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They Are Preparing For Planetary Changes That Can't Be Stopped: Re: What is the REAL Agenda with Vaccines & Climate Change?

Posted By: JediShaman
Date: Wednesday, 11-Aug-2021 15:51:01

In Response To: What is the REAL Agenda with Vaccines & Climate Change? (SpaceCommando)

Armstrong has nicely connected some puzzle pieces. The key here is that Earth changes due to natural energetic cycles are accelerating and can't be kept hidden, but they can blame carbon and human activity to scare and bully everyone into accepting the centralization of power and they can make medical plagues, infertility, etc. appear to be the natural cause of depopulation. The controllers of civilization need to have more control and fewer people to manage when Earth goes through upheaval. They perhaps believe their plans are humane and for a greater good.

: By Martin Armstrong - August 11, 2021

: This has all been a coordinated effort for the REAL AGENDA
: which is not vaccines or even saving the planet from global
: warming. The true agenda is in front of everyone’s eyes,
: but mainstream media refuses to allow the dots to be
: connected and anyone who dares to simply open their eyes is
: immediately called a conspiracy theorist. Climate Change is
: also merely a tool just as this virus scam that the press
: pretends is so lethal that they have convinced companies to

: fire anyone who is not vaccinated. The supposed brilliant
: CEOs are really just being manipulated and because the
: media makes it sound like if they do not become tyrants
: they will be the odd-man-out. Firing people who refuse to
: go along with this agenda in a time of a labor shortage is
: a recipe for economic disaster.

: While people argue that the virus is not real and has never
: been isolated, they have succeeded in getting people
: arguing over the nonsense that will never be proven when
: they control the media. This is like putting someone on the
: witness stand in court to testify who they saw commit
: murder and asking them instead when was the last time you
: beat your wife. The credibility of the witness is sent off
: into never-never-land and the real question of what he saw
: becomes marginal at best.

: They told you what the REAL AGENDA is using flowery indirect
: words. The US will no longer be a superpower for its power
: will be handed to the United Nations and “shared” among
: nations as Schwab’s 8 point agenda states. They also told
: you that democracy, which they regard as “populism” cannot
: stand. However, they will still respect human rights if you
: are really gullible enough to swallow that one. They view
: us as the great unwashed not worthy of rights that
: interfere with their thirst for power.

: They erected the Climate Clock which is now down to 6 years
: and change which is the selling point to hand over all
: power to the United Nations or the world will be beyond
: repair. At the UN climate summit, they would not allow
: anyone to speak in opposition to their agenda. Why? The
: Climate Change argument is based on the principle that
: humanity faces doom and this is beyond the power of a
: single nation to reverse the trend. This is all about
: handing DICTATORIAL POWER to the United Nations, who is
: also lobbying nations to impose a 10% income tax that is
: payable to the United Nations.

: The vaccines are more conditioning and break down the human
: will to accept the decrees of what is to come. The timeline
: for this takeover has been set for 2023 saying that after
: 2027, we are all doomed and the world will somehow end.

: This is not really about arguing over vaccines and climate
: change, it is about world domination and power. The United
: Nations is engaging in scare tactics to gain power for
: itself. NONE of this is what it seems if we just focus on
: vaccines and climate change. The objective here is to take
: over the world and use the manufactured climate crisis to
: create a one-world government – Soros and Schwab’s dream.
: This is the ONLY way to further their agenda by
: manufacturing a common threat.

: The U.N.’s climate panel, which bans anyone with a critical
: view, warns that limiting global warming to close to 1.5
: degrees Celsius or even 2 degrees Celsius above
: pre-industrial levels “will be beyond reach” in the next
: two decades without immediate, rapid, and large-scale
: reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. That is
: accomplished with lockdowns, COVID Passports to end
: international travel and restrict tourism to like the good
: old days of the Soviet Union.

: They have their cronies in the White House who are telling
: Biden to even threaten war with China and Russia if they do
: not surrender to the United Nations . . .

: [SNIP]

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