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Reader: "Biden is not elected by the people."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 27-Apr-2021 23:33:29

In Response To: Biden's New Stealth EO Could Cost You everything (GeorgeEaton)

(Thanks, M. :)

Reader MA writes:


Regarding www.rumormill.news/171102

Reader MA says,
I was awakened to a lot, by reading rumor mill news but sometimes a post has a strong distortion that hinders that awareness.

Biden is not elected by the people.

Whatever government he is writing executive orders for; whether it be those who registered Democrat and voted for him and those that agree to let him rule them in Congress; he does not represent a majority of the people.

I am grateful the poster chooses to tell us what Biden is doing to those he represents but to insinuate that it affects everyone, and that there should be concern is a bit over reaching.

If your city CAFR report is revealing, you will see it shows the structure of your city government.

The city I traverse shows Residents first, followed by City Council, followed by mayor, and then the various departments and the city police fall under the Parks department under a sub category of some department at that.

So residents are first and the city police is 4 layers deep.

Thats like having a CEO, president, vice president, manager, then the city police.

Would the city police be able to tell the CEO what to do?


That's why so.e of the things people believe is ridiculous and harmful when spread to others.

Even if the manager gave the city police the authority to tell the CEO what to do, the manager's powers are limited to what was given to him, to act beyond the scope of your power in office is called "ultra vires"

The city next to the one I traverse is a nonchartered code city so it does not do anything and diea not have to do anything the governor says.

It's seat of government is the residents and the mayor.

If the mayor wanted to implement something similar to the state (governor) it can but for the most part it is autonomous.

When you know who governs, you, whether it be by central representation or self governance, the rest of what is done is "noise" and "background noise" at that.

People watch tel-lie vision and see someone accused of a thing, the someone state their innocence and nothing happens; and they see someone as they say, "go to jail".

No. You didn't.

That someone is taken away but its not like TMZ where they are followed to their destination and watched as they check into jail.

We are giving information without all of the details.

When Obama did executive orders he defined the word person.

And you should ask why?

But you don't.

He defined who he was writing the executive order to affect.

If you agree to be one of those things "defined" then he is talking to you or writing about you.

Never is there a law showing male or female. Its just not there.

But you can take a clone and make it a man or woman.

Male and female were created by God.

Why is there a difference?

Man and woman were created by LORD God.

But I digress.

Nothing Biden writes has an affect on me; about as much as a Supreme Court "opinion" has no affect on the lower courts, or how a state writes its laws.

But the people who agree to act as representative do so with the agreement to abide by the state constitutionand the peopleare the state.

There is no state if there are no people.

If you can get everyoneto evacuate a state, that state no longer exists.

That's why holdingdown the fort of the Alamo was a biggerdeal than most knew.

Leave your land and come vack to resorts and other stuff built on it by the people who moved in.

As for the Supreme Court, anything they say is an opinion of the law.
An opinion is Not an order.

We think we know, but the more we know the more we should realize that we don't know.

Be real and see what you see not what you think you see.

Example, I saw one of those Kung Fu Panda cartoons. Master Oogway was teaching the three kung fu competitors to join forces, and as he saved them from a danger; they watches as he floated on a rock over a waterfall.

The three, who were saved, mourned his death and continued the journey deciding to join forces.

At some point Master Oogway appears and one of them says,

"We saw you go over the waterfall "and die"."

Master Oogway said,

""No", you saw me go over the waterfall."

Be specific in what you know to be real and try not to feed the animals, those people, that people like to call the powers that be when they are not.

Suppose just saying or spelling "powers that be" casts a spell like hocus pocus or abracadabra.

"They" gave us those words tonuse to describe them and we use their words.

We must stop that.

We'd do better to say, "The losers".

I remember "the losers" tried to introduce the word "snowflake" and some people who are part of their agenda but act like they are not; started trying to get everyone on board to make their videos go viral that uses that word, snowflake.

Thank goodness that "spell" flopped.

Fear not.

The losers can only do to you what you agree to have done.

If you are vaccinated there is an agreement somewhere whether it be through your job, your jail, (you sign in, signed up for bail), your hospital (you sign in to be admitted), a consent form at the place that gave you the rona "needle" poke.

No matter what you hear it is rumor and if you believe it, you can make it happen to you.


If you believe something you do things based on your belief.

If a cop said throw your keys out the window and you believe he can order you do that (give up your property without a warrant) you will throw your keys out the window.

You did it.

If you knew who you are, you would look at Joe Schmoe who has an agreement to "act like a police officer'when he puts in his costume and belt, and with your look and words you would tell him and any jailer employee who agrees to "act" like a guard when they put on their costume, and any judge who acts when he puts on his costume; you'd tell them you didn't consent and there is no agreement with your signature on it. It doesn't matter what show they put on, pushing papers and trying to get you to agree to what they do to you.

Once you agree, its over.
You agreed. You believed the show. You believed the show of authority.

And if you sign every piece of paper put in front of you, and think you do what anyone says if you don't have anything to hide; I'm not talking to you.


Unequal things cannot be joined together.

Clone or CGI Biden cannot be joined with the people who are their own government whether they choose to have someone speak for them and represent them like a parent for a child or whether they are self governed like an adult.

Dead people can't make an agreement for me.

Notice how some statutes are refeshed with new dates by the people who are representing people today?

Be well.

Apologies for typos.
Any disagreements are from someone who doesn't know or doesn't want the rest of you to know.

Either way, I wrote what is.

If you see going to believe in something, believe in yourself.

If you are going to know something, you have to take that walk. The walk that makes you see if you know or get scared and believe.

I've walked the walk.
I stuck with what I knew.
When the people stopped talking and the papers stopped shuffling, I found out I really did know.

It's hard to step up and be "The One", but we each are that "One".

One is singular, one voice
One is plural, one crowd of people, One group

Temet Nosce, Know thyself

I know who I AM.

THANK the poster for the post and for me to have an opportunity to comment.

This is my opinion, an opinion is a powerful right.


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