

Probably it helps that you are a foreigner to the US, and thus not worried about using logic in matters that Americans consider emotional. A member of Japan’s parliament, Mr Yukihisa Fujita, has also demanded that his government inquire into the 9-11 “put options.” By the way, most Americans don’t know that the 9-11 families got a gift of approximately one million dollars each. Did you know of it?

Davidsson: They actually got on the average $2.1 million per family.

Maxwell: The part of your book I found most startling was your condemnation of the “entire academic class’ for its shutting down of its brain in regard to 9-11. What do you think the academic class needs to do now?

Davidsson: It does not need to know anything. It needs to think rationally. Then it will seek knowledge, as required.

A link to my 99 challenges to the coroner regarding Sydney's hostage-taking event in the Lindt Cafe, in December 14, 2014, just two years after Sandy Hook.

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