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Speaking of "A prophetic word"

Posted By: Nameless_one
Date: Sunday, 1-Nov-2020 11:18:21

In Response To: Reader, fwd: "A prophetic word about the election... Remember the Horse Secretariat, Triple Crown Winner, 1973" (hobie)

There's a part in the movie where Secretariat's abscessed tooth is healed, however, he's still not eating and his caretakers are thinking about taking Secretariat out of the race. Mrs. Chenery-Penny, (owner), asks to have a special word with him.

This part in the movie is the turning point. I'd love to know what she said to 'Big Red' as she focused her eyes, mind and heart in silence as she relayed a message to him.

There was a an understanding between them as she spoke out-loud, saying, "Oh right, I'll see you in the morning". The message was received by Secretariat and he promised her that he would eat his breakfast and continue his race.

This whole message could mean that 'We the People' need to encourage our President, give him confidence that he is able to carry out his mission to America as well as the world. He's putting his money, energy and love on the line and we must get behind him to finish the race for Freedom.

: (Thanks, R :)

: A Reader forwards to us: =====

: A prophetic word about the election... Remember the Horse
: Secretariat, Triple Crown Winner, 1973

: Watch the movie! The end will bring you to tears. This horse
: had an enlarged heart! God can use Hollywood movies and

: past history to encourage us!

: A prophetic word has been given... But we still need to
: continue to pray and VOTE! This was originally experienced
: by Jackie Wilson and Pastor Dan Blacksher from Brandon, MS.

: Not long ago, a woman in Virginia, Jackie Wilson, received a
: word from the Lord regarding the election. The Lord
: referred her back to the story of the champion race horse,
: Secretariat. It is a word about “Big Red” which was the
: more commonly used name for the horse.

: More importantly, it is a word about America. Jackie and her
: family live in Virginia not far from where Secretariat was
: born. Recently, she and her daughter sensed the Lord was
: speaking to them to watch the movie, “Secretariat.” As they
: watched, He began to speak an explosive word. “Big Red will
: win all three!”

: It came after one of the scenes toward the end of the movie,
: in which Secretariat’s groomer, Eddie Sweat, stood at the
: Belmont race track at sunrise all alone. After winning two
: of the three needed races to take the Triple Crown,
: Secretariat had not been doing well.

: For several days he hadn’t been eating or running. The concern
: became whether he could even run much less win the needed
: third race. But then they discovered the horse had an
: abscessed tooth.

: Once the vet took care of the abscess, things began to shift.

: In the scene, as he stood looking out over the race track, the
: groomer yelled out what was a prophetic declaration,

: “Big Red done eat his breakfast this morning and he’s about to
: do something you ain’t never seen before. So get ready!”

: When Jackie heard that line, her spirit leapt and she knew God
: was talking about the fact that His plan was for us to win
: all three areas of the election: the Executive office, the
: House and the Senate. She sent that word to her former
: pastor, Dan Blacksher, an associate pastor at Hope
: Fellowship in Brandon, MS. That’s when God began to speak
: further.

: Blacksher began, “The Lord said, ‘I see the sham." (Sham
: was the name of the horse that was essentially the only
: competition Secretariat had in the Triple Crown races.
: Sham’s handlers boasted that Sham would not only beat, but
: destroy Secretariat.)

: The word continued, "I see the sham that is Biden and
: Harris and their 'handlers' which is the national media
: guaranteeing a victory.

: But they will be stunned by what they are about to see."

: Blacksher continued, “Big Red’s tooth represents the infection
: that is in the wisdom of the leadership of the House of
: Representatives, and it will be pulled.”

: “I felt the Lord say, ‘Big Red won by 31 lengths and there
: will be 31 seats that are going to be overturned in “big
: red’s” favor.’ I didn’t know if he was talking about just
: in the House of Representatives or the House and the
: Senate, but they are going to move to red.”

: He continued, “Big red will win the Triple Crown, the House,
: the Senate and the White House, and for the first time the
: government will run at full speed, capacity and authority.”

: Blacksher then explained, “The word ‘Belmont’ means beautiful
: mountain. And the stakes represent the ancient markers. And
: the Lord said, ‘I am re-establishing the ancient markers of
: government: the Word of God and my Spirit that is on the
: Constitution and Bill of Rights.

: "'And the giants that have been in that mountain and that
: have made it a place of fear, will be driven out of the
: House, the Senate and the White House, the lower court and
: the Supreme Court. And the government mountain will become
: a Jericho as the walls fall. It will then become a place
: called ‘Hebron’ again–a place of friendship with Me.’”

: Big heart. “The Lord then said, ‘As Big Red’s heart was two
: times the normal size, I’ve put that same heart in
: President Trump for his love for this nation. His strength
: has come from Me. And his stamina has come from Me.’”

: People may remember that Big Red was known as a horse that
: loved to show off for crowds. It was a confidence that came
: upon him when around large groups and cameras.

: With that in mind, Blacksher continued, “And the Lord said,
: ‘I’ve put that same confidence in Donald Trump. It’s not
: arrogance. It’s confidence because he knows I’m with him
: and he’s doing exactly what I’ve called him to do.’”

: “The Lord said, ‘Big Red will win the Triple Crown.’ And it
: will leave fans, sceptics and haters in stunned silence as
: they watch ‘the horse’ (Donald Trump)–as they watch what’s
: going to happen on November 3, and they’ll have to say,
: ‘We’ve witnessed a miracle.’”

: Blacksher then shared a scripture the Lord spoke next. It was
: the very same one used in the last scene of the movie from
: Job 39:19-24, only He used it in reference to President
: Trump.

: “Do you give Donald Trump his strength or clothe his neck with
: a flowing mane? Do you make him leap like locusts striking
: terror with his proud snorting? He pauses fiercely
: rejoicing in his strength and he charges into the fray. He
: laughs at fear, afraid of nothing. He does not shy away
: from the sword. The quiver rattles along his side, along
: with a flashing spear. With frenzied excitement he eats up
: the ground. He cannot stand still when the trumpet sounds.”

: And then Blacksher heard the Lord say, “O happy day. O happy
: day. November 3rd will be a happy day.” So where do we
: stand spiritually in regards to this prophetic word? We are
: just days before the election, our “Belmont Stakes” and the
: last race for this “Triple Crown.”

: In horse racing, the Triple Crown consists of three wins in a
: short five- to six-week time frame: the Kentucky Derby,
: Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes. To give some
: background of the final race (which we are in), I talked
: with professional jockey Otto Thorwarth, author of “No
: Ordinary Champion.”

: No Ordinary Champion. Thorwarth is the jockey-turned-actor who
: rides Secretariat in the movie. Now retired from racing,
: Thorwarth is a minister and had some insights to share
: regarding the race.

: “The Belmont Stakes is considered the ‘graveyard’ for Triple
: Crown horses,” he stated. “There are a couple reasons for
: that.

: “First, it is the longest race (1.5 miles) of the three races.
: What many people don’t realize is that at that time in
: their careers, the 3-year-old’s in the Belmont have never
: had a race of that length.”

: “Second, they have already run in the Derby and the Preakness
: before they face the most grueling of the three races all
: in just a five-week time period,” Thorwarth explained.
: “Many can’t make it.”

: President Trump has been holding three to four rallies a day,
: on top of running the country, attending the confirmation
: of the new Supreme Court justice, Amy Barrett, and
: strategically helped negotiate yet another peace treaty in
: the Middle East, this time between Sudan and Israel. The
: man is on fire as we watch Biden run out of steam.

: May we continue to pray for this election as we pray for our
: nation. We are now turning the last corner of this grueling
: race. May it mirror what happened in 1973 as Secretariat
: turned and looked at Sham as they ran neck and neck heading
: into the last turn. Suddenly, Big Red burst past Sham, to
: win by an incredible 31 lengths setting a record still
: untouched 47 years later.

: Lord, we declare, “Big Red done ate his breakfast this morning
: and we’re about to see something we ain’t ever seen
: before." We are getting ready! We come into agreement
: with you that November 3rd will be a happy day of a Triple
: Crown win as the House, Senate and Presidency all turn red,
: in Jesus’s name!

: *************************************************************

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