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Posted By: hobie
Date: Tuesday, 5-Jan-2021 04:45:01

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,

As always thank you for your support and the commitment of RMN.
Investing in good works always pays dividends.

The Judicial Primer series is drawn from the public documents as written.
The simple fact is any one with a decent high school education prior to about 1990 that can read and use a dictionary can understand the law.

The corruption of our whole culture rests on two points. Personal responsibility and Assumptions.

Assumptions are based on lack of facts, law, contact being present.

Assumptions allow those relying on them to make stuff up.

Personal responsibility beginning with understanding ones legal, political and commercial positions destroys assumptions holding us Americans in the crooks night mare.

The Primer is intended to invite people to engage in understanding the world around each of us.
When We the People know our law the systemites loose.

- - -


Dear President Trump, our President.

Sovereign’s Primer on Judicial Appointments. Part I

1 of

Grantors, Bailors, Beneficiaries and Depositing Creditor’s, to all powers and authorities held by the People’s Office of President, present this Primer on Judicial Appointments as a matter of National Security necessity.

There is no true Article III Constitution required one supreme Court. No currently sitting justice is appointed to that court. No appointed justices = no functioning court.

No President has ever appointed a judge to the Original Jurisdiction Court!

Had a judge been appointed to the Original one supreme Court the archives would have the record specifically identifying the court as the Article III judicial branch completely independent from Legislative or Executive actions of any type.

The Constitution is naked of the numbers of judges for the Constitutions only court construction. Nor is the Legislative or Executive empowered to determine the number of justices nor any thing else on how the Constitutions only court is to operate.

From a contract point of view this makes sense. The principals to the Constitutions are the States. See Article VII. The States United Constitution being the states contract creating the national government means only the States hold the right to determine how many justices serve the court. This never happened.

Congress Assembled created its own Supreme Court. This legislative construction is explicitly limited to creation of … inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts … . Two different courts, two different jurisdictions, one Constitutional, one Legislative, one full judicial power of the People, one limited power to create inferior Courts.

Any court created by or controlled by, such as determining the number of and legal character of, justices, the Legislative Branch is necessarily INFERIOR.

The First Legislative Judiciary Act altered the Original Jurisdiction identified by Article III. 1 Stat. 73, SECTION 1; Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the supreme court of the United States shall consist of a chief justice and five associate justices, … . This is trespass by the Legislative Branch into the independent Judicial Branch.

Section 13; And be it further enacted, That the Supreme Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of all controversies of a civil nature, where a state is a party, except between a state and its citizens; and except also between a state and citizens of other states, or aliens, in which latter case it shall have original but not exclusive jurisdiction.

This section of the First Judiciary Act completes the usurpation by the Legislature of exclusive, separate independent Constitutional Judicial Power defined by constitution. The mirror image language in the constitution and statute is a further proof of separate and distinct separation of Judicial and Legislative authorities.

Constitution Article III Section 2; In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction.

Mr. President, Beneficiaries Wish, that our President advise, from position of the sole exclusive TRUSTEE holding the People’s Consent to be Governed, individual personal property of every Voter, our political will, whether We the People and our constructed properties, the States United, have access to our Original Jurisdiction one supreme Court when no justice has ever been appointed to our Constitutional Court.

Yes, the States and the federal government they created are chattel properties of the People because We created them. Our Title is fully expressed in the preambles to every Constitution state or national.

Could it be that none of the attorneys filed a proper Civil Action for Civil Rights Violations, and our President has not exercised Chief Magistrates powers in the current Supreme Court because it is known that there are no justices serving in the People’s Original Jurisdiction one Supreme Court?

GRAVAMEN for this series of Letters of Advice and Letters of Wishes, from the perspective of the Sovereign People is that the systems of government laid out in writing are not corrupt. Even though many of the acts of governments are with out proper authority the system functions providing services to the People because the fundamentals from day one 4 July 1776 are so strong. ALL CORRUPT GOVERNMENT ACTS AND OMISSIONS BEGINN AND END WITH THE HUMANS ACTING OR CLAIMING TO ACT AS PUBLIC SERVANTS UNDER COLOR AND COVER OF OFFICIALDOM !

End Part I of the Judicial Primer. Next absolute proof from full faith and credit public record documents that there are no United States District Court judges that hold judicial power contemplated by the constitution.

Mr President, the true genius behind our Greatest of Countries success is the concept of trust between Americans.


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