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Posted By: hobie
Date: Wednesday, 19-May-2021 06:04:12

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Please find below Part 4 of Beneficiaries Letters of Advice to Trustee, President Trump sent 2:42 am, pacific, 5/18/2020.
Verification of receipt received with in seconds I’d sending.

Thank you for the publish.


Dear President Trump, our President,

Civil Action Correcting Civil Rights for All Americans.

Part 4.

The Party Time is Over declaration means the political sewer toxins have destroyed all confidence and trust reposed by the People in our American political system. When the fundamentals of individual Liberty founding our American Dream are not the main discussion points served by our public servants, the systemites serve themselves first.

Mr. President, Beneficiaries advise that the current characterizations covering the fraudulent election are deceptive to the point of false hood. This Letter of Wishes formally requests the People’s Trustee, Donald Trump, properly define the fundamental facts and law, so that on point dialogues may be opened. Open, honest, factual dialogue is always the first step to real resolution.

We also advise real stand up and process to execute the powers of the People through existing legal mechanisms gathers up the power of the People under the People’s Office of President. Direct contact between the People and our public servants causes a choice to be made by every public servant approached. The choice is whether the servant executes their public service obligations properly, verifies on public record doing so, or, creates public record of felonies.

Mr. Trump, the root issue never mentioned in any discussion, reporting or punditry surrounding 2020 election FRAUD which is the issue of property and property rights.

The property at issue is defined by one question. WHO OWNS THE GOVERNMENTS?

The second question opens the flood gate to criminal charges attaching to numerous public servants and their cohorts stealing the 2020 election. IS THE VOTE OF EVERY AMERICAN PERSONAL PRIVATE PROPERTY?

Governments in the United States of America are created by the People. The creator is always the owner. The people never sold, traded, bargained away our ownership of our individual private property of Political Will creating our governments. The governments We created are mere custodians of the People’s powers. Management of the People’s powers and authorities through Constitution results in the Public Trusts, titled State or United States of America. The People are the Grantors to, the Bailors of all government powers, the Beneficiaries to be served by the Public Trusts. THE PEOPLE OWN THE GOVERNMENTS. Public servants are mere servants.

The People’s ownership is expressed in the Preambles to our Constitutions. The fundamental of our American Republic is Consent of the Governed. Our VOTES are individually unique to each American. No one else is capable nor allowed to express Consent which empowers governments to act on behalf of the People. Thus, the People’s VOTE personal chattel property moving through elections, which empower the elected to use the People authorities as Granted by Constitutions.

Mr. President, until the public servants publicly recognize the People own the governments We created and own the powers and authorities governments operate from, MAGA is a political, legal impossibility.

Any public servant failing or refusing to recognize the People, as the Grantor, the Bailor capacities in relationship to all government operations at all levels and in all functions, denies the Beneficiaries access Original Jurisdiction which is a CONVERSION of the People’s Political Will. The CONVERSION allows public servants to practice SLAVERY over the People as managed human capital benefiting the public servants and their masters both domestic and foreign

The People’s governments never contemplated nor authorized in any manner the CONVERSION of the governments We created to corporate for profit business structures.

Only Donald John Trump, the People’s President is granted trust, standing and capacity to act to beginning clean up of the Divided Loyalty public servants that are this moment engaged in blatant theft of our country.

If not you Mr. Trump to lead as promised, then who?

The People’s Trustee is called to act under personal surety by signing the Civil Action Complaint.


  1. Complete the Contact Civil Action Complaint, summons, affidavits and Submission for Record identifying the public record facts proving election fraud and theft of property. Cite Federal Rule of Evidence 201 (d), (e), (f) Mandatory Judicial Notice in the Submission for Record.

  2. Call justices Thomas, Alieto, and Goresuch for and appointment in the People’s Supreme Court Building.

  3. At the meeting, present each with a separate Civil Action Contract with at least three American plaintiffs added to first three as advised. These additional plaintiffs to be from the circuit supervised by each justice.

  4. Also present PRAECIPE to Justices, issued from the Office of the President of the United States of America, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Magistrate of the United States Government. In the PRAECIPE declare the Submission for Record contains public record documents created by government exposing the FRAUD and theft covering the 2020 election. The FRAUD voids the election, all of it in local, county, state and national government operations. No transfer of the Office of President could ever take place under a FRAUD. Declare under Notary verification that the Forty Fifth President of the United States, Donald John Trump, DID-NOT abandon the Office nor release powers of the Executive Branch to Joe Biden.
  5. Demand each justice by name and office to have one of their personal clerks proceed to the Clerk of Courts Office, file the Complaint under Rule 17, obtain Seal of the Court on the Summons, return three copies of the file stamped Complaint showing case number and receipt showing proof of payment for services to the meeting.
  6. Require each justice by name and office to review completely the Complaint for the Civil Rights Violations within seventy two hours.
  7. Demand each justice by name and office to craft orders providing Remedy and Relief as contained in the Complaint, issuing same within five days of filing of Complaint. OR, Show Cause, in writing, citing authorities, to the Office of the President of the United States representing We the People, plaintiffs, WHY THE SUPREME COURT AND THREE OF ITS JUSTICES REFUSE TO COMPLY WITH THE RULES OF COURT, ENFORCE THE STATUTES, HONOR THEIR OBLIGATIONS TO THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION AS AMENDED BY THE BILL OF RIGHTS.
  8. Notify the media of Press Conference late in the day to be held in front of the Pentagon.
  9. Explain the Civil Rights Civil Action Contract and advise the Summons and Copy of Complaint and Submission for Record are presently being properly served.
  10. Have military officers accompanied by an enlisted man deliver to each media member a jump drive containing the filed Civil Rights Complaint Civil Action Contract.
  11. Upon the indication that all the media representatives have received their copy of the Complaint and public record evidence provide them FAIR NOTICE.
  12. FAIR NOTCE to be given as follows.

(a) You and each of you have been served in your personal and representative

capacities for your employer. Proper Affidavits of Service will be filed.

(b) You and the corporations and companies you woke for are now in care and

custody of public record fact qualifying under Full Faith and Credit, Federal Rules

of Evidence, as fact indisputable, proving the 2020 Election was FRAUDULENT.

(c) Advise in strong terms the laws governing corporations and other constructed

legal persons does not authorize covering up FRAUD, conspiring with alleged

elected public servants usurping public offices to violate the Civil Rights of every

American voter.

(d) Advise in the strongest of terms that all the required Process Due has been

provided that will qualify every properly noticed individual, present as duly

served, and their employer to be subject to MISPRISION charges as found in the finding aids the United States Code, Title 18 section 4.

(e) Inform that a full press conference will be organized where the only

duly elected President will respond to questions from six, 6, media personalities.

Questions will be answered and those chosen to present the questions will be


It would be wise to cooperate with each other so that a fair cross section of

positions are represented.

(f) Invite those present to GOVERN YOURSELVES ACCORDINGLY.
14. Provide a Rule 19, Civil Procedures, Mandatory Joinder for affected parties form, support affidavit and instructions on filing, inviting the American People to take control over public servants and join our President in Draining the Swamp.

President Trump, the Civil Rights Civil Action Contract is in effect an Executive Order, Finding of Fact, Conclusion of Law. When signed under authority of the duly elected President, an execution of the Chief Magistrates Office defined by Constitution requiring the laws be faithfully executed. That means first the Constitution as Amended by the People’s first Law of the Bill of Rights, then good standing statutes. Neither the Legislative nor the Judicial Branches contain these Magistrates powers. Thus, official, full faith and credit public records are created by Donald J. Trumps signature. Rule 44 of Civil Procedures and Rule 201 of Evidence certify the Civil Rights Civil Action Contract as an official act of the Chief Executive are unchallengeable by any public servant at that point. The only way for a challenge to be considered valid is by production of authorities and public records proving the allegations in the Civil Action defective.

Beneficiaries approach of these matters is from the position, standing and capacity of the Sovereign People described in Yick Wo v Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356. We are not bound in any manner whatsoever by acts of our public servants that fail to meet the standards of delegated authority defined by our State or National Constitutions. We are however required to apply our public servants rules and procedures to every individual employed by, contracted to the governments We the People created.

Being that We the People are at war, with Divided Loyalty public servants, their masters and supporters, both foreign and domestic, for the heart and soul of Liberty, We have nothing to loose and everything to gain by demanding our President act as required by law governing the People’s office of President.


Plaintiffs We the People, Donald John Trump, realtor and the Office of the Forty Fifth President of the United States DEMAND Remedy and Relief

  1. Declaratory Judgement, based on the facts exposed in plaintiffs Submission for Record, that the 2020 Election was executed through fraudulent practices and is therefore VOID.

  2. Declaratory Judgement baring any non governmental entity from providing equipment, mechanisms, tabulation, reporting or technology systems from all elections country wide.

  3. Declaratory Judgement that all contracts by non governmental entities providing services or technologies to the People’s public government elections VOID FOR FRAUDULENT PRACTICES nunc pro tunc 2020 elections season.

  4. Declaratory Judgement that the Constitution for the United States of America as Amended by the People’s first Law of the Bill of Rights is in full force and effect and ever public servant and those contracted to the United States are bound thereto by their own consent.

  5. Declaratory Judgement that no elected public servant relying on the 2020 election is properly empowered to execute any official duties due to FRAUD VOIDING the whole election.

  6. Declaratory Judgement that every act of every elected public servant relying on the 2020 election for authority is VOID from day one of official function of office usurped.

  7. Issue Temporary Restraining Order barring further acts to be taken in the name of public offices, barring claims of lawful authority, by allegedly elected defendants and others assuming public office, based on the 2020 election, pending SHOW CAUSE HEARING to prove proper election to office, producing official public record documents verifying honest elections process. Temporary Restraining Order to become Permanent Injunction pending proper elections completed and duly elected properly seated in office.

  8. Order new elections at all levels of government in every state and territory subject to United Stated Jurisdiction as follows.

(a) Country wide elections to be carried out with in thirty, 30, days from issuing

date of the order.

(b) Elections supervised by the National Guard.

(c) Elections monitors from each each election district to be equal in numbers for

each political party represented on the ballot forms. Waivers of compliance to

filed with the Clerks Office five, 5, days prior to election.

(d) All voters to present valid identification to be verified from updated currant

accurate elections rolls.

(e) Paper ballot as executed to carry Voters right thumb print, scanned by Voter

into tabulating machines, voter to receive photo copy of scanned vote as receipt

and verification of vote received.

(f) Elections districts to supply off the shelf hardware and software from

local sources for all government services provided to the People as voters.

(g) All transmissions of local tabulations to be transmitted by fax every quarter

hour under official Seal of Elections Office counter signed by chief elections


Other Remedy or Relief required by law or in equity as owed by governments to the People.

President Trump, applying the law available is the only long term effective method to address the massive corruptions exposed at every level of government operations.

All crooks are afraid of the law and its application. Honest People and honest public servants are protected from crooks by application of the laws through procedures available.


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