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I JUST had this happen this week! Older lady swerved into my lane like I wasn't even there!.

Posted By: Freedom4ever
Date: Saturday, 1-May-2021 18:43:07

In Response To: Jim Stone: Vaxxed Mexicans are dream-walking, soliciting for sex and not remembering that they did so & driving recklessly as if mentally impaired (NaturalWisdom)

I was driving home, not going fast luckily. I saw her coming and was able to actually dive around her. She had a maniacal look on her face...I wasn't sure what was going on, but it is all making more sense now. I have lived here since 2004 and never had that happen here before.

Then I came home and read about this going on and started to wonder if that was what had happened. No proof of course, but very strange. There are a lot more accidents then there used to be. Partial cause is population growing but it has increased exponentially in the last month.

I also read the notable calls for the day and here was a doozy for you all:

"Day Shift handled the following notable calls: At the very end of the shift a Deputy was stopped at HWY 1 and Aayden Ave. when he observed a white car traveling west on Aayden Ave. approaching HWY 1. It should be noted that Aayden Ave is closed for construction and the vehicle went behind the road closed sign and became high centered on a rock in the construction zone as it was approaching the intersection. When the Deputy approached the vehicle the driver, later identified was passively uncooperative, held the gas pedal to the floor and would not communicate. Once other units arrived on scene, Deputies had to breach the driverís window and driver was taken into custody without further incident. Medics arrived and cleared the driver then he was taken to AH for a blood draw. The driver was arrested for suspected DUI (Drugs) and resisting."

I surely wish I could find out later what the toxicology report showed, but I am sure we will never hear anything again. I could not find any name of the person involved. (It would be interesting to note if there were no drugs in the persons system.)


: U.S., European, and Asian readers: Have you seen strange
: behavior like what Jim Stone describes in your country,
: too?

: -NW

: Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

: Something is VERY weird with the vax propaganda

: A lot of what is being done (today USA today said the
: un-vaccinated need to be shunned - and they did the whole
: "science" rip to boot, to make good and sure the
: last trailing idiots go in for their shots) -

: Now that we know the vax was designed to shed having the
: vaxxed shun the un-vaxxed is the best thing that could
: possibly happen. It is as if the elite don't want to be
: served by idiots in the future, and they are setting up
: every possible way for people who can't think to be
: eliminated. What if that's what they are really doing by
: pushing the vax, and then pushing to have vaxxed and
: un-vaxxed separated?

: Vax update:
: I stumbled across this and it is differe(n)t enough to post by
: itself: My neighbor was vaxxed and then basically his
: family took his keys he was in such a brain fog. Nearly had
: 3 wrecks. Truckers and cops reported impaired people
: having many single car wrecks, weaving, acting drunk - only
: common denominator is a recent vax. The people know they
: are screwed up but don't realize how bad.

: People also showing ambien-like effects where they are
: dream-walking: going to stores, have strange interactions
: and remembering nothing of it later. Doctor friend told me
: this has happened to SEVERAL patients and they have no
: answers. One lady approached her SIL for sex. She is not
: the type and remembers nothing of it. This crap can break
: up families. She later approached a neighbor for sex.
: ASLEEP THE WHOLE TIME. What a disaster. On top of that it
: will probably also wreck your immune system and kill you at
: some point.

: My comment: Mexico is vaxxed at a far lower rate than the
: U.S., yet even I have noticed older people (who qualified
: for the vax earlier here) are now often seen (by me,
: directly): Backing out into busy traffic without looking,
: one almost hit me when I was stopped at the light and I had
: to go psycho on the horn while they kept backing up despite
: that and I avoided the fender bender by pulling right up to
: the bumper in front of me -

: Super psycho idiots simply backing out into other busy
: traffic without a care in the world, traffic that's going
: 50 mph and only miracles stop the crashes. I have NEVER
: seen this before, EVER, it's totally unaware backing with
: no consideration whatsoever.

: Lots of people coming to very abrupt halts and blocking high
: speed traffic that could smash them to smithereens, and
: they stay paused for a LONG TIME, and then after being
: completely stopped, turn off the road at an absolute
: snail's pace. I have NEVER seen that before, and it is
: happening a lot now. It's as if they can no longer
: calculate how to slow down and turn off the road in one
: move.

: Totally weird and erratic parking, with no consideration to
: the parking lines. That NEVER used to happen, at least in
: this town EVERYONE paid attention to that detail, until
: now.

: I am changing driving habits to allow ways to accelerate away
: from being rear-ended (at least more than I already was)
: and I don't think green lights are really green anymore,
: they are instead light initiated stop signs and you had
: damn well better look before crossing. It was just AWFUL
: today when I had to take Claudia everywhere for the medical
: stuff, I really got a fantastic look at the traffic
: situation, it is simply not the same anymore.

: Claudia was like: "Why are you hitting the gas so hard
: and swerving so hard and braking so hard? She understood
: the horn honk when that old and probably vaxxed lady was
: backing out. She also noticed people were simply flying out
: backwards into high speed traffic without a care in the
: world. It is FAR WORSE than having a bunch of drunk drivers
: on the road, because at least drunk drivers are still
: functioning and thinking, they are just doing it drunk.
: What I saw today was people driving as if they were totally
: mentally impaired, as if they were missing whole pieces of
: their brains. Processing not done at all. Not like they
: are processing traffic while drunk, they are simply not
: processing it at all.

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