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Anna Von Reitz: "Shut Them Down -- Info for Litigation Committees"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 24-Jul-2021 02:47:13

In Response To: Anna Von Reitz: "The Living Law Firm Banned in Boston" (hobie)

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Friday, July 23, 2021

Shut Them Down -- Info for Litigation Committees

By Anna Von Reitz

I recently recommended that all of our State Assemblies set up a Litigation Subcommittee as part of their Jural Assembly functions.

There are many reasons why it's worthwhile to do this as one of the first Subcommittees, but let's briefly run through why I am recommending this particular action even before you may have your jury pool and other parts complete.

Here's my reasoning --- (1) Many people who join our Assemblies have been attacked by the vermin and are confused, scared, hurting, or plain enraged. They come to us for help, but they are already entangled in a battle with the skunks and don't know what to do. (2) It's the nature of the Beast to attack on all sides at once, seeking to devour the victims. So we have people hurting from all sorts of causes --- IRS, foreclosures, CPS, and on and on. Every case is different, and it is impossible to cover all the causes with limited funding and personnel. (3) Once they come to our doors, these people feel relief, but if they don't get the attention and help they seek to cure their "legal" problems up front, they go on and cause more problems.

They start trying to commandeer the Assemblies to help them deal with their lawsuits, etc.

So here is what we do --- we nip all attacks in the bud and we teach people how to do it and we come together to support each other in doing it --- and we organize this response through our Litigation Subcommittees. This will be a rallying point for Americans who have been similarly afflicted, and for Americans who know that they need a firmer understanding of the laws and jurisdictions.

We can run our law education classes through the Litigation Committees at the same time we are assisting each other with current cases.

Now please read the "conversation" below using Florida as an example, and notice the pleasant, laid back, country-style tone that you need to establish with the Judge. Remember that the Judge is the Referee. You don't attack the Referee. You prosecute the Prosecutor, instead.

The Prosecutor is the one who has to establish jurisdiction for the court and also prove his own standing to bring any claim before the court --- and even though this example is far from exhaustive, it's a good place for everyone to start.

At your first hearing, you say something like, "I am sorry, Judge _________ (whatever their name is). We all don't seem to be communicating very well, and I am sorry about that. I am not trying to be misunderstood or hard to understand.

I object to what this man, the Prosecutor, is presuming about me and I accordingly wish for a hearing of the facts and evidence beginning with discovery of who this man, Mr. Prosecutor, is, and the capacity in which he is acting, because I understand this much --- he has to prove the jurisdiction of the court over both subject matter and my person, and he has to prove his standing to bring any claim against me.

So can we just start over and establish the nature of the claim and the parties? Because I am challenging the prosecutor and his ability to invoke the jurisdiction of the court. (This is your counterclaim and denial of jurisdiction.)

I don't believe that the prosecutor is acting as a Public Officer in any public office related to me and my activities, so I would like to see his license to practice law in this country --- not a guild card, not a green card -- an actual license issued by any level of my American Government. Mr. Prosecutor, do you have such a license enabling you to address me?

[He won't have one.]

Well, if you don't have a license, and you still claim to be acting in a Public Office related to me, do you have a bond and an Oath of Office, as required to be an American Public Official? If so, I'd like to see your Bond and Oath of Office. [He won't have either.]

Now, I understand that you are working for the State of Florida, and I further understand that the State of Florida is an incorporated entity that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and that it has the Dunn and Bradstreet Number 004078374. [You can find these DUNS numbers in the Appendix of "You Know Something is Wrong When....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause".]

So, Mr. Prosecutor, when you come to court representing an incorporated entity, you are required to have the corporation's charter in your hand, and I would like to see it, please? And if you are not representing the State of Florida or are representing other entities or are representing multiple incorporated entities besides the State of Florida, I would like to examine those charter documents, too. [He won't have anything to show.]

Okay, well, without any valid proof I or the court can see, you are claiming to represent the State of Florida. Mr. Prosecutor, and I need to see some proof of your relationship with the State of Florida and any other entities you are representing here as plaintiffs, so please produce proof that you have a contract with the plaintiffs allowing you to represent them? I need something that has the official State of Florida seal on it.

Now, if you are representing the State of Florida, I assume you have a Business License and a Personal Liability Bond to ensure your Performance--- may I see those, please?

If we assume, and at this point, that's assuming a lot, that you are enabled and entitled to represent the State of Florida, you are representing a franchise organization that is a federated state ---- and that means that you need to have a Foreign Agents Registration on file. May I see proof of your registration as a Foreign Agent with respect to Florida and its people?

Ok, well, Mr. Prosecutor, we're not doing so good here proving that you have the standing to invoke any court in Florida, but nonetheless, just to be on the safe side, I need to give you and the Clerk and the Judge and the Court fair notice of my Foreign Sovereign status under the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act. Many people wonder about the meaning of that Act, and you may be one of them, so I will just observe to you that it is Federal Law under the United States Code that requires me to tell you outright that I am a Foreign Sovereign with respect to you, because I am a Floridian and I live in Florida, which is a foreign jurisdiction with respect to the State of Florida, where you and this court reside.

Now, Mr. Prosecutor, do you have a wet, blue ink signature of mine and Witnesses that I signed it, and established a contract between myself and the State of Florida, that you are using as the basis of your complaint?

[He won't have anything. If he refers to The Constitution of the State of Florida, you remind him, "But I, Mr. Prosecutor, live in Florida, not the State of Florida. Are you confused on that point?" If so, you tell him, "Well, the Florida where I live is three dimensional and has physical borders and rocks and trees and rivers. The State of Florida is what they call an incomplete state --- it only exists on paper as an incorporated entity. The Constitution of the State of Florida has nothing to do with me. I haven't signed it and haven't even read it, because it's a foreign service contract.]

Nobody actually lives in the State of Florida, which is part of the problem here. In order for me to have anything to do with the State of Florida, I'd have to be an elected official or officer or a dependent of the State of Florida corporation, and I am notably not any such person. I am a living, native Floridian, with no office of personhood or dependency related to the State of Florida, however styled.

So I am a bit perplexed, and wondering who or what you have mistaken me for? And why? Isn't it apparent who I am? And what I am? Do I need to show you the record of my political status as a Floridian? Or otherwise prove to you my membership in The Florida Assembly? I have proof on the public record, I just wasn't able to bring it with me today.

Mr. Prosecutor, I don't feel that you have demonstrated any contract with me, nor any contract with the State of Florida enabling you to do or say much of anything in this courtroom. You shouldn't be addressing me and making assumptions about me and my political status, and you shouldn't be attempting to subject me to laws that don't apply to me. I stand under the Public Law, not any private law, and I believe that I have made that abundantly clear today.

May I have your agreement that you have failed the good faith and competency tests and are not able to establish either subject matter or in personam jurisdiction for this court? [He will most likely stand silent.]

Judge______________, I think we've all heard enough. The evidence is what it isn't--- the Prosecutor has no standing to address me and has failed to establish the required jurisdictions for the court, so I believe that all consideration of his pleadings should be dismissed, and would ask you to deliver the same conclusions and set me free.

If the Judge has a brain in his head, he will lay down the gavel and dismiss the case on the spot.

Now, what else can you and your fellow Assembly Members do to ensure this good result --- that is, that the bloodsuckers let loose and get back on their side of the fence?

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net. Declare your political status as an American, record it, and join your State Assembly.

State Assemblies, form your Litigation Subcommittees under the authority of your Jural Assemblies.

The Living Law Firm has been banned from THEIR courts, and with good reason. They were taking it in the shorts too often and on too many subjects and they just couldn't take it any more.

We are going to teach each and every one of you, all those who will study and make themselves approved, how to defend yourselves and stop these false claims where they start, how to remove corrupt and incompetent judges from their benches, and how to help each other to secure justice and enforce the public law of this country again.

It has to start somewhere, and no place better than here and now, in our State Assemblies, within our Jural Assembly Committees and our Litigation Subcommittees.

Let's go. Get ready to polish your cross-examination skills.


See this article and over 3200 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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