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Anna Von Reitz: "Who Are You Calling Fat?"

Posted By: hobie
Date: Thursday, 4-Mar-2021 02:25:09

In Response To: Anna Von Reitz: "The First American Public Law in Over a Century" (hobie)

Regarding copyright, see Legal Notice on the linked page:



Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Who Are You Calling Fat?

By Anna Von Reitz

We have a very large, very black,
very long-haired cat. She started out with the name "Duchess" but she was
quickly elevated in rank to "Princess Agatha von Tabbi". As luck would have it,
although I was her original sponsor in the household and although she more or
less graciously tolerates my services, she fell in love with my son, the Royal
Cat Petter, and with my husband, whose lap became the Royal Throne. Padded and
heated, of course.

A couple winters ago, Her Royal
Princess put on a few pounds and as my husband regarded her Royal Weightiness
engulfing his lap, he looked down at her and said, mildly enough, "Your Majesty
needs to cut back on the Fancy Feast. You've gained quite a bit of winter

And upon the utterance of the word
"fat" she lifted her chin, looked him straight in the eye, and flexed her claws
against his thigh.... for the first and only time she ever did that---- as much
as to say, "And who are you calling FAT?"

Prick, prick, prick, flex, flex,

So with that instructive lesson from
the Ancient and Honorable Kingdom of Cat firmly in mind, consider this recent
email conversation between me and yet another know-it-all Sheeple:

Him: "Good luck getting free
utilities, not paying taxes and thinking you can do whatever the hell you
please. Delusional mo...fos.... Don't like the rules here, maybe Iraq will take

Me: "It's our country. We own it.
It's not "the government's". It's the people's. We are the Employers. They are
the Employees. Talk about "delusional Mo...fos"? Count yourself as one of

That's right. Sheep are delusional.
They think that the government owns this country and that we are all little
serfs who owe the government a living.

Wrong. Got that all backwards and
upside down. Who are you calling fat, buzzwit? Who do you think pays all that
payroll payola? Just what and who do you think you are? An American or a slave
to the Company Store?

When's the last time the government
paid your bills? Hmmm? Don't know about you, Jillie, but I am 65 years-old and I
have yet to see all that "federal" money pouring into my mailbox. No, in my
experience, it has been exactly the opposite. It's been my assets and my labor
in the outgoing and their I.O.U.s. in my inbox.

So, pardon me, dipwad, idiot-script,
ewe-uker, if anyone here is dumb enough to go to Iraq, it will probably be ewe,
again. Obviously, ewe were dumb enough to go the first time and didn't learn a
flyspeck of anything from it, including the fact that you were used up and lied
to and paid spit wages as a cheap, Cheap, CHEAP mercenary.

For God's sake, if you are going to
sell your life and body to go murder innocent people and blow up buildings and
guard shipments of opium, at least have the self-respect, common sense, and
brains to go out as a full blown, knowing, honest-to-God mercenary being paid
top wages for being a thug ---and forget the assinine lies and pretensions and

Yeah, who do you think you are
calling out? I've been here working my butt off the whole time and yes, I have
sense enough to know where the "balance of payments" lies. And guess what, you
Clueless Goober? It's not on my side of the ledger.

I happen to know and have direct
evidence observable to all sentient beings, that we, Americans, are owed: (1)
all our land and gold and silver assets which have been purloined by our own
Employees; (2) all our credit assets which have been deliberately and
fraudulently withheld; (3) yes, your "US National Debt" is in fact our "American
National Credit" and (4) that doesn't begin to count the accruals, interest,
investments, and dividends that are owed to us, the American People.

So, come on, Genius Sheeple--- tell
me again, who is it you are calling delusional? Here's the news Numbnutz--- if
"the US" paid off your mortgage, paid all your utility bills, all your medical
bills, bought you a new car every year for the rest of your life, paid your
credit card bills, college loans, etc., plus paid you back all the money the IRS
collected from you and all the property taxes and franchise taxes and excise
taxes you paid but never actually owed---- they still wouldn't have paid you
back one-tenth of one percent of what they owe you.

Got that? So don't stand there
blowing your s-for-brains mouth off at me, because I've got guts enough to tell
the truth and actually say it in words that even a True Moron like you can
understand: the "government" owes me, I don't owe it a brass farthing.


See this article and over 3000 others on Anna's website here: www.annavonreitz.com


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