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Enki & Enlil - So the Story Goes

Posted By: Lion
Date: Tuesday, 15-Dec-2020 22:49:04

In Response To: CGI's Morgan: EA = ENKI - CR.. Also Known As Enki (Lord Of The Earth (RumorMail)


Rex Baer and the 'Leak Project' have a lot of background on this subject.


Now deceased, Gerald R Clark is also an authority on the subject.

Gerald R. Clark 1963-2020




Zecharia Sitchin


Zecharia Sitchin was an author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts.

Sitchin attributed the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he stated was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru.

Born:July 11, 1920, Baku, Azerbaijan SSR

Died:October 09, 2010, New York City, New York, U.S.


Scholars and researchers can, and do debate the veracity of Sitchins' work, as Sitchen himself has been reported to 'hang' in circles that put him in league with the worlds 'elite' parasite factions.

The same factions preying on the Human Race today, are the same factions who preyed on the Human Race yesterday, and the same faction who will prey on the Human Race tomorrow.

For whatever the history, or logic behind their reasoning, the 'elite' slime contend they own the Human Herd, and therefore have license to do with it as they wish.

To these factions, the Human race is necessary only to provide food, sex, adrenochrome, and cannon fodder for their owners, in wars arranged by the elite.

There is an old Alex Collier video that states outright the intent of Elite, and it is not for the faint of heart:


Judging from this minuscule portion of the story, as reported below, the 'Gods have ALWAYS been crazy' as lust for power over other entities, and control over anything that is, seem to have been a high priority from the beginning.

No one really knows the real story until after we pass from this dimension to another ( that means when you die ), but some Humans remain curious, and tend to look for the answers out side of themselves, from anyone who will provide an answer - true or not.

Legend has it that the brothers Enki and Enlil were responsible for 'rolling the moon across the heavens' and stationing the mechanical craft as a hollow observation and control outpost close in Earth orbit.

From the research time I've been able to devote on this subject, I personally tend to lean more toward Enki as a kindred spirit, much more so than Enlil.

Enlil is always about slavery and control, where Enki believes more in allowing Humans to plot their own course.

Annunaki In The Bible
Enki & Enlil
Zecharia Sitchin

Enki creation

Enki & Enlil


Sumerian Gods & Deities

If you are learning about the Anunnaki, two names you are going to hear a lot are Enki and Enlil. While there are a number of “central characters” in the myths and legends of the Anunnaki, much of the action revolves around these two sibling rivals.


In this article, I am going to give you a crash course in the mythology of Enki and Enlil.

But this is a complex topic, and I do not want to jump into it without laying the initial groundwork.

So here are the absolute basics, just in case you are brand new to learning about the Anunnaki.

When we talk about the Anunnaki, we are referring to the ancient gods of Mesopotamia.

But depending on who you ask, the Anunnaki may also have been alien visitors from a planet called Nibiru which is in a long orbit around the sun.

Naturally the space alien theory doesn’t fly in the mainstream, but it was popularized by a Russian-born American author named Zecharia Sitchin.

Since he presented his ideas to the world, they have become a recognizable fixture in popular culture.

I will be talking more about Sitchin and his ideas later, but first I want to get back to Sumerian mythology.

I am going to introduce you to Enki and Enlil and their place in the Mesopotamian pantheon, and then I will tell you how they figure into the ancient flood legend.

I will describe how they inspired other mythologies and religions, including Christianity.

The Sumerian Pantheon and Creation Myth

Anunnaki Sumerian Creation Myth

As with many other polytheistic religions, the Sumerian pantheon consists of a number of gods who are all related to one another.

It is easiest to describe the shape of this family tree by starting with Anu. Anu is also known as “An,” the Great Father of the Sky.

He is the original supreme deity in the pantheon, lord of all the other gods.

He loses this position as the Sumerian tale unfolds, passing it off to Enlil and then (in Babylonian lore) to Marduk.

You will notice that Anu is not the first god in the family tree.

His parents are two primordial gods, Anshar and Kishar.

If you happen to be versed in Greek mythology, you can think of these primordial gods as being a little bit like the titans who preceded the ancient Greek gods.

After the Greek gods overthrew the titans, the importance of the titans took a backseat to the significance of the gods (in general).

The same is true here—the primordial gods factor into the creation myth of the Sumerians, but are less important later on.

Returning to Anu, Anu’s two consorts are Antu, Great Mother of the Sky, and Ki, the Earth Mother. Both gave him children.

Ki gave birth to Enlil, Lord of the Air and Earth, Guardian of the Tablet of Destinies (to start), and Nin-khursag, Lady of the Mountain.

Antu’s child was Enki, Lord of the Earth and Waters, known also as “Ea.”

As you can see, Enlil and Enki are half-brothers.

Following his birth, Enlil cleaved the earth from heaven.

At this point, he and Ki took command of the earth, while Anu continued to reign in heaven.

What is the Tablet of Destinies?

Just now I mentioned Enlil as the “Guardian of the Tablet of Destinies.”

This is a mythological object of supreme importance.

It is quite literally supposed to be a clay tablet engraved with cuneiform.

Whichever god possessed it was considered the ruler of the universe.

Note that “Tablet of Destinies” is the proper name for this object.

People often get it wrong.

You may see it incorrectly referred to as the “Tablets of Destiny.”

It is a singular object.

I have also seen it called the “Table of Destiny.”

I have no idea what is up with that.

In any case, according to many texts, Enlil was in possession of the Tablet for a long time, which made him supreme ruler of the universe, surpassing even Anu.

There is however a Sumerian poem titled “Ninurta and the Turtle” which mentions that Enki possessed the Tablet.

The Tablet changes hands a number of times, depending on the text you read.

At one point, Tiamat, the Dragon Queen (look for her at the very top of the family tree), possesses it.

She gives it to her consort Kingu, who becomes commander of her army.

Marduk, Enki’s son, beats Tiamat in single combat, then defeats Kingu, claiming the Tablet and the authority for himself.

At that point, Marduk becomes supreme ruler.

Just to complicate matters, this whole tale with Marduk only shows up in the Babylonian version of the myth.

In the Sumerian version, Enlil beats Tiamat and reigns supreme.

Source Continues:



From CGI member, Morgan..


: https://www.google.com/search?q=ea+enki&oq=EA+ENKI&aqs=chrome.0.0i457j0l2j0i395l3j0i22i30i395l2.1791j1j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

: Morgan - EA-rth).. Sumerian God, not Goddess.. See Post above
: for Explanation !!!


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