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Greencrow: War on Humanity Sitrep:No Sex, We're British."The Old Man In The Chair" and... "Did you Go to Barnard Castle, Mr. Cummings?"-Vids

Posted By: RobertS
Date: Monday, 25-May-2020 18:52:22

In Response To: Greencrow: BREAKING NEWS: Something Very Weird is going on in British Columbia - "Foreknowledge"?--(images) (RobertS)

The following from http://greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com/2020/05/war-on-humanity-sitrep-no-sex-were.html

Monday, May 25, 2020

War on Humanity Sitrep: No Sex, We're British....."The Old Man In The Chair" and... "Did you Go to Barnard Castle, Mr. Cummings?"

Dr. Vernon Coleman
"Rule Britannia! Britannia Rules the Waves.

Britons never, Never, NEVER Will Be Slaves!"

The gentleman in the chair speaking in the video above has to be the only sane person left in Jolly Olde. Dr. Vernon Coleman must be lonely over there. Somewhat of a modern day Robinson Crusoe, marooned on an island. Surrounded by the flotsam and jetsam human debris of what once was an unconquerable Empire. Now reduced to a parody of its former glory in every respect.

OTOH, I was thinking this morning, Maybe the Brits will save Humanity. Oh, not deliberately and not out of altruism...but simply due to their penchant for carrying things to ridiculous lengths. I'm thinking now of Monty Python and the "Ministry of Silly Walks".

Monty Python - The Ministry of Silly Walks

This genius for ridiculousness is, at the moment, playing itself out at the highest levels of so-called "power" in London. I'm referring to the huge scandal that's threatening to bring down the government. Wait for it....an aide to Boris Johnson travelled 260 miles to visit his parents in the country. Can you believe!!!!??? Please read the following from the BBC and I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:


From the BBC

"Did you go to Barnard Castle, Mr. Cummings?"

Boris Johnson's aide being asked to resign because he traveled 260 miles during lockdown

Dominic Cummings, the prime minister's chief adviser, is set to make a public statement over allegations he broke coronavirus lockdown rules.
Here is a timeline of what has happened so far...
  • 23 March: Boris Johnson tells the UK public they "must stay at home", not meet friends or family members they do not live with, while those with symptoms have to self-isolate

  • 27 March: Mr Cummings is seen leaving No 10 Downing Street. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps later tells the BBC that Cummings travelled to Durham on 27 or 28 March.

  • 30 March: No 10 says Mr Cummings is self-isolating at home with coronavirus symptoms

  • 31 March: Police in Durham are "made aware of reports that an individual travelled from London and was present at an address in the city". They say an officer spoke with Mr Cummings' father, and he confirmed his son had travelled with his family to the North East and was "self-isolating in part of the property".

  • 5 April: An unnamed neighbour tells the Daily Mirror and the Guardian that Mr Cummings was seen in his parents' garden. Downing Street says "no comment"

  • 12 April: Mr Cummings visits Barnard Castle, 30 miles from his parents' home in Durham, according to The Observer and Mirror

  • 14 April: Mr Cummings is photographed in Downing Street for the first time since 27 March

  • 19 April: He is seen in Durham by an unnamed witness, Observer and Mirror reports this month say. Downing Street says this is "false"
Opposition member calls for "Inquiry".


Lolololololol. I just love the "Britishness" of the headline. Mr. Cummings transgressed by going to a castle?! Monty Python would have a field day with that one. The next scandal will involve someone going to a castle without wearing a mask!

Folks, step back a bit and look at what's really going on here. Parliaments all over the world are being deliberately diverted from asking real questions about what's going on with the Scamdemic and from protecting the populations that they were elected to represent from the predations of the monsters behind it. The elected representatives are being snookered into wasting time on patent irrelevancies while all about them "Rome is Burning" and our entire culture and society is being destroyed. As an example, here is what the Canadian Parliament is doing on the public taxpayers dime:


Rather than actually resuming the full House of Commons, the government is suggesting that MPs continue the current meetings of the special all-party committee focused on COVID-19. The committee has been holding two virtual meetings a week, and one in-person meeting.

Now, the Liberal minority is suggesting the committee meet four days a week Monday through Thursday in a hybrid fashion that would allow some MPs to participate in-person, while others can take part from their homes, though screens set up inside the Chamber.

The proposal would see the committee continue to convene until June 17, at which point, instead of the usual summer adjournment, MPs would hold four additional sittings over the summer..."

This "Hybrid House Proposal" should keep the Canadian Parliament safely neutered and cocooned while the country is being raped and looted. So, in fact, the Brits are at least doing something...they're showing the world the mockery of parliament/Democracy in real time. We can only hope that the Brits will take it so far that the entire world will finally see Western Democracy for what it really is...reductio ad absurdum - All World parliaments and governments nowadays have been reduced to Ministries of Silly Walks.

Posted by greencrow

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