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Reader: "Okay, I looked at his material. total nonsense."

Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 2-Jan-2021 03:54:26

In Response To: Reader, link: "Latest WikiLeaks Dump: Evidence The 1969 Apollo 11 Moon Landing was FAKED!!!" (hobie)

(Thanks, P. :)

Reader P. writes:


Re: Reader, link: 'Latest WikiLeaks Dump: Evid....

Hi Hobie!

Okay, I looked at his material. total nonsense.

1). Capricorn One
This movie, I watched it when it was new, lot's of fun; stands as a 'idea insertion tool' to get the public thinking about what happened, and doubting the triumph that was Apollo.

Absolute and total nonsense.

Firstly, in 1969, there was nothing like digital video software, so there was no such thing as clean edits. They were literally performed with a scalpel on movie film. Raggedness is the result.

Capricorn One was made in 1977, and people were experimenting with digital video on mainframe computers. This software was so experimental and expensive, that 'StarWars"-1978 has no CGI in the movie whatsoever.

The movie "The Last Starfighter" made several months before StarWars, did have some primitive CGI, but they rolled their own, and it ran on a CRAY-XMP computer. They literally had to write their own software. Nothing off the shelf, was available.

Again, clean edits of film to prove a hoax is still very nebulous.

2). The Cold War
The Soviet Union versus the rest of the World; was seriously bigger as a problem, than whether Apollo was to be believed.

Even so, Nikita Krushchev went public and complemented the United States in its massive triumph with the Apollo Space Program and especially the landing on the moon.

The Soviet Union hated the United States with a passion unequalled in past histories. They were not technologically backward, the Space Race began with a long list of Soviet successes.

If the Soviet Union could declare Apollo a fake, they would... long and loud. They could not.

But just for fun, let's look at film fakes.

Prior to digital video storage, there were no believable video fakes. This is because of the aforementioned knife work required to edit film.

But let's look deeper into something relatively new in technology, at the time of Apollo.

Video cameras.
The camera available at the time, and used on the early Apollo flights, was analog. This technological breakthru was using a slant head for what we call 'helical scan' video, for storage. This produces heavy rasters in the video, and makes faking even analog storage video impossible. You will literally see the video breaks in the video, produced by the edits.

Today, we have added the term 'Deep Fake' to the conversation. Deep Fakes MUST BEGIN with a digital video source. Analog storage video cannot be used because the rasters produce color flares and other aberrations in the finished digitized product.

This cannot be filtered out properly at all, so deep fakes, as good as they are, and I've seen a few, are not an answer for faking Apollo.

Russia was not fooled, there simple was nothing to fool the Russians with.

3). Nvidia
Nvidea is a producer of high quality video display cards and related hardware, for computers. They are experts in the compositing of video.

They decided to attempt to re-composite the important photos from Apollo-11, and see if they could do it with known physics of the time, and do it entirely with what was there, on the Moon. No faking the composite.

They worked on the problem for weeks, finally compositing exactly, all the tested photos, including the difficult photo of the backside of Apollo with the astronaut climbing down the ladder.

There was no error, they could composite a duplicate of these pictures in digital.

They produced a video of their labors, explaining everything they needed to take into account at every step. It was laborious and exacting.

This video can be viewed for free on Youtube.

Nvideo declared the Apollo Landings real.

4). Apollo Project itself.
This project was the most expensive civilian project the United States Government had ever attempted. It employed nearly one American citizen from almost every family in the United States.

Just the construction of the Apollo Booster itself, the Saturn-V booster, cost $1-Billion dollars each. These were real. The Saturn-V booster for the never launched Apollo-18 flight, is on display at Kennedy Space Center, I've seen this with my own eyes. Just the booster alone, is 363-feet long.

The Apollo Vehicle itself, and the Lunar-Excursion-Module for Apollo-18 are inside of the Kennedy Space Center, for all to tour.

This is not the confirmation of a fake. It is the confirmation of reality.

More importantly, hundreds of thousands of citizens and guests watched every one of these launches, at Cape Canaveral.

My mother was one of the people that helped build Apollo. She worked for Miller-Dial in California, and was a front-line draftsman there. All the label plates for the Lunar-Excursion-Module, were drawn by her.

The stainless Steel plates were also made at Miller-Dial. The stainless-Steel rolls of metal that came in the be machined, were pre-polished so well, you could comb your hair in the reflection. This is the measure of pride, expended by our Government, and the efforts of our citizens.

5). Flags waving in the wind.
What does the scene show? An astronaut saluting the flag, which was moving a little.


Precisely because there was no air on the moon. This clip was made immediately after planting the American Flag. The flag itself was moving on its mountings. No air could impede this movement.

The flag was not responding to wind. It was coasting to a stop, without wind.
That's enough hobie! Thanks for the shoulder. Hand this to your Reader. He needs this information very badly.

Have fun and good luck!


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