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Anna Von Reitz: "What You Get Out of It -- Positive Incentives"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 21-May-2021 02:56:57

In Response To: Anna Von Reitz: "What You Get Out of It -- The Negative Incentives" (hobie)

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Thursday, May 20, 2021

What You Get Out of It -- Positive Incentives

By Anna Von Reitz

We covered the Negative Incentives--- what won't happen to you as a result of taking my advice --- so let's cover what will happen as a result, the positive incentives.
If you follow my advice, you will record who you are and what your political status choice is on the public international record. When you check the box "American" and additionally identify the American State that you were born in or which you adopted as an Immigrant, for example, "South Carolina" ----that makes you an internationally protected Lawful Person.
Because such Lawful Persons have been erased from the Public Record, or never entered onto the Public Record in the first place, Lawful Persons were near extinction. Like the American Bison and the American Chestnut tree, we are making a comeback.
Your action claiming your Lawful Person might not immediately make sense to various people including officials of the Territorial and Municipal Government Corporations, but that is nonetheless what you are doing by recording your political status and reclaiming your identity as an American -- that is, someone who is not a "U.S. Citizen" and not a Municipal citizen of the United States, either.

Reclaiming your Lawful Person and your natural birthright political status has quite a number of immediate positive results, even though you may continue to experience some pushback from your own incredulous public employees.
First, you regain access to all of your Constitutional Guarantees. That means that you regain the Bill of Rights and all the other additional unstated Natural and Unalienable Rights that you are heir to.
Many people think that such rights are not valuable in monetary terms or asset terms, but they are "material interests" and they are, in fact, all important.
For example, U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States, have no right to own land in this country. Wouldn't you say that the ability to actually own your own home or business and the ground it sits on is a rather large positive benefit?
Otherwise, all you get is a "title" from the Queen, acting as your presumed Trustee --- a privilege that can be revoked, along with confiscation of the assets that belong to you--- by her black-robed employees operating international courts under color of law.
Either kind of Federal Citizen who was born here and became a U.S. Citizen as a result of employment in the Military or in the Federal Civil Service, or who was left in that status as a result of legal immigration, can correct their status like anyone else by dropping one form of Federal Citizenship and adopting American State National status.
So the benefit of your birthright is still available, your rights and standing and property interests can be reclaimed, but you have to take action. You have to speak up. Otherwise, the rats are free to "presume" that your assets have been "abandoned" and are at the discretion of your foreign employees to dispose of.
I would say that regaining your rights and protections owed under the Constitutions is a huge gain for you.
So is regaining your property assets --- your land, soil, flags, public infrastructure, natural resources, money, homes, businesses, and everything else that belongs to you by rights and by nature.
But first, you have to have the rights and the nature--- that is, you have to be recognizable as a Lawful American Person -- before you can claim back anything. So you have to fill out some paperwork and record it.
It's not actually very hard to do, and yet, it makes all the difference.
Imagine that you are walking into a house wearing a white t-shirt. Upon entering, you are immediately attacked and someone throws a blue t-shirt over your head, and before you have recovered from that, someone else throws a red t-shirt over your head.
By now, you are wondering what's going on, but it didn't really hurt, and you gained two new t-shirts. So, most people just shake their heads and trundle on.
That's what happened to you as a baby and young child, before you were even old enough to defend yourself --- you were papered over, or, in this silly example, dressed in a different colored shirt.
And it may not seem to matter a great deal, if you are left clueless about what it means --- but the fact is that only those wearing a white t-shirt can inherit.
Only Americans can inherit the benefits of the Constitutions, including all the material rights and assets. Only Americans can inherit the land, soil, money, credit, and other actual assets of this country.
So those guys who were throwing red and blue t-shirts over your head were trying to pass you off as someone or something else, trying to keep you from being identified as an American---- so as to deprive you of your inheritance and rights and powers.
If you do as I suggest, you will strip off those foreign colored t-shirts and suddenly appear in your original white t-shirt, as an American and as a Lawful Person, claiming their birthright political status and standing under the Public Law of this country.
If you additionally follow my lead, you will join together with other Americans wearing their white t-shirts, and be part of your lawful State Assembly. Your State Assembly is the "nation" part of your "nation-state". It's where and how the living people of your State exercise their powers and enforce their rights as Americans.
And it's good to be an American, to be free, to own your own land, to do your own thing, to travel where you wish in your own car, to keep the money in your hand, to be safe in your homes, and in control of your own government.
If you take my suggestion, you will join together with other Americans to open your own banks and your own Recording Offices and run your own courts and post offices. You will safely and intelligently manage your own business affairs on the land and soil of this country without any untoward "help" from the Queen or the Pope. You won't be threatened or coerced by your own employees. You won't be misaddressed by their special foreign courts of limited jurisdiction.
Life will go back to something far better than what has been "normal" in this country for the past hundred and almost-sixty years.
And all because you decided to wear your white t-shirt.

Go to: www.TheAmericanStatesAssembly.net


See this article and over 3100 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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