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Bill Gates Increases 'Parler' Users By 200% In One Day

Posted By: Lion
Date: Tuesday, 24-Nov-2020 14:59:43


Bill Gates Smears Parler and its Users

Social(ist) Media finally has a serious competitor, and leftists are having a tantrum.

Mon Nov 23, 2020 Bosch Fawstin

Here’s the latest endorsement for Parler:

“If somebody goes to Parler, they are saying, “I like crazy stuff.” -Bill Gates

Bad enough that leftists like Gates are all for banning those they disagree with, but now they’re targeting a platform that is the first truly viable alternative to the mess that Facebook and Twitter have made of themselves, for not being ban crazy.

Professional troll Brian Stelter, who tells endless lies through his endless teeth, and one of his CNN colleagues, went so far as hysterically calling Parler “a threat to democracy”.

The left is losing its dominion over social media, and they’re not handling it well.

As for “crazy stuff”: imagine being bombarded by thousands of death threats on social media, and the platforms tell you repeatedly that those threats didn’t go against their community standards.

That’s batshit crazy, Bill, and I have two books worth of those threats, so far, and I know for a fact that more people, even prominent ones, know about me more than they let on, and I haven’t heard anything from any leftist about that, because you’re all fine with it.

You have a problem with free speech, with Mohammad cartoons.

You have no problem with people having their lives threatened over free speech.

And that’s why Parler is exploding, because of how much of a mess you leftists made of social media, and why you’re afraid of it enough to smear it, because it’s not only a reproach to you, but it’s actually what you claim to be, a place where people can speak their mind without being constantly harassed for posting “controversial” things such as the truth.

I’m sure that Parler removes accounts that cross their lines, but that’s not good enough for you, as you don’t want those who’ve you’ve banned from your platforms to have any place to post.

Too bad.

I know you hate it, but you’re going to have to live with it.

That’s freedom.

You can follow me on Parler at @BoschFawstin.




Pertinent Comments:

dianecee • 2 days ago

Bill Gates is married to a man who pretends to be a woman.

He has misrepresented his true identity as a gay man.

I believe him to be a psychopath.

He has not one iota of respect amongst the people at large.

How much longer are we Americans going to be harassed by those who belong in the funny farm?


Hund Bond dianecee • a day ago

Just like Bathhouse Barry & Big Mike... :-)

I like your comments. All the best to you.


dianecee Hund Bond • a day ago

Having grown up in NJ there is always that possibility that I will say exactly what I see before me.

Some people can't handle my honesty.

Thanks for your high-five.

I've watched Gates' interview on TedX several times.

He actually rubs his hands together like a madman and smiles when he shares his ideas of using vaccines to kill off a couple of billion people by injecting them with HIS vaccines.

It was a happy day when Americans told him where to put his vaccines and MS.

I believe Gates will suffer dearly in the near future.

I will share that his home is at risk.....will he flee to NZ to avoid the legal platform here in the USA?

Something is terribly wrong when psychos are put before us who think they are better than everyone else.

Gates is a very sick (?) man.


Isandbeans🖖🇺🇸 dianecee • 6 hours ago

What do you mean that his home is at risk?

Sure would be nice if he left the US!

I have always thought his wife was very...um...masculine..


dianecee Isandbeans🖖🇺🇸 • 2 hours ago

I read astronomical energies because they are the driving force behind our experiences.

They are responsible for the reactions to stimuli that the planet and we inhabitants exhibit.

Therefore, I listen to real geologists who report on Earth's condition.

The west coast in the USA is experiencing fires underground, chaos on the surface and almost daily 4.0+ earthquakes on a daily basis as we speak.

Low doses of Methane are beginning to fill the air.

Mt St Helen's and the Dust Bowl have come alive, again.

Why do you think those 3 states are calling in those from antiquated cultures and poor health habits?

Gates and husband will be relocating.

They are now outcasts in our society.

NZ will keep them safe from harm. Bill already has a home there.


James Johnson dianecee • a day ago

She is just ugly.


dianecee James Johnson • 21 hours ago

Do you know that men and women have differing bone structures? Gates' is married to a man. Maybe you need to sculpt so that you can learn how to perceive what you see?


NotNiceButFactual dianecee * 20 hours ago

If people really knew how many man-women or women-men freaks are in places of high authority - they would freak.

If you desire a position of power or notoriety in the lefts' world, you need to first prove yourself by being a tranny, a homosexual, a pedophile, a child murderer, or a child rapist.

If you think that is too far out, ask Maxine Waters or Whoopi Goldberg to drop their trousers.


Ray Mota dianecee • a day ago

So, um,er, what's the down side on this uncloaked alien?


Rich "elkoz" Kozlovich dianecee • 13 hours ago

While I totally agree there's something wrong with his mind, how else can one explain his positions, views and actions?

But making these other claims about him personally really is inappropriate and diminishes your position.


dianecee Rich "elkoz" Kozlovich • 12 hours ago

Did you ever consider that I observe what injects itself into my environment?

I am hardly ignorant, Rich.

When someone shows signs of personality disorder it is best to pay attention.

Bill Gates' has attempted to force his sickness upon everyone of us.

I will address his issues out loud because he invited my viewpoint.

If you don't like it then block me, ok?


Moshe Ben Avram • a day ago

The problem with people like Gates is they think their sh*t doesn't stink to the point that if and when Gropin' Joe issues a gun confiscation order which then blows up into a Civil War, Billy Boy will think he is immune and will probably hide behind his walls for protection...and he will have it, until his walls burn down and We the People catch him and drag him out by his feet and exact retribution.


Bill_H2 Moshe Ben Avram • 13 hours ago

He would certainly deserve it.


Moshe Ben Avram Bill_H2 • 3 hours ago



Sparky Mills • a day ago

Bill Gates ........... Queen of the beta-male leftists.


kentek3141 • 21 hours ago

So many folks joining Parler that their system can't accommodate any more members.

That sucks. Been trying to get joined for 2 weeks now.


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