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Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 8-Jun-2021 00:18:23

(Thanks, C.; :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie.
Continuation of the People’s Jurisdiction being exercised in open public record forums.

As sent to President Trump, 6:48, pm, pacific, 5/7/2021, received receipt from 45.office.

This being emailed and faxed to the General Counsels of both the Senate and House in their capacities as underwriters for all legislation. These are the guys telling Congress whether the acts pass Constitutional muster.

One more piece to this jurisdiction issue concerning corporations and the attachment of personal liability to the Boards, management and stock holders, coming soon.
Who ever authorized a corporation to entice Americans into a fraudulent contract to waive rights to protection of the law?
If I can waive protection of the law public servants are required to provide, how valid is the systemites world?


Dear President Trump, our President.
The Peoples Jurisdiction Controls.

Mr. Trump, as your Beneficiaries have advised prior, Donald John Trump is the President of the United States of America at present, no matter what any one, any where thinks or does.

President Trump, you are in the position to be the ultimate American Statesman or just another statistic. Whatever you choose your current Beneficiaries will support your choice. Every man makes his own choices whether that fact is recognized or not.

The political bull shit overflowing in our country was neutralized June 5, 2021, when the Sovereignty of the American People spoke into the halls of corruption.

The choice now before the whole of the United States Legislative body and every public servant controlled by legislative acts, valid under Constitution or fiat, is which jurisdiction, the People’s Original Constitution Jurisdiction, or the fiat private acts alleged to be official government acts styled as Legislation, an inferior and subservient jurisdiction, will be honored?

Ultimately the issue breaks down to the Constitutional Republic being in control of every public servant, or the private for profit scheme of managing the American People as Legislative controlled slaves will continue unchecked.

Your Beneficiaries, Charles C. Miller, Andre Paul Provost Jr, and Donald Glen Westover, recognized no public servant, no public personality, no allegedly qualified experts, will ever address the root issue causing the current massive confusions damaging the People and our country.

We decided by consensus that the People are required to speak Our Law, doing so at the root of corruption destroying our Constitutional Republic. The PDF below carries the People’s Law, from the People’s voice under Seal of the Sovereign People. No one else in current public service we can find has spoken from the position of the People, so we did. Then we properly served the United States Legislative body. Every act of every public servant representing or allegedly representing the United States is controlled by statute. Even the President in some instances.

The logic here is no brainer. Even the class dunce can figure this out. The U.S. Legislative body puts out a massive amounts of so called Legislation. When the legislation fails to identify which power delegated by Article I section 8 , the authority of the Constitution, is not identified, the legislation is naked of authority in every Constitutional sense. Lack of Constitutional authority for a legislative act means the act is not an official act of the United States government.

The key element to understand in this current circumstance of lawful and unlawful acts of legislation is very very simple. The People, according to our constitutions, could only give Consent to be Governed, by acts that are proven lawful under our constitutions. The Elephant just entered the room!

No transaction, particularly an election transferring consent of the governed to the People’s President, that carries even a sniff of fraud, could ever be considered valid. Any one recognizing transfer of Presidential powers to Joe Biden from the only duly elected President Donald Trump, acts in rebellion, sedition, obstruction of process required by the People’s Jurisdiction, as our countries first and Original Jurisdiction, memorialized in the People’s Constitutions.

Said Constitutions are controlled by the Declaration of Rights in every State United’s Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This is a fact verified by the documents themselves which every public servant from day one of American governments pledged under personal surety to serve. The moment a public servant accepted a pay check, for performing the contracted terms of service to the People’s Original Jurisdiction’s, was accepted, the public servant is for ever bound.

There is no defense for a TORT charge based on public servants failing or refusing to produce public record proofs that each operated in complete accord at all times within the the People’s Original Jurisdiction set out by Constitutions.

YOU WILL: Find attached, as fully incorporated, via PDF, public record evidence ratifying completely that the People’s Superior Original Jurisdiction, our Constitutions, both State and National, as controlled by our Declarations of Rights in the states and our Bill of Rights, the People’s first national law, has captured the Congress Assembled.

The word “captured” is politically, legally, commercially and militarily correct. This is because the political, legal, commercial shenanigans foisted upon the American People under disguise of Legislative powers, has resulted in hostile, aggressive acts by the inferior legislative jurisdictions controlling the superior foreign jurisdiction of the People.

There is no legal, political or administrative construction that could be put forth supporting the premise that the People’s Original Jurisdiction is in any manner whatsoever is the same jurisdiction as the Legislative jurisdiction created by the People’s Constitutions.

Separate jurisdictions means different governments controlled by the separate jurisdictions. In the current circumstance the separation of jurisdictions is exposed by Beneficiaries duly served demand of Habeas Corpus for the body of our law to be brought forth, requiring those detaining our law to justify their imprisonment of the Bill of Rights.

Make no mistake, when access to the full protections of the Bill of Rights as written is controlled by Legislation or the Legislatively created federal courts, the People are limited by public servants denying full protection of the Bill of Rights.

Public servants were never granted authority by the People to grade how much of the Bill of Rights to allow the People to have.

The concept of SLAVERY is at the root of every government act or omission associated to interpretation, re-construction, limitation of application of the Bill of Rights as written.

The act of invading another jurisdiction during peace time, under any method or process whatsoever is the waging of war.

The Legislative State invaded the Constitutional State. The proof of fact is the public records from which there is no escape.

The CASUS BELLI of the Legislative state is not only fatally defective, the criminally negligent public servants invading the People’s Jurisdiction, knew and should have know their war like acts and omissions would eventually catch up to them because each pledged absolute fidelity to the Constitutional State prior to accepting service contracts with the People.

President Trump, we your Beneficiaries are now dumping the Notice and Opportunity to Correct Fatally Defective Legislation, as duly served into Congress Assembled, into our Office of President.

We do this based on your first inauguration promise to return our Country to the People.
Your acceptance of our Office of President invited the People to come and take our country back.

We, the identified and verified Beneficiaries accepted your promise and now call it due.

The tools are available.

Link to Why the Peoples Jurisdiction Habeas Corpus is Valid.
. https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=174105

Link to PDF as served to Congress Assembled, particularly the General Counsels offices as the underwriters for Legislative fiat.


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