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Anna Von Reitz: "Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 7"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 17-Apr-2021 05:05:52

In Response To: Anna Von Reitz: "Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 6 --The Military Quandary" (hobie)

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Thursday, April 15, 2021

Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 7

By Anna Von Reitz

People often assume that the "fiat" currencies are worthless and not backed by actual assets, but they are.
These currencies are backed by the value of labor, services, patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property. We call them "blood money" because they derive their value from the attributes of living people, from our energy, our skills, our labor, our inventions, our performances, our talents, etc.
So, everyone needs to stop this idea that the fiat currencies are worthless. The truth is that they are of great value. The further truth is that they were constructed via the use of deceit and fraud to capture their value.
People did not knowingly and willingly line up and agree to donate these assets of theirs for the benefit of any corporation in the business of providing them with governmental services, and therefore did not enter into a "private tax agreement" with the Holy See or the Vatican or any other entity including the REPUBLIC OF ITALY. That is the rub.
At this point, the Perpetrators of this scheme to "latch onto" the value of our intellectual and energetic property assets have racked up a huge deficit, as they took advantage of the credit they established for themselves based on our intellectual and energetic property assets, and never paid anything back.
The way that a Debt/Credit Monetary System is supposed to work is as a Zero Sum System. When you exchange a debt in the form of a promissory note (fiat money) for actual goods or services, you immediately establish an answering credit in the same amount.
Think about what happens when you give your friend, Alphonse, a promise to pay for a plate of food. He receives your promise to pay, and you receive the food. It's a "zero sum" transaction, as both elements, the promise and the food, are assumed to be of equal value or you wouldn't make the trade.
Of course, in real life, this "voluntary" trade of goods and services for paper promises to pay in the future is often coerced via the use of Legal Tender Laws, which were imposed throughout most of the world in the 1930's. We forget that the USA, Inc., was not the only major "national corporation" to go bankrupt at the same time. The G5 were all in the same boat and went bankrupt by treaty which was arranged at the Geneva Conventions of 1930 and signed off on in May of that year. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the American Delegate who signed off on behalf of the USA, Inc.
Legal Tender Laws abuse the powers of government to force people to accept debt notes in lieu of any actual payment for their goods and services. Legal Tender Laws are fundamentally coercive and illegal, which is why those same governments all had to provide remedy for those of us who would not voluntarily accept this unequal exchange. In America, we have to "denominate" our financial transactions to be done in "lawful money" or we are presumed to agree with the Federal Reserve plan and to "pledge" ourselves and our assets in its support.
None of this was ever explained to anyone. No explicit instructions about how this is supposed to work or what you need to do to escape these evils is ever given. Through induced ignorance, millions of people are thus defrauded for the benefit of who? The bankers, the attorneys who set up this system, and most of all, the Robber Barons and corporations including the governmental services corporations, that hatched this scheme.
In such a system, the energy and power of the entire country is funneled to benefit the corporations by giving them tax breaks and transferring their debts onto the backs of the common people. The banks, meanwhile, are allowed to continue to operate, as is the REPUBLIC OF ITALY ---- as noted ---- as bankrupt entities, so that they have no risk or accountability for their part in this criminal madness. Their debts and liability, too, are simply passed off and on to the same "voluntary" taxpayers.
At the point that the taxpayers get seriously annoyed and revolt, there is a problem, but if it's just a few people they may be jailed under the false presumption that they pledged themselves and their assets in support of the fiat currency and are contractually obligated to pay--- or, if they are well-enough connected, they may simply be shown the remedy provided to excuse this practice in the first place, patted on the head, and sent home.
Essentially, they buy off the rich and famous by providing remedy under "Non-Disclosure Agreements" and keep the sheeple enslaved as "voluntary taxpayers". In this way, the rich naturally get richer, and the poor get poorer, simply because the rich and knowledgeable don't pay taxes and don't keep fiat money in their accounts even though they appear to do so. Only the bank knows which clients denominate their transactions in lawful money and which ones don't.
Now that you know the short history of this travesty, which has been implemented worldwide, you are prepared for the rest of the story.
This "system" and I use that word in the slang meaning of "criminal racket" --- has been running more or less smoothly for almost a hundred years. Generations of trusting, innocent people in countries worldwide, have been targeted as the marks and presumed to be volunteer taxpayers, because after all, though they may have grumbled and questioned things, they didn't avail themselves of the remedy and denominate their banking transactions as "lawful money".
To a judge in one of the Ecclesiastical Courts they've foisted off on us, this appears to be a moral fault. You pledged your assets to this system and agreed to pay by acquiescence and failure to properly denominate your bank transactions as lawful money and now you are complaining and refusing to pay? Of course, you are guilty in their view, and you are equally clueless. You have no idea that any of this crap is going on and no way to rebut it, either.
The Pope volunteered all the Municipal citizenry of this country as debt slaves, parishioners obligated to pay war reparations owed to the British King after the American Civil War. Then, in the 1930's. the British King's Subjects in this country were similarly obligated to act as indentured "bonded" servants for the same purposes--- and to pay war reparations resulting from the First World War. And both the Pope and the King conveniently "conferred" their foreign citizenship obligations on the clueless Americans, who were left in the dark and targeted as the scapegoats of the war-mongers.
There is, after all, no way of knowing or telling a person's political affiliations simply by looking at them. An American looks like a Municipal citizen of the United States or a British Territorial U.S. Citizen as much as he looks like an American. So, our Papist and British Territorial employees set up registration mills on our shores, and falsely registered us all first as British Territorial U.S. Citizens and second as Municipal CITIZENS --- that is, as US CORPORATIONS included as Municipal citizenry under the infamous "diversity of citizenship" clause.
Presto, change-o! Millions of Americans ( and Italians, Germans, Canadians, Irish, Japanese.....) were unlawfully converted into foreign Persons/PERSONS under color of law.
These are gross commercial crimes and crimes of mercenary "war" being committed on our shores (and throughout the world) in contravention of both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, but if nobody complains....well, who's the wiser?
Those who implemented this system aren't going to tell anyone what they did, are they? Those who have otherwise benefited from it and who stand under non-disclosure agreements, can't tell..... so it is only those who are alert enough to read the tea leaves who are left to raise the alarm.
The alarm has been raised.
Now the rest of the story.....this system has been operating for almost 100 years. An absolutely massive debt has been built up by "the" US INC. and "the" USA, Inc. and all the other corporations that have benefited from this system. That debt is owed to the American People and all the other people worldwide, who have been coerced and defrauded and treated "as" Municipal and Territorial citizens under False Legal Presumptions in the form of pre-paid credit. In this country, the US Debt is the American National Credit.
Who is going to pay it? It's already pre-paid, by us, by our parents, by our grandparents, by our great-grandparents.
At this point, the payback is just a change in accounting. The debtors have to be recognized as the creditors. And new currency has to be issued.
Instead of trading debt, you trade in credit that has already been pre-paid, just like a pre-paid credit card. And as that credit was accrued via the payment of actual goods and services, nobody can complain and say that it isn't "asset backed".
Think of it this way --- they attempted to indebt generations of people who don't even exist yet, and to lay the debts of the present on our future progeny ---- while forgetting about what they owe to the past generations.
We, standing in the present, are able to put a stop to the self-interested madness and call the cards.

We have done so.


See this article and over 3000 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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