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Posted By: hobie
Date: Friday, 9-Apr-2021 02:46:12

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

Please find attached Monograph as delivered to President Trump, 7:20 pm, pacific time zone, April 8, 2018. Sent via https://www.45office.com/info/share-your-thoughts.

Takes less than 5 minutes to complete the form and attach the message. Unlike the White House portal under Trump administration, the full document was accepted. No breaking down into 250 words or less necessary for longer messages.

Part 1 will be followed by Part 2 on Friday, and Part 3 on Saturday.

Our intent, as always, is to open dialogues, capturing the inconvenient and rarely spoken of fundamental principles, facts, law and available procedures to allow resolution to some of the confusions invading our country.

We are amazed that the majority of the backwash we get is always based in the mentality of a subject parroting their masters positions as response to our invitation to find solutions.

The key element we find missing in all, I repeat all, media delivery systems addressing current confusions is NO ONE IS DISCUSSING OR PROPOSING RESOLUTION TO ANYTHING.

Our conclusion is that the business model controlling all media of any sort is geared to supporting the corruption of our country because that’s all any of the outlets discuss or report, the corruption.

We have been informing certain media outlet’s that a very large untapped market exists. That market is solutions based rather than a corruption feeding base.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President,
People’s Court in Action on Call.
Part 1.

Thank you for reestablishing a portal for the People to communicate with our President, 45office.com.

Beneficiaries of all powers of government, Charles C. Miller, Andre Paul Provost Jr., Malcom Walker III, approach our Trustee Donald John Trump, with this Letter of Wishes.

Beneficiaries WISH, the only duly elected President Call the People to Action, by providing political, legal and commercial tools to hold our public servants, government franchised, licensed and regulated entities to account.

Paul, Malcom and I address you Mr. Trump, as the President because you have not been released through honest elections process from your obligations to the People nor released from service to the People’s Office of President. No valid exercise or operation, particularly those in context of governments duties and lawful operations could ever be based on FRAUD.

Mr. Trump, fraud attached to the 2020 election means the transfer of powers, those held in Trust by the President, for the People as exclusive Beneficiaries of all governments operations, means three things.

First, there is no legitimate government operating any where in our country.

Second, Donald John Trump, is stuck in the Office of President, because Donald Trump is the only properly certified, duly elected President.

Third, the duly elected President still has a full set of obligations owed to the People and country.

The result of these three facts is the powers and authorities of the People’s Office of President reside in Donald Trumps care and custody. All the hoopla and false dialogues and Divided Loyalty public servant rhetoric will never change the facts, the law, the procedures verifying the facts, proved by public records.

President Trump you have now and have had for quite some time the trust of the People, the voters, sitting as the jury in the Court of Public Opinion.

Mr. Trump, the inconvenient fact is that, you are the only legitimate President of the United States of America. There is no escape from this fact.

What this means in very simple terms is the duties to which you pledged yourself, on Inauguration day, January 20, 2017, still bind you to the People’s Office of President. There is no escape from the obligations.

The only release from the position of President and release from the duty to lead the country is an honest election free of fraud.

The only mechanism authorized to transfer powers and authorities from one individual to another in the context of the People’s Office of President, is a provably honest election wherein the Political Will of the People, our votes, is the transfer of authority held by the People to individuals serving governments.

A Trust cannot fail for want of a Trustee. The President is the Trustee over the People’s Political Will. The Constitution identifies the position of Trustee as the Office of President through the duty to serve and protect, enforce the contract, the Public Trust created by the People’s Constitution.

The Oath Clause of Article VI recognizes managers positions not Trustees position to enforce the People’s Contract, our Constitution. Neither the Legislative nor the Judicial branches are identified anywhere as holding powers of a Trustee. In fact, law of the People’s Contract called the Constitution, the Legislative and Judicial branches are mere managers over very specific and limited portions of powers vested in governments by the People.

There is no portion of either any state nor the National Constitution that recognizes nor contemplates fraudulent elections allowing illegitimate officers to operate, claim to operate, or in any manner whatsoever act in any capacity for the governments created by the People beginning 1776.

What this means in real simple American English Language is all these characters claiming to be legitimate representatives of the People are straight up liars, thieves, trespassers, usurpers, felons, traitors!

No fair honest elections means every act by any public servant operating for any government agency or entity is VOID due to FRAUD exposed and controlling the 2020 state and national elections.

If this statement is not true, correct and complete, the facts, law and procedures proving a FRAUD is valuable consideration upon which the transaction, transfer of political power, must be presented. Otherwise the United States Government becomes the first government in history to present itself to the world of nations and their people as based and founded on a FRAUD.

Why would another nations governments or its people accept a known admitted FRAUDULENT United States Government unless that nations leadership is part of the FRAUD, past, present and receiving future benefits?

The core question is, if these current alleged government servant characters are not legitimate public servants WHO DO THEY WORK FOR???

Link to article defining JURISDICTIONS of the People and our public servants. https://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=169202.

Please some one assist Paul, Malcom and I by pointing out and verifying by public record documents where we may have made a mistake in any of our findings of fact here!

NOW, the question is, will Donald Trump honor not only himself, the People’s Trust operating through the Office of President or not?

We now present Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes, indicating in very clear and strong terms the duty of our Trustee serving as the only duly elected President of the States United, available at the moment.

Mr. Trump, please recognize you are the only duly elected President of the United States.

Please recognize that the People’s Office of President is the sole exclusive Trustee holding the property of the People, our Political Will.

Please recognize that the Constitution confirms the Presidents Trustee position by assigning the duty to Enforce, Executive Power, the People’s Constitution as written and controlled by the People’s Bill of Rights.

Please recognize that the Chief Executive Office is the Chief Magistrate, a limited judicial office and execution office, holding full powers to issue binding findings of fact, conclusions of law, execution of the Trustees supervision powers over the People’s Public Trust Constitution, and every public servant.

Mr Trump, your new 45office.com communications system invites every loyal American to have a personal relationship with the People’s President.

Mr. Trump, the 45office.com transmission system works for delivery and receiving communications between the People and our President.

Mr. Trump, over the last almost 6 years, you, through varied and numerous collections of information systems, you have gained access to a massive data base of undivided loyalty Americans.

Mr Trump, the 100+ million Americans that have supported you in your Presidency, have looked to you the man for leadership resulting in cleaning up the terminally toxic sewer government operations have become.

Mr. Trump, you have access to the data bases that contain every office and individual claiming to work for or represent government, fax number and email.

Every fax number and email address employed in the administration of governments services to the People, or otherwise, are owned by the People because We paid for them.

Every public servant is voluntarily subject to the law of the United States, particularly the laws governing proper service of official documents.

The moment any public office or individual public servant receives a fax or email from one of the American people related to any government operation or activity whatsoever, the delivered document becomes OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORD owned by the People because We the People authorized the record keeping and paid for that service.

Mr. Trump, OFFICIAL PUBLIC RECORD is perfect evidence and is never deniable, whether the record is from private openly reported source or public sources.

President Trump, when public records show that a public servant received a notice and demand, from any American, requiring specific performance under either federal or state law, public servants oath or terms of public servant employment contract, conclusive public record judgement is in evidence, when the indications from record shows deficiency in compliance standards. This is an enforceable judgement by either the Chief Magistrate or judicial process.

President Trump, any public servant arguing with public record facts, seeking judicial review, Fifth Amendment guaranteed right, of public record facts exposing Constitutional TORTS and Civil Rights Crimes, admits and confesses at the very least bad faith in public service, rising to criminal negligence subject to full prosecution.

More to the point, the woke culture tool of public shaming has proven to be very effective in dividing identified individuals from support or protective systems. When a public servant is called out, before the Court of Public Opinion, strange things happen. The world of big tech management over Americans access to information intended to stream behaviors is a very sharp two edged sword cutting both ways. Sad to say the Liberty edge has been lacking not only in sharpness, yet for the most part our edge of the sword is very rarely applied.

Delivery of the TOOLS for the American People and honest public servants to TAKE BACK CONTROL from divided loyalty actors allegedly serving the People and our country is within the grasp and control of the 45th President of the United States!!!

President Trump, your Beneficiaries act herein because we have no choice. As Beneficiaries of the public trusts called governments we hold the highest of duties to advise our Trustee concerning matters of trust administration that negatively affect the corpus of the Public Trust.

The corpus of the Public Trust the People created beginning 1776 is our Lives, Liberties, property and property rights therein, resulting in unencumbered pursuit of Happiness.

Thus, We will execute our duty to our President Donald John Trump, serving as Trustee to all the American People by providing tools and mechanisms reestablishing control over Divided Loyalty public servant conspiring among them selves and with foreign parties.

We will provide tools based on the application of the fundamental principles founding our countries, States, our national government, from the People’s positions, verified by facts, the People’s laws and procedural mechanisms binding public servants.

We have one major concern at the present moment for our President to contemplate.

Why have none of your advisors, or attorneys, or public servants you appointed, provided the American People with access to the political, legal and commercial tools to effectively hold all public servants to account for their behaviors allowing the People to be treated as Subjects?

Our opinion of why or why not, all these so called experts, allegedly credible, public servants and pundits have failed to be effective in backing up their rhetoric with actions is summed up in a one word definition.

Systemite: One who serves the system that trained them with out care or understanding of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of the system served.

Your Beneficiaries considerable interaction with systemites exposes the salient facts showing those that plug into the “systems” are never properly trained in the fundamental principles of our American Adventure is personal Liberty. Thus, way to many public servants are blind to their principal obligations to the People supersede the their loyalty to the system as currently operated.

Part 2 coming soon.


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