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Posted By: RobertS
Date: Monday, 8-Feb-2021 16:33:53

The following from http://greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com/2021/02/cbc-taxpayer-funded-national-liar-never.html


Caution viewing animated gif -----

Your Tax Dollars At Work...Setting Canadians Up For the Kill
Experimental Gene/DNA Manipulation Roll-Out

Good morning Readers. Today we woke up to snow. About an inch of snow fell last night and there's a light dusting of snow falling at the moment. It's very cold outside. I'm glad I brought over my brother Paul's winter jacket to him yesterday. I had bought him a new "Puffy" jacket for Christmas but the sleeves were too long so I had taken it back to my place to shorten the sleeves...not an easy task on a "puffy" jacket. But I managed to do it quickly and so went back yesterday to return the jacket and sit with him outside on the deck for a short visit. It was bitterly cold, with a northern wind bringing in a minus wind chill factor. Paul wanted to give me a hug for returning the jacket and got up and started to walk towards me. I had to tell him to stop, explaining that we couldn't hug and kiss due to the Cov-ID. I don't want to be banned from visiting Paul--accused of contravening the "social distancing rules". Paul hasn't had a hug or a kiss from anyone since last March.

Meanwhile, in the MainZtream media, where most of the real and imagined Plandemic is actually taking place...the smoke and mirrors lies proceed apace. Now they're focused on covering up and distracting from the steady undercurrent of news about deadly side effects. The lies are of two categories...Omission and Commission. Below there is a link about the Omissions of not reporting about side-effects in a WHO press conference:

Isn't That Interesting: WHO fails to mention Vaccine deaths and Side effects -Feb 5, 2021 Press Conference. (shadowsbearsoutlook.blogspot.com)

Then there's the distraction of saying that the "vaccine may not be effective"...while omitting to report how devastating it is when it IS "effective".

Then there's the old Smoke and Mirrors trick of "shortages". People are refusing to take the vaccine but instead of reporting on that...they twist and manipulate the lack of vaccinations...saying that they're due to "shortages" instead. Folks, I've said for a year now that billions of doses of the death-dealing vaccines are at this very moment stacked up to the roof on pallets in Big Pharma warehouses. There is no Shortage....there is just quick, diZZying manipulation....the old "Shell Game".

Health agency has no Moderna doses scheduled this week, with future amounts uncertain

"This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 8, 2021".


Greencrow continues: Yes, when people show resistence [intelligence] the response is to create a fake "shortage" and then escalate the Fear Porn to drive up "demand". It is a salesman's trick as old as humanity but it never seems to fail. Here is a headline from the Satanic CBC. I have highlighted all the lies in red and put my comments [the truth] in green. Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

What Canada could do to take advantage of the lull in COVID-19 vaccine shipments

What Canada could do to take advantage of the lull in COVID-19 vaccine shipments | CBC News

( https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/covid-19-vaccine-shipments-lull-1.5901457 )

by: Lauren Pelley

They call the schemed "shortage" a "lull"...as in "we hope to lull you into a state of mindless compliance.

Community outreach, planning for more sites should now be underway, experts say

Canadians hoping to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are stuck in limbo across much of the country.

Limbo is a good word for it--a mythical place located between heaven and hell. They hope to "Lull" Canadians so that they'll jump at the "opportunity" to move from "Limbo" to their final reward.

While vaccination programs are well underway for high-risk populations, shipment reductions and ongoing uncertainty mean there is a lull — potentially for weeks or even months — before Canada sees a steady flow of supplies.

The tide is set to turn eventually, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying on Friday that he has assurance from Canada's two key suppliers, Moderna and Pfizer, that a combined six million shots are still coming down the pipe before the end of March.

Multiple other vaccines could also gain a stamp of approval alongside the shots already being used. Paying into the World Health Organization co-led COVAX program is set to pay off and Canada recently inked a deal to produce millions of Novavax doses domestically.

That gets shots into the country. But what about getting shots in arms?

With a federal government goal in place to vaccinate all residents who want the shot by September 2021, and millions of Canadians longing for an end to the pandemic, this waiting period comes with an opportunity to scale up vaccination programs — before the bulk of shipments arrive on provinces' doorsteps.

Dr. Naheed Dosani, a Toronto-based palliative care physician and advocate for health justice, said Canada is in a "race against time" to build up community outreach, decentralize vaccination sites and combat vaccine hesitancy.

"We can't waste time. Every minute, every hour every day counts," he said.

"Down the road, we don't want to look back and think in early February, we were kind of just waiting for vaccines, we could have done more to address education and provide information for our communities."

Decentralize vaccine sites

Other medical experts agree this lull period is critical, giving Canada a chance to learn from the successes of countries that are further ahead in their vaccination programs.

Earlier this month, Ontario's COVID-19 science advisory table released a report outlining takeaways from Israel, where roughly 80 per cent of older adults in the country are vaccinated as scientists there are tracking a drop in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and critical illness.

No mention here of a tracking of skyrocketing "adverse reactions" to the vaccines where Israelis are "dropping like flies". See my earlier post from last week.

Spreading Manitoba's vaccine beyond supersites could get doses into arms faster, experts say

"Israel worked around the clock to vaccinate as quickly as possible," said Toronto-based geriatrician Dr. Nathan Stall, one of the table members.

And it goes beyond speed, he said.

Instead of just hospital or pharmacy-based vaccination sites, Israel created pop-up and drive-thru centres — leveraging teams of community-based nurses, physicians and other medical professions to vaccinate residents rapidly.

"We really, really want to try to decentralize vaccine sites away from hospital systems into the communities, and I think it's very, very important to engage community leaders, especially in areas in remote places where accessibility is a huge issue," said Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti, an infectious diseases physician at Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, Ont.

We plan to blackmail, bully and bribe "community leaders" into becoming "Judas Goats" to lead the populations to their slaughter.

"And you know, this is going to be absolutely key in getting as many Canadians vaccinated as possible."

Yes, we have to show the stock motivation: "everyone [including community leaders] is doing it" to convince the stupid, sheeplized Canadians.

That's the approach in the U.K. as well, where more than 10 million citizens have been vaccinated against COVID-19 to date.

Saskatoon lab builds manufacturing facility for vaccines, including their own

The country is using a mix of community clinics and pharmacies, hospital sites and large-scale venues like sports stadiums, totalling around 1,500 sites, with mobile units planned for highly rural areas.

The goal, according to the U.K. government, was to have every resident living within roughly 16 kilometres of a vaccination centre.

And these centres can also serve as spy posts and eventually rounding up hubs for those who continue to refuse the vaccine and must be moved to quarantine.

Provinces look to decentralization

Unlike the U.K., Canada has to contend with a population spread out over a vast geographic area. Even so, provinces are exploring decentralization in a variety of ways, although some frameworks are more fleshed-out than others.

Nova Scotians over 80 to start being vaccinated for COVID-19 this month

Goal is to kill as many of the elderly as possible and steal their assets. We will also need to prevent them bequeathing their assets to their survivors by bringing in legislation. After all...their survivors are slated to "Own nothing and Be Happy." This is an opportunity for the oligarchs to snap up properties, lands and assets as they become available. Baal GateZ is waiting like a vulture on a dead tree branch to accumulate land in this fashion.

In Ontario, which began its vaccine rollout within the hospital system, regional public health units are preparing and presenting vaccination plans, which may include work with community physicians and pharmacists, provincial officials told CBC News on Tuesday.

Saskatchewan has vaccination sites spread across 10 different zones, with doses heading to more than 50 different communities, while Manitoba is primarily taking a "supersite" approach with large-scale vaccination clinics happening at several facilities like a gymnasium and convention centre, alongside the shots doled out by physicians, pharmacists and pop-up clinics.

Meanwhile, British Columbia's provincewide immunization plan notes 172 community-based vaccine clinics are being organized and will be held at large facilities, including school gyms, arenas and convention centres.

Toronto unveils plan to lower COVID-19 rates, encourage vaccination among Black residents

"Mobile clinics in self-contained vehicles will be available for some rural communities and for people who are homebound due to mobility issues," the plan said, adding more details will be released before April.

On the East Coast, Prince Edward Island officials announced vaccine clinics in several cities set to launch in late February — and recently made changes to a law that comes into effect this month and will eventually allow pharmacists to provide COVID-19 vaccinations alongside their usual roster of shots.

Will these clinics and pharmacists be informing the victims of the potential side effects of the CovID-19 mRNA Gene Therapy? as stipulated in the Nuremberg "Crimes Against Humanity" Code? If not, they will be liable when this entire genocide comes before Nuremberg 2.

Community-based approach

But ensuring that community clinics can offer vaccines widely and efficiently requires significant planning beyond finding buildings or hiring staff.

Manitoba aims to be ready to deliver 1.5M vaccines from April to June

"This short amount of time, until the next series of vaccines are rolled out in large numbers, is the time to develop those prototype clinics — if you haven't done them — to make sure you've got a vaccination recording system in place and have all your communications sorted out," said Dr. Joanne Langley, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at the Halifax-based Canadian Center for Vaccinology.

The Government has deliberately complicated the "vaccination roll-out" to provide future cover for the "adverse reaction" mass death catastrophe. What vaccine caused the deaths? We don't know because we mixed them and the "records got confused".

Multiple experts who spoke to CBC News stressed that communication needs to include trusted community leaders, culturally sensitive messaging and information about vaccine programs provided in a variety of languages.

LOL This is hilarious black humour code for fellow cabal-meisters using linguistic "sleight of hand" to hoodwink the future victims of the mass murdering vaccines.

"You can have some person on TV just talking, telling you to get vaccinated, but it's different if you have somebody who's trusted in the community, whether it's a community member, priest, doctor that you know," said Chakrabarti.

Again, LOL! They're coming right out and in-your-face telling you what they're doing...Judas Goats...ALL THE WAY!

Ottawa uncertain if ModeRNA shortage will impact Indigenous vaccine rollout

We need to focus on the First Nations and wipe them out entirely...to steal what land/land rights they have left.

In the Toronto area, Dosani said there's a groundswell of innovation and support from local organizations, with community health centres already working to address vaccine hesitancy among communities where it is common — and rooted in long-standing trauma and distrust of the mainstream medical system.

Vaccine hesitancy based on documented past efforts to wipe out blacks, gays, children and others! Never admit WHY people might be hesitant to have unknown substances injected into their bodies!!!

But governments need to support those efforts as well, he said.

"If we are taking an equity-based approach, what that means is putting more resources and supports in place so that the people who are less likely to take the vaccine get the supports and education that they need to so that they do take the vaccine."

Whatever means necessary! Siphon off taxpayer dollars and use it to kill the taxpayers who provided it!!! "Education" means indoctrination!

Booking system hiccups

As vaccination campaigns scale up to include more members of the community, building large-scale booking systems has been a key priority in different countries to manage the massive number of appointments.

Earlier this year, Canada's federal government awarded international accounting firm Deloitte a multimillion-dollar contract to build a national computer system to manage the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Deloitte has been a Liberal go-fer for generations...pay them off big-time to fix the stats.

CBC EXPLAINS What is COVAX and why is Canada getting backlash for receiving vaccines from it?

But there may be lessons to learn there, too. South of the border, the same system is being used in multiple states, with U.S. media outlets reporting that it's proving buggy and unreliable.

Meanwhile, in some areas of Florida, other types of online-only booking systems have sparked frustration among seniors — the age group most at risk of dying from COVID-19 — and led to reports of people stuck refreshing web pages to snag one of the limited spots or flying in from abroad to get vaccinated.

Get those Seniors! Pronto! No matter WHAT we have to do.

Those approaches require computer literacy and cause unnecessary chaos, Stall said.

"My fear is you're going to have a vaccine booking system that's going to be like purchasing playoff tickets for a sports team where everyone's going to line up, crash the system, try and book as fast as they can," he said.

"And you're going to leave behind the people who need the vaccine the most."

The people who "need the vaccine the most" are [coinkadynkally] the populations that have the most assets to steal!

Canada doesn't know how many more ModeRNA doses will be delivered, or why there are delays

Yet, even more traditional booking methods can come with hiccups.

Prince Edward Island set up a dedicated phone line so anyone aged 80 or older can start booking COVID-19 vaccine appointments, seven days a week. It's already so popular that seniors are struggling to get through, prompting the province to boost the number of people taking the calls and, soon, to start offering online booking options as well.

Seniors are definitely the "low hanging fruit" and the first to cull...but they WILL eventually be coming for all ages...even babies and the unborn.

Sustain public health measures

With so many facets to a vaccination rollout, at a scale and speed Canada hasn't experienced before, the process is rife with challenges — but that's where this lull might come in handy.

The "lull" is built into the roll out. They are in full control...they can ramp it up and ramp it back...as needed...perpetually whipsawing the population...to the death!

"I appreciate that we don't have an adequate supply yet to be vaccinating the general public," Dosani said. "But there is a lot of time that's just passing right now that can be used for things like public education."

i.e., Brainwashing and distraction from the escalating "adverse reactions."

Officials are also stressing the need to maintain now-engrained precautions to keep the coronavirus at bay while Canadians await widespread inoculations.

Keep up the Oppression...the masking and social distancing...convince them that it will NEVER END...UNTIL THEY TAKE THE VACCINE...AND THEN, OF COURSE, IT WILL END...BUT NOT IN THE WAY THEY THINK.

P.E.I. seniors having trouble booking COVID-19 vaccine appointments through hotline

Outbreaks keep happening throughout the country in high-risk populations and communities, including long-term care homes, correctional facilities, Indigenous communities and in remote areas, said Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public health officer, in a statement on Thursday.

Coinkadynkally...the above listed high risk populations and communities are the very targets of the vaccine roll-out and are likely already showing "adverse reactions" which are being covered up by calling them "variants" and "super-spreaders".

"These factors underscore the importance of sustaining public health measures and individual practices and not easing restrictions too fast or too soon," she said.

"This is particularly important in light of the emergence of new virus variants of concern that could rapidly accelerate transmission of COVID-19 in Canada."

Well, whadidIjust say about "variants"?!

Britain to test mixing and matching of COVID-19 vaccines

More "Smoke and Mirrors"...they really do have this caper planned to a "T".

It's a tense time, but light at the end of the tunnel may be closer than it seems.

The "light at the end of the tunnel" is truly the light of an oncoming train of Adverse Reaction/Mass Death Catastrophe...but they're ready for that too...they have billions of body bags stacked up on pallets in the Amazon Warehouses!

"Our job is to keep ourselves and our families safe until we get that vaccine," Langley said.

"And once it's rolled out in the whole population, we'll be in a different place."

Yes, they WILL be in a "different place"...with the entire planet's population reduced just to the cabal and their assets/slaves--nothing in their way and nothing to listen to--except: "The Silence of the Lambs".

IMO, that should be the code name for this operation--The Silence of the Lambs.


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