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Posted By: hobie
Date: Monday, 12-Jul-2021 03:07:06

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Below please find Monograph duly served via the forever World Wide Web to my President, Donald Trump.

If We the People do not advise our public servants of their duties they act on their own.

Then We get what we deserve.

As sent 5:44pm, pacific, 7/11/2021, via invitation to communicate to my President @45.office.


Dear President Trump, our President,

Beneficiaries Report of Florida First Amendment Law Suits.

Please Share with Legal Teams.

Beneficiaries issued this report as a matter of the highest national security and in the best interest of the People and the law created by the People. Our promise from day one has been to speak straight to our President and let the chips fall where they may!

The major premise here is very simple and direct and absolutely inescapable.

Beneficiaries conclusion, after reading multiple times, all of the lawsuits in Florida, is that each one is minimum 80% spam. The only value we found was the statement of facts defining the injured and damage parties. Yet even that is deficient because the capacity and standing of the People under protection of the law of the Bill of Rights is not in evidence. How could a court protect the People when the law requiring that protection to be provided not even defined. Assumptions usually creat failures waiting to happen.

Beneficiaries find that Section 230 of the Communications and Decency act is nothing more than spam because Congress does not have the authority to, first assume jurisdiction over the Bill of Rights. Second because Congress holds no authority whatsoever to grant any legislatively created, a corporation, entity, immunity from the Bill of Rights. Third because Congress holds no authority whatsoever to assign adjudicative powers applying the Bill of Rights to any one or entity.

The Bill of Rights is the Peoples first Law created from the Peoples Original Jurisdiction from which all powers or authorities of all governments come. The Peoples Original Jurisdiction is not now nor ever subject to government jurisdiction. If this statement were not true, correct and accurate the servants could openly declare control complete subject status of the People and effectuate legalized Slavery.

How dare Congress creat the spam of section 230 and force that upon the People by fiat of legalized force. Section 230 creates involuntary servitude of the People to both legislative fiat and private corporate operations.

Mr President, please have your legal X-Perts explain to your Beneficiaries and all the American People why the above statement is not true, correct and complete. Then have the so-called X-Perts explain to you the Purchaser of the Civil Action Contacts in the Florida Federal Courts why this fundamental controlling issue is not represented in their work product. Then please have these alleged X-Perts explain how any court can address any issue that is not presented! Should be interesting. Beneficiaries could provide a thick excuse book if needed.

Why would anyone ever create a government empowered to grant immunity from being responsible to the laws that created the governments? This concept is spam of the highest order and a more-on oxy beyond any sane persons understanding. Yet, this spam content is being sold by the attorneys and judges as the gold standard of

legal procedure applying the law of the People.

Mr. Trump, the common sense and logic here is very simple and direct. How does the any court adjudicate the application of the law when the law is not even present in the suit and defined as full force and effect throughout the land and particularly attached to defendants?

If the plaintiff does not require the judge to Declare the law of the Bill of Rights in full force and effect, attached as controlling the responsibilities of corporations, is the root cause of the complaint missing? Pretty basic question isnít it Mr. President.

Beneficiaries recommend our President, and Donald John Trump the man, seriously considered requesting his attorneys to justify their actions in the context of this single Monograph for the purposes of returning all of the funds expended to creat spam.

The lawsuits filed under Donald Trumpís name are deficient in two main areas which caused a series of assumptions to control the actions and the results of the lawsuits filed in Florida.

Beneficiaries first hard core question is to our President, Donald John Trump.

As the plaintiff, and we assume the party paying for the construction and filing of the lawsuit, are you the sole exclusive party Mr. Trump, to define and control the product of the attorneys that are now public record? If not why not?

Incompetent or ignorant advisors is the cause of incomplete or skewed defective and illegal results.

Two essential elements in the lawsuits that are missing expose a glaring set of facts that is very disturbing. The Attorneys you have employed and their researchers are ignorant of the law or they are sandbagging our President and all of the American People. Mr. Trump, if you have failed to learn by now that the attorneys will refuse every time to raise the fundamental issues of the law that actually controls the operations of government, then you are incompetent to be our President. This statement of opinion is based on well qualified experience, and massive public records created by federal judges. Our statements are presented under our First Amendment and enforceable contract rights over the Peopleís public servants.

Attorneys are only competent to argue because thatís what they get paid to do and the whole judicial structure of the United States has been created to deal only with arguments.

Every attorney is a systemite. They are locked into the limits of their education the current corrupt pattern and practice controlled by the federal judges denying the real issues of the fundamental law being presented as public record. Instead the attorneys and judges conspire to allow arguments between parties to be resolved by judges which then becomes the standards of the application of law. That is the current system and why nothing works properly. Arguments between attorneys resolved by judges gathering consent for judgement is not the law, never has been, never can be, because that is the rule of men outside the rule of law. The Rule of Law is the Bill of Rights as written not re-constructed by some mere attorneys.

Your beneficiaries are dedicated and fully committed to the point of death, to serve the fundamental principles of the American republic and our law system as our only motivation. We seek resolution based on the fundamental law of the People beginning 1776. Our track record is second to none proving the point.

The attorneys you employ are all systemites. When the corrupt system they serve and benefit from is in danger and at risk of being dissolved by application of law, the systemites move into survival mode and will do anything and screw anyone including our whole country to survive. Please recall we warned you prior about Pam Bondi and others!

Assumption, the definition of assumption and result of assumptions is what we are dealing with here. ď : a taking to or upon oneself the assumption of a new position : the act of laying claim to or taking possession of something the assumption of power: an assuming that something is true a mistaken assumption: a fact or statement (such as a proposition, axiom or notion taken for granted.Ē Miriam- Websterís American English Dictionary.

The titanium wrapped rule governing the outcome of all federal court records and the understanding necessary to enforce the law of the Bill of Rights and is the key element to expose how incompetent the attorneys that you have employed are.

If itís not in the written record it does not exist and cannot be reviewed or have any effect on the outcome of the lawsuit!

Lawsuits in Florida as filed are naked of the power of the Bill of Rights as the Supreme Law of the Land. Your attorneys failed to qualify that factor for the court and left the court to assume that everyone knows. That is a fatal assumption. How much evidence do we need that federal judges will do as they please regardless of the law particularly the law of the Bill of Rights? When the attorneys filing a suit do not present the law how does a judge rule that itís valid or invalid?

The lawsuits in Florida pretend to be and enforcement of the Civil Rights of the Donald Trump to access the law of the Bill of Rights. Yet, there is no mention of the contract, the constitutions, the parties to them, the People, particularly Donald Trump, and the portions of the contracts, the Bill of Rights, to be enforced! More to the point the Civil Rights of Donald Trump to actually have access to and protection from the Bill of Rights is never identified in the law suits. The statutes under title 42 United States code section 1983 the procedure to access civil protection of the Bill of Rights under sections 1985, 1986 are not present. What this means in real simple terms Mr. Trump is you do not have an enforceable civil right until you invoke the statutes and tell the court through your purchase contract, by filing suit, that one of the basics of your civil action for the court to act on your behalf, is required by statute. Assumption of facts and law not in evidence is always a fatal defect.

All federal court everywhere are creatures of the legislature. As legislatively created courts they are bound by statute of the legislature, period, end of story.

Failure to advise the court you are invoking federal jurisdiction under specific Civil Rights protection statutes means that you can receive no relief for Civil Rights violations.

The law of the Constitution and itís controlling Bill of Rights, the Supreme Law of the Land, promises every American anywhere at any time to be provided access to and protection of the law as guaranteed and underwritten by every public servant. This statement covers all of the attorneys and judges countrywide in the same manner as the statutes governing their acts.

Making the naked claim that some act or omission is unconstitutional does not present the law and why it must be enforced as written. This is the invitation to assumptions that destroys the equal application and access to the law of the Bill of Rights. See companion piece on securing the contract you Donald John Trump purchased from the United States through it storefront the United States District Court in Florida and the underwriters for honest judicial process the judge, the clerk, and all attorneys associated to the case. We use the term underwriters in itís full context attaching the ultimately responsible parties for the results of any action or failure to act executed under umbrella of federal authorities.

Requiring the court to issue a Declaratory Judgement, that the Bill of Rights is part of the Supreme Law of the Land, in full force and effect, governing every act of all government everywhere, specifically every public servant in the country makes the public record calling the accounts of every public servant due.

Requiring the court to issue a Declaratory Judgement that the defendants as corporations, upon the acceptance of the corporate charter, as issued by the state of Delaware, knew and have always known from day one of their operation, that they are in fact subject to the Bill of Rights as written, is enforcement of the law. This Declaration of Law attaches to the board of directors, all management of the corporation. This Declaration of Law does not attach to the corporate identity defendants because mere pieces of paper creating a legal identity are incapable of acting in any manner whatsoever. The board and management act under the corporate alter ego covering their acts.

Requiring the court to issue a DeclaratoryJudgement backed up by the production of the authority of the United States Congress to grant any party anywhere immunity from the law of the bill of rights settles the law issues.

Lawsuits in Florida as filed appear to your Beneficiaries to be more of a press release than a real law suit. This opinion is based on some fairly solid facts exposing violations of every Americans Civil Rights to have the Bill of Rights enforced as written on the Peoples behalf being available before the whole world in massive verified form.

Mr. President, are your Beneficiaries keeping our promise to speak straight and give our President the information the People believe you need to continue to seek MAGA?

Inquiring minds worldwide wants to know!

Beneficiaries conclusion of law based on the facts and public record evidence is frightening beyond belief. The evidence indicates and very strong, actual certified public record, that the judges, the attorneys, the legislatures, and all of the attorneys of the department of justice assume the American people are incompetent to understand OUR own law and are crazy enough to believe their bullshit.

Years ago, one of the first true memes to be in circulation in our country was taken from an ad on television. That meme applies today



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