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Canada Source: COVID-19 strain to change, 2nd Lockdown, Virus spread to get worse, reset-debt-relief, force vaccination, isolation camps ...

Posted By: tonzal
Date: Friday, 30-Oct-2020 11:33:26

BATTLE FOR WORLD | October 29, 2020: This very interesting bit of news leak came from a source in Canada named Denise who sent an email summary to Dr. Rashid A. Buttar about points discussed at a meeting by the Liberal Party of Canada outlining plans to the LPC Strategic Committee on October 10, 2020. The email reads as follows:

Dear _______, (Comment by Buttar: An email that was sent to everybody else to let them know. - The person that wrote this email was present, was there firsthand and heard this.)

The person who wrote the email:

I want to provide you some very important information. I am a committee member within the Liberal Party of Canada. I sit within several committee groups but the information I am providing is originating from the Strategic Committee which is steered by the PMO (Office of the Prime Minister).

I need to start off by saying that I'm not happy doing this, but I have to. As a Canadian and more importantly as a parent who wants a better future not only for my children but for other children as well. The other reason I am doing this is because roughly thirty percent of the committee members are not pleased with the direction that this will take Canada, but our opinions have been ignored and they plan on moving forward toward their goals. They have also made it very clear that nothing will stop the planned outcomes.

(Comment by Buttar: So thirty percent of the Liberal Party in Canada that was sitting on this committee did not want to go along with this and yet powers that be are saying that they don't have a choice. ...)

The roadmap and aim was setup by the PMO and is as follows:

1. Phase in "Secondary Lockdown" restrictions on a rolling basis, starting with major metropolitan areas first and expanding outward - expected by November 2020.

2. Rush the acquisition of or construction of Isolation Facilities across every province and territory - expected by December 2020.

(Comment by Buttar: These are concentration camps they are talking about.)

3. Daily new cases of COVID-19 will surge beyond capacity of testing.

(Comment by Buttar: It's interesting that they already know that they are going to surge. Why? Because they know - if there's such a virus out there, assuming that's there's a real virus out there, the testing is already predetermined. They are attenuating, amplifying the RT-PCR test to the point that every human being will test positive. That's what their goal is.)

Including increases of COVID related deaths following the same growth curves - expected by end of November 2020.

4. Complete and total "Secondary Lockdown", much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions - expected by the end of December 2020, early January 2021.

5. Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transition into the Universal Basic Income Program - expected by quarter one 2021.

6. Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus referred to as COVID-21, leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection - expected by February 2021.

7. Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalization and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical facility capacities - expected by quarter one and quarter two of 2021.

8. Enhanced lockdown restrictions referred to as "Third Lockdown" will be implemented - full travel restriction will be imposed including interprovince and intercity - expected by quarter two 2021.

(Comment by Buttar: That means if you are in British Columbia you can't go to Quebec... And if you are in one city and trying to go into another city in the same province, they are not going to allow you to do that. This is in Canada, but of course they are going to try and roll this out in...I will get to that point in a second.)

9. Transitioning of individuals into the Universal Basic Income Program - expected mid-quarter two 2021.

10. Projected supply chain breakdowns in inventory storage, large economic instability, all expected late second quarter 2021.

11. Deployment of military personal into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints, restrict travel and movement providing logistical support to the area - expected by third-quarter 2021.

Along with that provided roadmap the strategic planning committee was asked to design an effective way of transitioning Canadians to meet an unprecedented economic endeavor. One that would change the face of Canada and forever alter the lives of Canadians.

(Comment by Buttar: This is where it gets really disturbing.)

What we are told, was that in order to offset what was essentially an economic collapse on an international scale, that the Federal Government was going to offer Canadians a total debt relief.

(Comment by Buttar: People are getting excited about that, that sounds good...but wait. This is how it works...)

The Federal Government will offer to eliminate all personal debts, all mortgages, all loans, all credit cards, etc. which all funding will be provided by the IMF under what will become known as the World Debt Reset[1a] Program. In exchange for acceptance of this Total Debt Forgiveness the individual would forfeit all ownership of any and all property and assets forever[2]. The individual would also have to agree to partake in the COVID-19 and COVID-21 Vaccination Schedule[3] which will provide the individual with unrestricted travel and unrestricted living even under a full lockdown, through the use of a photo identification[4] referred to as Canada's Health Pass.[5]

(BattleForWorld: - *1a Prince Charles used words like reset, sustainability[1b], etc. in his short speech about the pandemic. YouTube video link, here. The video is titled "Prince Charles Says Pandemic a Chance to 'Think Big and Act Now'". - *1b is linked to depopulation, etc. Sustainable means "more bearable/livable/tolerable". - *2: These are ownership of things that were gotten under the old system way controlled by the Ruling Elites. - *3: Sounds like Agenda-21. Depopulation movement starts, link here. Will the COVID vaccination introduce infertility on a mass scale? - *4: This one is unclear - perhaps deceptive, and could also be hinting at microchipping? ... One thing for certain, Russia and China are woke to what is going on. - President Putin of Russia said, the people who want to control much of the world do not live in Russia. - And Russia and China are vaccinating their people with no preconditions attached, but the West wants preconditions. ...snip... full comment at site.)

Committee members asked who would become the owner of the forfeited property and assets in that scenario and what would happen to lenders of financial institutions. - We were simply told the World Debt Reset Program will handle all of the details.

Several committee members also questioned what would happen to individuals if they refused to participate in the World Debt Reset Program or the Health Pass or the Vaccination Schedule, the answer we got was very troubling.

Essentially we were told, it was our duty to make sure we (meaning the Liberal Party of Canada) come up with a plan to ensure that would never happen. We were told it was in the individual's best interest to participate. When several committee members pushed relentlessly to get an answer. We were told that those who refuse would first live under the lockdown restrictions indefinitely and that over a short period of time as more Canadians transition into the Debt Forgiveness Program, the ones who refuse to participate would be deemed as public safety risk and would be relocated into isolation facilities. Once in those facilities they would be given two options: Participate in the Debt Forgiveness Program and be released or stay indefinitely in the isolation facility under the classification of a serious public health risk and have all your assets ceased.

As you can imagined, after hearing all of this, it turned into quite the heated discussion and escalated beyond anything I have ever witnessed before. In the end it was implied by the PMO that the whole agenda would move forward no matter who agrees with it or not.[6]

(BattleForWorld: - *6 This sounds like commands are handed down by the Council of Seven Men for the functionaries in government to implement upon the population.)

That it won't just be Canada, but in fact all nations would have similar roadmap and agendas. That we need to take advantage of the situation before us to promote change on a grander scale for the betterment of everyone. The members who are opposed and ones who brought up key issues that would arise from such a thing were completely ignored. Our opinions and concerns were ignored. We were simply told to just do it.

All I know is that I don't like it and I think it's going to place Canadians into a Dark Future.

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 1, the free PDF book: Download and read about the council of seven men, pages 1489, 1490, 1485. Note: Use the page number display located at top right to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format Links: Book Summary - Volume 1 | and Download Book - Volume 1)

(In the Silent Revolution Of Truth, Compilation Edition, Volume 2, the free PDF book: Download and read, the globalization era dominated by the United States is coming to an end; new agreements to bring about new trade..., page 568. Americans as collateral damage, page 569. The world’s economy is in a state of decommission, page 673. Old way of doing things is selfish, inefficient; - bringing about a ‘new way’, page 826. Procreation will be halted for a while?, page 649. Note: Use the page number display located at the top of the page to find the correct page. Free Book, PDF Format Links: Book Summary | and Download Volume 2 Book)

Dr. Rashid A Buttar has a YouTube channel and also a website...

Full report on BattleForWorld website: here


Canada Source: COVID-19 strain to change, 2nd Lockdown, Virus spread to get worse, reset-debt-relief, force vaccination, isolation camps ...

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