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Re: Reader Irene Opines:

Posted By: oldmaninthedesert
Date: Tuesday, 20-Jul-2021 21:55:03

In Response To: Handful of Readers check in (oldmaninthedesert)

Reader Irene writes in,I will respond below

Re: What I Think this Current Mess is Really a....

Thank you for your article on RMN. I go there often to find truth and to learn how to be a better person. I read some of what you wrote in your article, 'What I Think This Current Mess Is Really About (OPINION)', and I want to interject here regarding my position on that very topic.

I do see how so many of our "problems'" seeming source, points to banks/bankers. In a pyramid displaying the hierarchy of what is at the root of our 'problems', I categorize banks/bankers as being somewhere in the middle of that pyramid. They carry out what we, collectively, want. People are generally powerless (meaning, that they don't usually find their innate power), and usually acquiesce their power to another, not knowing that they have that power within themselves. So, partly bc bankers are opportunists, they step in and give us what the majority want: to be controlled.

Giving away what's internal and rightfully ours to claim, to the Big Daddy's of this world (gov't, pharma, education, religion, media, etc.), keeps us imprisoned to them, and to our own fears. Banks/bankers are just providing for what we have allowed them to do. They aren't the cause of our mess. We are. We are immature, and not understanding why we're here. Little children who need to grow in consciousness and soul, are what abound here in this time (and have, for so very long). When we are not in harmony with Nature's Laws and Universal Laws, then we are hit with them working to bring us into balance.

Mankind has endured the many Industrial Ages and agricultural advancements bc they're 'progressive', not realizing that Nature is not to be, cannot be, improved upon thru artificial means, physical and mental force, and from denying the internal world, or relegating that to a small portion of our life. Our 'progression' from being 'savages' to the modern man, have left behind our natural state, which is in line with advancing us, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, in consciousness and soul desires. Progression, in the name of, mostly, the western model of what advancement means, has covered over the feminine aspect of us, in most every male and female. To me, the focus of, and advancement of our male aspects (in each of us, male and female), have created more fears, stronger egos, and less development of, and dwelling in, love. There's a scripture that says that in the last days, men's hearts shall fail them. I believe that people's hearts (physically and soul-wise) fail them, and will fail them, because many fail their hearts first.

What I see and feel that's happening around us, is our collective and individual time to pay the piper, but also the
tough love that we are needing to get us to choose/be in harmony with nature.

As Pogo said: We have met the enemy, and he is us.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Irene, we appreciate our readers at RMN. I could not agree with you more about the spiritual malaise that has hung over this country for so very long, and that is why so many people need to Understand that there is no one between them and The Living God.

No priest, no rabbi, no iman, no damn pope, and it has all been a lie about them from before they murdered Christ. he himself told the rabbi's in today's lingo to go fly a kite, they knew nothing. No change with the priests or the Popes. Christ said we would live by The Spirit from that day forth.

I personally have had nothing to do with any building calling itself a church, since 1971. I was lucky and young enough to understand that my church was in my feet, and that has allowed Me to stay humble to The Father's call. Has it been easy? Not at all, but I have always tried to remember that I am a reflection of the Most High. But I agree 100% it is on the individual for Spiritual growth.

As far as the bankers go, we are going to have to agree to disagree, all those "Big Daddy's", none of those would be without the bankers, there is not a clearer example then Washington DC,they do not depend on taxes to operate, they cannot even set a 'budget' without the bankers approvable.

Also with the pyramid, myself I do not see them as having anything to do with Light,but rather darkness and evil, so instead of letting them cap their dark creation we have to dig to the bottom to find the bankers. Someone important once said "money is the root of evil". Thank you were sharing Irene.


: A number of readers wrote in, will just put them all in one
: post...

: Reader Tim writes: Re: What I Think this Current Mess is
: Really a....

: It's even worse when you hit the Chart button on your link
: with the 5 year time span and look at the evolution since
: the beginning of 2019.

: It goes from 18 to 288.

: In the same time the stock for BioNtech, the patent for the
: Pfizer vaxx went from 0 to 231.

: On a different subject, concerning your website, would it be
: possible to post a way to link to past and following
: chapters of the same article? As is, it is virtually
: impossible to follow the different chapters in the same
: article.
: ____________________________________________
: Tim on most of the newer posts(past 3 or 4 months) I have been
: dropping back and adding a link at the bottom of the post
: for the next part. The older posts I know I have issues,
: thinking about moving all the books over to my other blog,
: that I have rarely used, and link the two blogs together
: with a link on the blog I am currently using, drop me a
: line if you are looking for a specific part to something
: you have already started, thanks for asking,take care sir.
: -------------------------------------------------------------
: Reader Gunny writes
: Re: What I Think this Current Mess is Really a....

: Great post!
: Thanks for your insight.

: Am I missing something?
: Is someone saying that the covid "virus" was not
: formatted and created in China?

: I am pretty sure it was, CHINA has over 1 billion people OVER
: the age of 66... They need to cull them.
: This "virus" was designed to kill elderly and those
: with Asian genes.
: That is why India and Iran have been hit so hard, as well as
: Japan and Korea. Iranians (Persians) are ASIAN, not ARAB.

: Even my Japanese ex wife got "covid" while I did
: not, even though I have Graves disease and completely
: immune compromised.

: Just my 2 cents.
: Be well,
: Gunny
: ___________________________________________________________
: No sir , not missing anything, as I stated in the beginning, I
: was not glossing over 'covid' and the vaxx's, I was looking
: to bring more awareness to what I see coming with the 3rd
: card and my belief is that they are going to use the first
: two cards to bring about the KO card. I do not have to tell
: you sir how screwed we all be if they are not stopped now.
: I had to speak up to counter the bs pollyanna agenda being
: run by some selling pure fantasy of good times ahead.
: Thanks for your response Sir
: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
: Reader Maykme writes: Re: What I Think this Current Mess is
: Really a....

: Reader MA says

: Thank you for this.

: This is opinion.

: Opinion is protected speech.
: Since opinion is not facts, it survives where other speech is
: censored.

: I was one of those that got dollar.coins whenever I could and
: spent them.

: At first businesses snarled.
: Then they welcomed me.

: Then someone would follow the money.

: Told the cashier if I came in and spent dollar coins to call
: them and they buy them.

: Stupid clerks called and the money was pulled out of
: circulation

: I understand a dollar was worth maybe 6.cents then and spent
: as a dollar based on confidence, but at 6 cents value
: underneath, a shirt would cost 35 of them.

: A dollar coin was from the US MINT and worth 100 pennies.

: Had more value than paper and for each dollar coin I spent I
: think 100 dollars of their money had to.come out the
: system.

: People asked me why was I being difficult.

: No one wants to preserve a right they have and they will judge
: anyone for being different.

: I still spend paper money and Walmart has all those self
: checkouts that don't take cash.

: Target has a cash drawer at their self checkout so a cashier
: has to finish the transaction.

: As for those who got the needle.

: Their body was altered.
: Suppose you can trace someone's ancestry through their blood.

: Well the needle makes them the first of their kind.

: No blood types, no DNA match to their families.

: If the bankers have to pay out.
: I.e.to transfer to a new system they have to pay out the IOUs
: in the old, you won't be able to claim yourself as a
: descendant of any firmer slave, or anyone who had turned i.
: Their gold for fiat.

: One of those doctors said, they aren't human, after the gene
: therapy, them you can't prove who is your child or that you
: are their mother from a DNA test.

: Before the needle there was no spike on human cells.

: After the needle there is spike in every cell.

: As for the alternative media infiltrators.

: I see them.
: They are such likeable personalities.
: They are pushed by the same people, always posting their
: stuff.

: I remember when Benjamin Fulford disappeared and people said
: he was cloned.
: That died.
: Still see posts from Cobra.
: David Wilson was a small boned man and on his best day could
: not gain that weight.
: After he wrote financial tyrrany, and got threatened...yep.

: Dave Chappelle, Katy Perry, people just don't know and they
: believe what is shown to them.

: For some every thing on the internet is true.

: For some, they'll go anywhere a group of strangers tell them
: to.

: One doctor said you track genetically modified organisms and
: that's why the passports would exist.

: You are not people, if you got the needle.
: You have a skeleton but there are things under a microscope
: that would say monkey, fish, snake, bird, people, or other
: animals.

: The US health code said persons or other animals and I learned
: that from Alfred Adask.

: Didn't know it until he brought it up.

: Sorry for your luck, thinking you did good.
: Maybe you did do good for them, maybe you did do good for you,
: maybe you did do good for everyone.

: That was your intention when you volunteered and signed that
: document they asked you to sign before they put the needle
: in you.

: Somewhere you knew death was a possibility.
: I guess you wanted it to be instant and don't like that it
: will take longer.

: Truth be told we all die.
: That's the only way to be here is to know that fact.

: I am not afraid of death any more than I am afraid to go to
: sleep and I'm not afraid to go to sleep.

: If you are removed from people and if you ar "and other
: animal", you can't say the constitution is for you,
: because it has We the people in it for both state and
: federal.

: There will be another lock down.
: 2024 should be the wind down to what is left in 2025.

: Is it better to be the last man standing?

: I don't know.

: What is death?

: Does the heart have to stop? Or does certain facilities have
: to no longer function in your mind?

: There was a follow-up news story that a hospital still had
: refrigerated trucks on site even though it didn't have any
: new patients for "that problem"

: If you put someone that is brain dead on ice, can you revive
: them later to do remedial tasks since they are technically
: brain dead?

: There is a lot of unknown and it has to do with money.

: Death from the needle is not an accidental death so if you
: have that policy you are wasting money, it will never pay
: for any accident when the autopsy says you got the needle.

: No one is going to want to touch physical money now that they
: played this disease game.

: I do what I do and let the rest fall on the groups as a whole.

: Social media has trained a lot of people to behave a certain
: way about things.

: Cash app, apple pay, etc...

: I thought we were beyond voting for those clowns in Washington
: yet this site pushes elections every two years.

: We HAVE to talk to the politicians
: We HAVE to vote for this person over that person
: We have to sign this petition.

: All these attachments they convince people to make and people
: don't see each attachment connects them to the bad guys who
: did not make or speak to them, personally, a single
: promise.

: Can't teach them.

: This site says people have discernment.

: Not many by the number of clicks certain articles get, just by
: being posted.

: Whatever happens they, the controllers of those that agree to
: be controlled; have their lists and check them twice.

: Whether the list is those that vote, those that participate in
: census, those that sign petitions, those that go all the
: way to DC to voice their complaints, those that donate
: money to media personalities (ie content creators), the
: followers, the likes, all of them are lists, etc.

: They know who is complying and they know who is not.

: They have a list of those they will compel to do things
: because they agree to be compelled by participation in
: their bogus system.

: Thanks for your post.
: I'll keep my eyes open.

: MA
: ___________________________________________________________
: Wow thank you MA for your thoughts, all very relevant in the
: here and now, you make a great point about the physical
: money and most likely are spot on, because that fits
: perfectly with what I said above to reader Gunny, I see
: them using the first two cards to bring about the 3rd and
: final true intent for the whole psyop to begin with. With
: you on your take on death, great stuff, thanks for writing.
: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
: Reader John from Scotland
: Re: What I Think this Current Mess is Really a....

: Sir; I have read your exposition, and wholeheartedly agree
: that your thoughts should have been committed to paper,
: because what's been bothering you for years has been
: bothering me for years, and I'm convinced that the normies
: should actually be given an insight into what they are up
: against. Homo Sapien Sapien; the children of Adam are far
: too trusting that if someone looks human they must be
: human, and nothing could be further from the truth of the
: matter. The hybrid Homo Capensis lives amongst us and is in
: fact trying to eliminate us; their latest attempt at which
: I believe they are going for broke, is their most blatant
: attempt at this, is also the most obvious to date. If
: entities have no soul their focus is on Mammon, and no
: amount will ever be enough. Eustace Mullins has tackled
: this subject in a number of books that talk about the
: parasites, and like you I must state that I have no issue
: with anyone who is of Abraham, Issac and Jacobs seed
: whatever religion they claim; but our problem forever was
: and will continue to be the seed of the serpent. The simple
: fact is that there are two different gods talked of in the
: Bible and the only real one is talked of in the New
: Testament, and even at that it has been twisted beyond all
: recognition as you will see from the big business that is
: religion which I will have no truck with. There is so much
: more I could elucidate on, but let me just say you are over
: the target and the normies need to know of it if we are to
: get out of this intended death grip. I honour you in your
: service to the world! - I eagerly await your comments -
: John from Scotland
: __________________________________________________________
: Thanks John, totally with ya on the god of the OT, and yes I
: agree, it does seem, like there is a small group trying to
: come to grips with the whole kingdom, but this attempt is
: folly and will not succeed because their prior actions have
: already demonstrated that they are not part of the whole
: kingdom, and therefore their plans can never come to
: fruition. Lucifer should have listened when he was told not
: to go any further. He never understood why the seven
: evolving universes were created in the first place by The
: Paradise Creator Sons, and his Creator Son did everything
: in his power to retrieve this local lost son and more.
: Check out the reading I suggested in our earlier e-mail,
: thanks for your thoughts.
: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
: Reader Karen was short and to the point.
: Re: What I Think this Current Mess is Really a....

: Agreed 👍
: __________________________________________________________
: Reader J writes: Re: What I Think this Current Mess is Really
: a....

: gd right
: banks are evil
: and they perpetuate evil
: we don't need them
: first abolish banking;
: nothing is more important
: very few can conceive the palpable freedom the world will
: feel, and live, without banks
: ___________________________________________________________
: I could not agree more J, it baffles me that so many can not
: understand,that the bankers are the most evil scum on the
: planet and responsible for all the misery on this planet,
: they are parasites who produce nothing of value. All it
: would take is society to stop looking at 'money' as
: something of value, and switch to a mindset of seeing it as
: a means instead. I know one thing, these people who claim
: to be elite are not very bright, the proof is all around us
: to see. Thanks for writing.
: ___________________________________________________________

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