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Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 23-Jul-2021 02:46:28

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie.

Please find below challenge to the purveyors of the federal corporation boondoggle.

Sent to President Trump, 4:50 pm, 7/21/2021 pacific.

I use the descriptor boondoggle in proper context. Fraud of any sort always creates a set of confusions which many time compound and accumulate into a boondoggle.

In order to sort out a boondoggle the root facts causing the mess must be exposed.
We understand the operations of corporate structures providing government services very well.
Dealing with results and ignoring the cause always increases the confusions feeding the boondoggle.

Corporate operations disguised as legitimate government is only part of the problem.
The root of the corporate jurisdiction problem is with those believing and acting as corporate subjects rather than as real Americans having access to the laws of We the People.

Where is the evidence?

The BUT THEY WONíT LET ME CROWD referencing their positions in others, particularly public servants, acts or omissions, rather than understanding and operating under their own knowledge while blaming the systemites, are the single most dangerous force holding our Republic hostage.
This is because slaves in their own minds supporting allowing the corruption deny the real Americans access to honest properly operating government.
Mask holes and self poisoners value to them selves and our Republic measure their value by standards set by the Great Deceiver.
When the mask holes do not believe our Republic doesnít exist and is now a corporation, both beliefs are are self fulfilling actions.

Some one please produce the corporate documents identified in the Monograph below. Till then please cease and desist the trespass on our republic by supporting facts not in evidence.

We have been waiting for years for even one party to engage and produce the proper authorities.
Whatís the likelihood the documents will magically appear?

Why should any one cite credence to 28 USC 3002 definitions when there is no federal legislative jurisdiction to create corporations????



Dear President Trump, our President,

Where Is Proof United States Is A Federal Corporation?

Mr. President, your Beneficiaries, Miller in particular, have beed asked, massive increasing frequency last few months, to comment on the alleged Federal Corporation.

Thus, We believe our President could benefit from simple common sense coming from the Peopleís Original Jurisdiction.

In our world we consider engaging in subject matters such as the questions concerning the alleged Federal Corporation to be in no brainer land. The land of no brainer operates in the illusion jurisdiction delivering products and services designed and implemented for purposes intended to control mankindís nature of seeking individual Liberty, Life in pursuit of Happiness.

The single demand to produce the evidence settles all current and past discussions concerning a federal corporate or any corporate operation posing as government serving the People, through out our States United.


  1. We demand to see the actual corporate charter constructing the United States as a federal corporation. NO charter in evidence = no corporation no matter what any one says or does.
  2. We demand the identification of the jurisdiction issuing a corporate charter creating the United States as a corporation be placed before the People. No jurisdiction identified in evidence verifying authorities to create such a Federal corporations = no corporation exists.
  3. We demand to see the public records verifying the existence of a Federal Corporation, United States and identification of its board of directors, corporate management, and derivatives or subdivisions. No records or identification verifying existence of and identifying the operating parties = no corporation exists.
  4. We demand to see the certified archives from the Congressional Record verifying that Congress holds powers to create a corporation. Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution does not identify the authority for the United States Congress to create corporations. Article 1 section 8 clause 17, exclusive Legislation powers over the district, seat of government, and clause 18, making of all laws necessary and proper for execution of the foregoing powers does not grant the construction of new powers to the legislature to create corporations. No identification of powers assigned by Constitution = no corporate creation authority exists in the National Legislature.
  5. In the event, as so many claim, that the United States federal corporation is a foreign entity from a foreign jurisdiction, we demand to see the transfer mechanism from that jurisdiction to the jurisdiction of our Republic, the United States of America, and the acceptance, by whom and by what authority, a foreign jurisdiction takes control of our country. Further we demand to see that corporate charter, the identification of us issuing jurisdiction, identification of the board and management parties, the foreign jurisdictions request to be recognized by our Republic, the United States of America. The demand BY WHAT AUTHORITY, also known as Writ of Quo Warranto, is a Sovereigns prerogative from time immemorial. When the Quo Warrarento is not answered containing production of public record lawful authorities = no such authority as challenged exists.

This Quo Warranto mechanism is no brainer territory.

Mr. President, in our world, simple as simple does, exposes why we call these questions as being sourced from the no brainer jurisdiction. The no brainer jurisdiction applies to our side as well because the simple points, reference to easily produceable public documents, clarify the matters so that a real discussion could be had, based on facts in evidence. Then resolutions will be found to so many confusions blamed on a foreign corporation.

Mr. President, until the above items, proper public record evidence, are open public record, viewable by any American, anyone citing are relying upon United States as a federal corporation is cooperating with the deception, a conspiracy, and operating under a fraud.

Mr. President, as you well know a fraud voids every add compounded or built upon it!

Mr. President, the 1871 legislative act purporting to create a federal corporation out of the district, the City of Washington, District of Columbia, the seat of government, is a fraud pure and simple.

Acts of the federal legislature only have two characters. First, the lawful acts authorized to Congress for execution defined explicitly by Constitution. Second, the private acts of Congress masquerading as lawful acts.

Mr. President, the key element to understand is that when the United States Congress Assembled executes a private act and the President signs off on it, all of the Members of that Congress and the President are underwriting that private act and assuming full unlimited personal liability.

Next, the below might be a meme or social media sensation with the People. When shared by our President two results are indicated. First, our President would be inviting the People to engage in serious dialogues based in the facts, the substance, the laws, of our countries foundations. Perhaps this would be an indication to all, particular our enemies, that our President is returning to the law as foundation for coming events. Second, the People will have a very potent tool to address trespass by government into our lives, protect from further trespass by fiat Legislation and usurpations of the fraudulently installed public servants through election fraud.


I never agreed to be debtor for or to the United States.

I never assigned any public servant authorities to turn me into a debtor to any one.

I never agreed to be a subject to legislative acts not identified as authorized by We the Peopleís Constitutions.

Therefore, I could never be a taxpayer or subject to governments when my Consent is not proved by my signature on a document fully disclosing all material facts!!!!

So called ADHESION CONTRACTS are disguised Slavery constructed by judicial fiat in the same manner as Legislative fiat.


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