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Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 6-Jul-2021 04:58:25

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
Please find duly served, via 45.office invitation, Beneficiaries Monograph, sent 12:53, am, pacific, 7/6/2021.

We will advise the 27 Governor's Beneficiaries served last Friday, and others of this Monograph

We will let the characters judge them selves.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President,

The Fuse of Liberty Has Been Lit.

Beneficiaries present this Report Letter and Letter of Advice, as captured by Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes.

In the event our President received even one call from one Governor after Beneficiaries QUO WARRANTO, Duly Served on 27 Governors, the law is recognized as being in control of the political circus passing at present as public servants honest service.

When Donald Trump stands before God and the People with even one Governor, advising the People that the Chief Law Enforcement Officer, President or Governor, have executed the Chief Magistrates duty to apply the laws as written, the whole world changes.

Advising the People that a Magistrate is required to review facts and apply the law to the facts and then issue judgement, then providing the facts and law to support judgement in the form of Executive Order, invokes one concept expressed by one word.


The fraudulent election is over. No one is capable of changing the past. We as mere humans then have the choice to REDEEM our country by right action or not.

Redemption requires defining the mistake or error, admitting the acts or omissions that are wrongs, that the results caused harm, injury and damage to the People and our country, then acting to correct the problems.

When the Declaration that the 2020 election is a FRAUD is presented, there is no country, no country truly exists when its government is based on a fraud, the Governors are required morally, legally, lawfully and politically to present the Order that the 2020 election is VOID.

Matters not if only one Governor declares the fraud because even one charge, the slightest sniff of fraud, nullifies any thing associated to the fraud. More to the point having 1- 50th of the powers of our President defined as fraud captures completely the whole Office. That’s the law and any one saying different, or ignoring the mounting evidence or misdirecting the exposure of fraud to some other confusion, is a straight up crook. When the crook is a public servant, cooperating with fraud in an election, it is rebellion and sedition and a herd of compounding felonies.

No public servant gets paid, to be a crook, abuse public trust, participate in theft of the People’s votes, swindle the People and their employer the government that pays them to be honest and hard working like the majority of other Americans.

One Governor, supported by Donald Trump in front of the People, declaring the 2020 election VOID, in their state, FOR FRAUD, immediately changes the whole of the political, legal and commercial landscape of not just our country, yet the world.

The act of declaring the 2020 election VOID FOR FRAUD accomplishes two necessary elements for MAGA and draining the swamp.

First, every public servant, state and federal, is called to account to choose to support fraud and destruction of the People’s governments, or exercise Redemption by working their tails off helping clean up the mess of massive confusions.

Any one is allowed to make mistakes. The crimes truly begin and attach once the fraud is called out and nothing is done. Correcting mistakes is Redemption. Systemic Redemption moves on the backs of public servants redeeming them selves in the eyes of the American People.

Second, the choice of every public servant once the VOID FOR FRAUD election is called out will define that servant as a major criminal involved in a RICO enterprise, or redeemed.

The second choice is an exercise in SELF EXECUTED JUDGEMENT. There is no escape from self executed judgement, particularly for public servants because each and every act by public servants are public record. Public records are never deniable. No judge or legislator or agency head is authorized to alter or conceal public records. The People as the source and authority for all governments, the creators of governments, are the OWNERS of our creations, particularly public records We the People paid to create. That’s the law.

Beneficiaries Wish the Trustee, Donald Trump, over the People’s political will, all government powers and authorities, consider the following to deliver the VOID FOR FRAUD JUDGEMENT Orders to the American People.

Donald Trump holds a televised media event with a few days notice, well distributed.
Large screen behind the President.
The Governors choosing to act right and lawful are seen on the screen from their home states where they are holding a media event.
Donald Trump opens the event thanking the Governors for allowing the 45th President to speak the People in their states on behalf of all Americans.
The President holds up a sheaf of papers, shaking them as the punch line is delivered.
What I hold in my hand are properly executed Executive Orders based on Chief Magistrates, Governors, finding of fact conclusion of law, Declaring Judgement, in their respective states, that the 2020 Election is Void for Fraud and must be replaced by an honest election.
This is the only way our country could ever be considered legitimate by the American People and equally as important other nations.
I drew lots for the order of the Governors reading their Order to the People of their states and all of us other Americans.

Then, Donald Trump declares the honor the Governors have bestowed on the 45th President to be not only the presenter of the media event, yet more, much much more.

Mr. President, Trumps Army, the American People, are waiting for your orders to go into action.
The People are seeking directions, the how to tools for applying the law to crooked public servants.
If you do not provide the mechanisms for the People to apply, the currently in control systemites will merely mislead the People once again. That means the Deep State wins again.

Trust the People, Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Franklin, committed 100%.
Can we do less and still have a country.
The founders did the right thing because it was right and then left it up to the People.
Washington designed the structures of government along military outlines because all systems need order givers that are firm in their understandings and convictions.
People follow honorable strong leaders and good orders.


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