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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 2-Jan-2021 03:43:31

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


Dear Hobie,
Please find attached for Publish, TRUMP, THE LAW CONTROLLING CONGRESS ASSEMBLED, sent to the White House, addressed to President Trump, via the public property web portal, as duly served, 1/1/2021, 4:39 pm., pacific.

If the President executes on our Advisory, the Congress Assembled will have the opportunity not only define whether they act under UNDIVIDED LOYALTY as promised by public servants oath, yet more to the point, provide ironclad proof of their Loyalty or sedition.

Congressional records are controlled by the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution. What this means in laymen’s terms is the records are first hand duly sworn testimony, unimpeachable fact.

Then we the real Americans will know and have proof of who’s who in the zoo!

Oh what great fun could be had on January 6, 2021.

A new freedom day perhaps?


Dear President Trump, our President.

The Law and Controlling Congress Assembled.

1 of

Mr. Trump, We Wish a prosperous, peaceful and productive New Year to our President and your family.

Beneficiaries, Charles C. Miller, Andre Paul Provost Jr., in full capacity of Grantors, Bailors and Depositing Creditors to and for all government authorities and powers, State Citizens, exercising full contract rights for the venues and jurisdictions of the States United, approach our President under this Letter of Advice and Letter of Wishes issued by Beneficiaries.

Grantors, Bailors, Beneficiaries and Depositing Creditor’s, to all powers and authorities held by the People’s Office of President, present this Primer on the People’s Law taking Control over Congress Assembled, as a matter of National Security necessity.

Mr. Trump, as men, Americans, we share the bond of UN-DIVIDED LOYALTY to the fundamental principles founding our Democratic Republic form of government. Thus, We approach our kinsman, Mr. Donald Trump, honorably serving the People as our President.

Beneficiaries legal relationship to and with our President is defined in law as that of master and servant. We the People are the masters because We created all government to serve us. Our President is We the People’s trusted agent serving the People and our governments. Our President is the Exclusive Trustee over our Political Will expressed in the People’s constitutions of governments. Only the President is authorized by Constitution to faithfully execute the law of the Constitution. Thus, the position and function of TRUSTEE is perfected by our Constitution. Both the Legislative and Judicial functions are limited to providing service elements to the Constitution, for the President to administer.

The President as Trustee, is duty bound to Inform the Congress Assembled, of the CRIMES committed against the People, the People’s private property of political will expressed by VOTE. The CRIMES committed against the government take the form of enemies domestic and foreign THEFT of the People’s Vote through FRAUD.

Our Vote, the People’s private property, is the transfer mechanism moving our political will into custody of our President. The Chief Trustee is the Surety, the sole exclusive Surety, recognized as the function of the Chief Magistrate for the Governing of the United States. Custody of the People’s personal property, political will, is not an ownership position. This care and custody is the Public Trust in operation. Thus the People’s TRUSTEE is required to take ALL steps necessary to protect the res of the Public Trust, the Voters political will property.

Beneficiaries, on behalf of every American Voter, Wish, our President take the following actions post haste.

  1. Craft an Executive Finding of Fact, Conclusion of Law declaring the election in specific States VOID FOR FRAUD AND CRIMES AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT AND VOTERS.

A. Define the Vote as the fundamental transfer document delegating powers to governments to exist, identified as the Consent of the Governed.

B. Identify the Vote as secured property of the People as protected by identified statutes.

C. Identify each fraud, process, procedural, legal error related to indexed evidence as duly served to the Sergent at Arms for both the Senate and House of Representatives.

(1) Cover the submission of record with Letter of Advice from the Office President to the Sergent at Arms, advising the President is Reporting Constitutional, Statutory, regulatory crimes to the Law Enforcement Office of the Senate and Congress. Demand the Sergents forthwith delivery of the Executive Finding of Fact, Conclusion of Law and the complete set of evidence proving the crimes to each committees leadership.

Delivery, January 4, 2021, to the Sergents should be accomplished by a Presidential Aid with written order delegating Chief Magistrates agent to duly serve the Sergents. The Aide to provide duly sworn certificate of service for Presidents records.

  1. Hold a Press Conference, January 4, 2021, advising the country as a whole of the proper service to Congress Assembled.

A. Provide each attendee to the Press Conference and the management of media entity outlets, particularly chairman of the boards and general counsels, an electronic copy of the full set of duly served Executive Finding of Fact, Conclusion of Law and proof of fact file.

  1. Craft an Executive Branch Trustee Report, Declaration of Constitutional Crises, Demand for Compliance with Public Servants Oath to be read into the record January 6, 2021, at the Congressional Assembly.

A. Contact honorable Congress and Senate Members to request the Executive Branch Trustee Report be read into the official sessions records January 6, 2021.

B. In closing the Report advise the Congress Assembled of the following facts.

1. Each Member has now been advise of fraud upon and sedition against the United States and provided with proof of fact, exposing intent to alter and or destroy the United States Constitutional Republic form of government.

2. Each Members public servants oath is called to account to protect and serve the Constitution and laws of the United States.

3. Any Member failing or refusing to recognize the facts and law, duly served by the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States, failing to take all actions necessary to ensure fraudulent elections certifications from the States are barred from being accepted, admits and confesses in open Congress to supporting and participating in crimes against the United States and the American People. Coconspirators are those having knowledge that any of the wrongs conspired to be done, or are about to be committed, and having power to prevent or aid in preventing the commission of the same, neglects or refuses so to do, if such wrongful act be committed, shall be liable to the party injured, or his legal representatives, for all damages caused by such wrongful act, which such person by reasonable diligence could have prevented, makes the Member an accessory after the fact.

  1. The Office of President is collecting evidence by closely monitoring the Congress Assembled and particular Members as a function and high duty of the Executive Branch Law Enforcement duties.

  2. The Congressional Record is full faith and credit know to be unimpeachable fact and competent witness to crimes against the United States.

  3. The People as the final arbiters of honest public service have now each been provided by the Office of President full faith and credit government documented right to claim against any Member for breach of fiduciary and Constitutional legal duty.

  4. The Office of President recognizes that in the event Congress Assembled ratifies fraudulent illegal elections practices a massive Constitutional TORT will have been committed. The United States has waived its sovereign immunity in TORT which makes every member personally liable to their constituents for damages.

  5. The Office of President Advises the Congress Assembled that in the event fraudulent elections practices are ratified by the Members the United State will not have a legitimate government.

Mr. President, Beneficiaries, Advise, when our President does not apply the powers of the law held by the Office of President, our country and we as individuals are at risk of becoming chattel properties, to unidentifiable interests.

Paul and I also find it strange that the President pontificating on the Rule of Law so often bypasses the fundamentals of law, procedures and proofs provided by public record during the executing of duties or defensive actions.


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