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Re: Today is John MacAfee SHTF Day - What We Think We Know

Posted By: oldmaninthedesert
Date: Friday, 23-Jul-2021 19:22:17

In Response To: Today is John MacAfee SHTF Day - What We Think We Know (Mr.Ed)

We have been following this elsewhere, for days, this is a new clock, just asked in the group if anyone has seen it, seen the image, not the clock at McAfee's original clock we cut off shortly before midnight ( PST ) Here


: Today is John MacAfee SHTF Day - What We Think We Know

: You will never see or hear anything about this on the MSM.

: Before I drop the MOAB...let me give you some foundation
: background for this story so it makes some sense.

: John MacAfee is not dead. He is alive and well under the
: witness protection plan. He is a HUGE target for the dark
: cabal left right now. (same as Trump has been for years)

: He is a good guy...one of us.

: He has what it will take to send ALL THE CABAL to jail.

: It will go public later today in about 9 hours.

: So it was Bill Gates who created WINDOWS for home computers.
: Everybody uses windows and if you buy a PC it will come
: with WINDOWS already loaded on it as the operating system.

: But all this was no accident and Bill Gates put a 'back door'
: on every computer via his WINDOWS program. (this was a
: DARPA agenda)

: So when you get a 'so called' WINDOWS update...really what is
: happening is Big Brother is uploading every keystroke from
: your pc and that have it all. Every email you ever read or
: wrote...they have it. Every photo you ever put on your
: computer or looked at or was sent by someone else...they
: got it. They got it all folks. There has never been such a
: thing as security on a computer.

: They make it so if you don't take the download (which is
: really an upload of your data) they mess up your pc so you
: can continue until you fix it.

: So Bill Gates is real rich because he played along with the
: bad guys to make this all possible.

: The antivirus companies that use fear to sell you computer
: protection are creating the problem so they can sell you
: the solution. If you are smart...you don't need any
: protection.

: Your computer is not a living organism so it can not 'catch' a
: virus. A virus is a biological thing. Not a software
: problem.
: So the only way you can get something on your pc you do not
: want...is to take a download. If you never take a
: download...you will never have a problem or need
: protection.

: So all these companies that offer and sell you pc protection
: are just making money off the ignorance of the population.

: John MacAfee has had access to the 'backdoor' on every
: computer on earth with MacAfee Antivirus protection on it.
: The same as with WINDOWS that comes on your new pc...it
: also comes with the new WINDOWS 10 and MacAfee Antivirus
: protection already on it.

: So what does this mean/implicate?

: Well it means John MacAfee has EVERTHING from millions (or
: more) computers all over the world. This includes most all
: the bad guys in DC. Pedophiles are all known now. He has
: all the evidence to put all of them away.

: The conspiracy theory on this topic is...John MacAfee is some
: loose canon who is a bad guy...guilty of anything you can
: think of to discredit him. (same as Trump) And if you go on
: google you will find all kinds of photo shopped depictions
: of John doing all kinds of crazy stuff and him holding a
: gun to his head. (they wish)

: The left want you to believe he killed himself and he is dead
: now.
: But he is alive and well...and he holds all the proof &
: evidence on all of them. So if we play along with the
: concept that he is now dead...he told us prior he was
: setting a dead man's switch.

: Well that stitch goes off today. This is really a MOAB. And it
: is backfiring on them. lol

: Really it is a large data dump and John will be testifying
: against these scum and he holds all the evidence from all
: their computers.

: All the floods you see all over the world are no accident.
: This is all part of it. Q said 'watch the water'. When the
: water recedes the body parts from underground will be on
: the surface for all to see. And this MOAB is going off at
: the same time.

: There will be no hiding of it now. All is out in the open for
: all to see. Then the bombs will drop.

: On the link I am providing...is the countdown clock for this
: MOAB to go off later today. This is your 'heads up'.

: Then I see another time clock on the page and I think it may
: be the countdown for all this to go on TV. (EBS?) Mr.Ed :)

: BTW...John MacAfee has an apartment in that building in
: Florida that suddenly just fell like a controlled
: demolition. (because it was) Same think they did in 2001 in
: NY. (9/11) brought to you by the same cabal. Same ones who
: killed JFK. Same ones who created every war on earth. But
: it is all about to hit the fan. IMO

: ________________________________



: The hour is upon us...

: The blockchain is immutable.

: A permanent record etched into the keystone.

: As waters recede, riverbeds reveal.

: Click here for Link: >>>


: https://www.iatkos.in/2021/07/whackd-secure-live-video-uplink.html?978ea96f-2740-4ea6-b1d0-288f11a48ff7#google_vignette

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