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Posted By: hobie
Date: Saturday, 23-May-2020 23:31:25

(Thanks, C. :)

Reader Charles Miller writes:


The real issue now being exposed across the board is the law is not being applied to a special class recognized as superior to the rest of us Americans.
There are actually two special classes conspiring to operate what is currently known as the DEEP STATE SWAMP.
One class is the wrongdoers.
The other class is divided into three sub classes. First attorneys. They make up the other two subclasses of judges and prosecutors.
These private BAR members control the law and refuse to recognize the People’s first law of the Bill of Rights.
There is no authority recognized in any Constitution for any government operation or function to act in any manner at odds with the People’s Declared Rights.
The Declaration of Rights and the Bill of Rights are the THOU SHAL NOT EVER controls over all public servants no matter what they pontificate, say or do!
Trespass on the People’s Declared Rights is always a Civil Rights Crime.
Read 18 USC, 4, 371, 241, 242, AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW!


I am extremely reticent and excited at the same time concerning this Monograph.

This because some root issues are addressed. On the one hand hopium, an alternative to heroin, is driving this Monograph. On the other hand recognition of the realities is crushing. Either way the fundamentals out lined here cause some root issues allowing the corruption of Divided Loyalty individuals to control our lives is exposed.

The question to Attorney General, Bill Barr, is, do you Mr. Barr have an absolute duty to prosecute Civil Rights Felonies committed against the American People by any public servant, or, by any entity doing business in interstate commerce under regulated licensed privilege affecting the People, as granted by the United States Government?

My answer is a resounding YES ! It’s

My answer is Yes because our federal government controls completely not only the felony prosecution for Civil Rights Crimes, it controls all licensed, franchised, regulated entities doing business in interstate commerce by simple direct enforcement of law known as the Bill of Rights.


BOLD STATEMENT: The culture of the US DOJ supervises and controls the culture of the FBI and every other federally created agency, Mr. Barr!

Mr. Barr, you are challenged to show the law proving the US DOJ is authorized to not prosecute any and every individual who denies access to the whole of the law of the Bill of Rights, particularly the First Amendment to any American.

First the term of Divided Loyalty should be agreed upon. We the American People are the sole exclusive Beneficiaries of all governmental powers and operations. This is what our countries founding documents all declare. Consent of the governed means exactly that. We the People never created any government to rule our lives. We the People created governments to serve and protect our individual lives, fortunes, properties and property rights, first in our selves then in our relations with other Americans and the governments we created. We created the position of government servant to serve us first, last and always. We pay for that service. Any public servant not understanding this fundamental principle and acting in complete accord with it are serving a Divided Loyalty. The positions that Divided Loyalty serves is never in our best interest. Otherwise the Loyalty would not be Divided.

The People recognized that; “ THE Conventions of a number of the States, (legislatures serving the good Peoples demands)having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.”; controls over the federal government were required to ensure the Consent of the Governed, was kept alive.

The States are the servant to, trustees for, subservient to, representatives of the good People. The People spoke from the Grantors of, for and to all government powers or authorities from day one. We the People are creators of all government. That’s what the founding documents say that Mr. Barr promised to serve with Undivided Loyalty. Thus, the Bill of Rights is the People’s First Law because We the People required our states to AMMEND the Constitution. All statutes and enforcements of statutes are secondary and in service to our Bill of Rights.

The people creating the Constitutions thereby creating governments are the only ones with Civil Rights! All other entities or positions created from or by the functions of government are the subjects of government and therefore bound to the People’s First Law of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Rights in the state constitutions.

The powers held by any government, city, county, state or federal is defined and absolutely controlled by the document that creates said government structure. This is know as the four corners principle. If a power or authority is not written into the words constructing a government it does not exist within the four corners of the page or pages of writings.

What this means in real simple direct terms in contract, at law and in equity is that the constitutions, both federal and every state, are a whole, defined within the four corners of the Constitution documents as AMENDED By the Bill of Rights.

The effect of the recognition the People’s constitutions are a whole then means every act by any government must be in strict compliance with the constitutions as a written whole or the acts are void as a matter of the operation of law by constitution. Second, conflict between portions of the constitutions is never ever allowed. Third, circumvention of the declaration of rights in state constitution or the Bill of Rights is never ever allowed and any act by government not in compliance therewith is void. Fourth, any government actor or operation franchised by government refusing to recognize the People’s Rights under the Law of the Bill of a Rights is a felon.

In essence the Bill of Rights is the People’s first law. The Bill of Rights was Amended to, that means modifying whole of Constitution, which is LAW governing all acts by the federal government and every public servant or franchised licensed entity the federal government recognizes as subject to its powers.

One power granted by Constitution to the National government is regulation of interstate commerce among the the states.

Every entity doing business in interstate commerce is subject to the United States legislative power under Article II section 8 clause 3. “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;”.

Thus, any one or entity benefiting from participating in interstate commerce business is within the authorities of the federal government, which attaches from day one of interstate operations all of the Peoples law of the Bill of Rights to every act of the people or entities doing regulated commerce across state jurisdictions.

One power the federal constitution DOES NOT grant the government, inclusive of every public servant state and federal, is the authority to NOT RECOGNIZE AND ENFORCE AT ALL TIMES, IN ALL PLACES, ON ALL GOVERNMENT ACTORS OR GOVERNMENT FRANCHISES OR OPERATIONS THE DECLARATION OF RIGHTS IN THE STATES AND BILL OF RIGHTS.

Mr. Barr knows, it is a legal impossibility for the United States Government to do any act that does not carry with it the strict limits of the People’s law of the whole of the Bill of Rights. This is because the federal governments existence depends on the Constitution for the United States of America as AMENDED by the Bill of Rights in 1791.

Mr. Barr knows it is a legal impossibility for the United States to enfranchise through license any person, corporation, partnership, trust or other legal person to do business in regulated interstate commerce, that does not bind the enfranchised to the Bill of Rights. This is because the United States is absolutely bound in all of its acts to the People’s first law of the Bill of Rights. Thus, all licensed regulated entities knew prior to operating in interstate commerce the regulated privilege of licensed activities are subject to the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Barr knows as the Attorney representing the whole of the United States Government position requires exercising the JURISDICTION held by the office of Attorney General to serve and protect the People and our President from Civil Rights Violations. The Congress gave the DOJ the statutes, Civil Rights felony statutes, for a purpose. The purpose of statute was to serve and protect every American no matter how situated in their access to and protection of the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Barr is not only an attorney highly trained at and in law, Mr. Barr is also the Attorney General, the first attorney speaking for and binding the United States. As the attorney for the United States, General Barr is the commander of the legalized force of governments absolutely duty to enforce the Bill of Rights across the whole of our country. If this is not so, We the People are barred from access to our Bill of Rights. The result of being denied or limited in any manner from the protection of the law, particularly the Bill of Rights, is SLAVERY to mere government servants acts of criminal negligence.

The Attorney General is not assigned discretion by either Constitution nor statute to define where, when, upon whom or what, under what circumstance the Bill of Rights applies.

Witness the current circumstance of too many governors, the Slavers, holding the good People as subjects, victims, in servitude, by placing the People in fear of physical restraint or injury by the use of coercion through the law or the legal process.

We the People have been denied the fundamental right to access and receive the protection of the Bill of Rights.

Governors nor state judges hold no power or authority to create law, particularly law caring penalties.

Governors nor state judges nor state legislatures hold no power or authority to circumvent, ignore, annul, void or in any other manner impair the Declaration of Rights in their state Constitutions or the Bill of Rights by statute or executive act.

We the People are being punished, by illegal orders with out force of law, as for a crime without being charged or convicted, compelled to obey color of law acts by threat of armed force, resulting in servitude akin to African slavery.

Our Attorney General holds the absolute duty to enforce the Bill of Rights through the Civil Rights felony statutes on every state actor trespassing on the people’s liberties, rights and benefits owed by honest government operations.

Where is Bill Barr protecting any Americans rights as defined in the Bill of Rights?

Witness the evidence available in open public and government records proves conclusively that GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE their minions, cohorts and others controlling social media and information access systems, have trespassed on the Peoples law of the Bill of Rights.

When We the People are denied the protection of our right to freely associate, speak freely to our American brothers and sisters, discuss redress of grievance against our governments by these characters through interstate commerce means a serous Civil Rights Crime is perpetrated.

All these characters operate under government regulations founded upon their licenses as franchises to do business with the People. The purpose of government in our country as created by the People is to serve and protect the People from harm or injury at the hands of the unscrupulous. The regulatory state of government affairs and policy is attached through the Constitutions interstate Commerce Clause.

Any CEO, CLO, CFO, GENERAL COUNSEL, all other management and stock holders are personally liable for the acts of the corporation or other constructed legal person when the Civil Rights guaranteed by law of the Bill of Right are trespassed on.

No one is above the law and the excuse of ignorance is not available to any one operating in regulated interstate commerce.

These characters controlling so much our society have forgotten the key essential element to their operations in interstate commerce. We the People PAID FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE INTERNET. DARPA the creator of the internet as we know it is an executive branch agency under control of our President directed by the Military. Thus, the People have an ownership position both legally by payment and equitably by being the grantors to and of all government powers. They also for got the internet records are forever!

The public records, both government and non governmental sources prove beyond a shadow of doubt felony Civil Rights crimes have been perpetrated by these characters.

Where is Bill Barr protecting any Americans rights as defined in the Bill of Rights?

Witness, the Micheal Flynn judicial and prosecutorial fiasco and Judge Sullivan’s breach of ethics rising to felony Civil Rights levels. Again certified public records are undeniable.

Sullivan lost jurisdiction over the case when the US DOJ dismissed their false charges. NO CONTROVERSY=NO CASE=NO JURISDICTION possible. The case is dead!

Yet General Barr has failed to advise Sullivan of his Civil Rights crimes, failed to send demand to Congress for impeachment, failed to join defendants counsel in seeking coercive force, Mandamus, at the appeals court, failed to issue release to Flynn and letter of apology for the blatant crimes committed against an honorable American.

Where is Bill Barr protecting any Americans rights as defined in the Bill of Rights?

Witness, the MSM felonies of conspiring with government servants to spread stolen private highly secured federal properties, internal government records across the land.

Further to alter these stolen government properties not only in form and context yet actual text creating the appearance of government wrong doing.

The result of these felonies deceives the People in an obvious intentional conspiracy to alter our form of government in order to destroy our access to the Bill of Rights which is the foundation of our liberty and freedoms.

MSM in general also forgot one key essential element. Each news service provider is carried over state lines making them subject through their license participation in interstate commerce to the Bill of Rights.

Thus, MSM in general takes the privilege of the freedom of the press under the First Amendment and then turns around and voids that very protection by their illegal acts.

Where is Bill Barr protecting any Americans rights as defined in the Bill of Rights?

Witness, the high crimes committed against our duly elected President by the sham Impeachment charade.

Each and every Congress Member and Senator that failed to raise the issue and demand that Donald John Trump, the President of the United States, receive the full benefit of access to and protection of every provision of the Bill of Rights denied not only our President but every American access to the People’s First Law of the Bill of Rights.

These high crimes are ignored by Bill Barr who has never mentioned the Civil Rights Crimes perpetrated by our supposed UNDIVIDED LOYALTY congressional critters.

The Bill of Rights is the substance, the heart and soul of the People’s intent to create governments to serve us.

Where is Bill Barr protecting any Americans rights as defined in the Bill of Rights?

Where has Bill Barr given any one of these tortfeasors generally described herein notice to cease and desist their violations of the Bill,of Rights and advising them that they have committed Civil Rights Felonies.

Bill Barr appears to of forgotten the first principle of law in our country which is notice an opportunity to respond, to have the opportunity to correct your errors.

Let us walk through the simplicity of the charges available to Attorney General Barr to hold massive numbers of individuals to Criminal Charges for Civil Rights Crimes.

Yes, you read that right. Individuals are the only one subject to federal criminal charges for violation of civil rights. This is because artificial persons like corporations are pieces of paper that are incapable of doing any act whatsoever. That’s the concept that corporations have immunity. The key element to understand is no corporation is ever authorized in it’s charter to violate the law or damage anyone.

The legal person’s, corporations, doing business in interstate commerce are all controlled by men guiding them completely. That is why the men are the only chargeable parties for the high crimes being committed against the People.

Any and every act causing the people to be denied access to and protection from the People’s law of the Bill of Rights is a Civil Rights Crime.

All Felonies are committed by men, never an artificial person or a legal personality!

The US DOJ under command and control of Bill Barr is in charge of enforcing the Bill of Rights upon any individual that operates under a licensed privilege such as doing business in interstate commerce nationwide.

When blatant Civil Rights Crimes are allowed by the US DOJ in such a consistent manner the whole of the American experiment and personal liberty and Self Government is at serious risk.

Please let some judge or other government servant or attorney argue against these points.

Engaging in argument against these points would require the arguing party to prove their points from public record facts and the public law!


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