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Here is what is happening...

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Tuesday, 5-May-2020 18:19:52

In Response To: I'd certainly like to know more about the "anomaly that is affecting the very fabric of reality." (MrFusion)

What is happening is no secret. Anybody who has followed what I have been posting for years knows what it is.

BTW...Trump is not using looking glass. That is some old cabal stuff from long ago. Trump has the galactics talking to him directly. Why would he need some cabal device?

Sounds like some readers may need to go spend some time on youtube viewing Sheldan Nidle videos...and go to The Portal and read up on some COBRA archives...because I have been telling this for decades.

The cycle of 26,500 years has completed. The clock has run out of time. It is game over here on earth in lower 3rd dimension.
We are ASCENDING into the higher realms of the 5th dimension.


A paradigm shift in reality.

Energies are coming in from the central sun which are transformational and will change us from carbon based beings...into crystal based lightbodies, so we can exist in the higher dimensions of 5th and beyond.

We will have the ability to come down and manifest in lower 3rd or 4th if we want to. But from what I hear about 4th...you don't really want to go there...so just skip over it. Lots of not so good beings hang around in there. We rise above it.

Oh...and in case you haven't noticed...this place is not so good as we thought. Off worlders of the satanic type came here long ago and took over. You don't know who anybody is or who your looking at anymore.

They moved to the top positions of power and control here...and this is the battle going on right now to kick them all out.

They do not want to lose control over the slave race we are...and they do not want us to ascend or wake up and remember who we really are. Because once you wake up...then have no control over you anymore. They use fear to keep you ignorant. You can go out and see it clearly right now. The ones who fear the most...are the ones wearing the retarded masks. They don't know why...they are just doing what they are told out of fear and ignorance. (you can't stop a micro organism or virus with a particle filter made for dust and dirt) Besides...the virus is contracted via the eyes. Most often from touching the tear ducts. DON'T TOUCH YOUR EYES UNLESS YOU WASH YOUR HANDS FIRST !!!

I think most can agree we have nothing but FAKE NEWS on the MSM these days. Yet the sheeple turn on the news and listen to more lies from the same liars they been told about for years...and come away full of fear over some bs story they fabricated.

The cabal who run this show...are not human...and they vibrate at a much lower frequency than we do...so it will not be possible for them to exist in a higher realm. So when the earth and all the good people on it ascend from 3rd to 5th...the cabal will not make it. It will be impossible for them to stay alive here anymore. So you see...it really makes little difference if they go to jail or not...because it is game over for them.

If you can't be human enough to raise you vibration enough to transform from carbon to crystal then you are doomed to either perish or continue in lower 3rd. (but it won't be here) Maybe they can jump off on the moon and keep going in some SSP bunker? (or Mars)

Space in this sector will get cleaned up too...because the same game rules that apply here...will apply to all planets in this area of space.

Don't be ignorant. The human trafficking was off earth as well. They were taking humans all over the place for sex slaves and satanic bs like adrenochrome or satanic rituals.

So what does that mean? It means there will be no more dark low beings here or anywhere around here to make problems for anybody.

Do you like what they are doing? Are any of you awake enough to realize it is the same people all the time. Every war...disaster...disease...virus...depression...anything you can think of negative ever in your life...it was the same ones doing it.

So as the frequency / vibrations rise...your abilities will return. You will remember who and what you really are.

We are Human Angels in training to become Creator Gods.
We are immortal spiritual beings having a human experience in the lowest of all dimensions in 3rd.

The shock wave that is coming will change everything. It is not a bad thing at all...and it can not be stopped. So if you don't like it...this is where you get off the ride. :)

We will be the ones. It is us who will be transforming this hell hole into a heavenly paradise as spoken of in the bible.

The Golden Age of 1000 years of heaven on earth. Yep...it will be us who do this. We will manifest it from thought until it is as you think it should be.

We will all get full consciousness and you will remember all your past lives and you will know everything. Full access to the Akashic Records. I know it is real as I have experienced it.
All will have telepathy.

There is no disease or suffering in 5th. It will effect all humans and animals even plants. There is no place called heaven...but it is the reality of existing in the higher realms that is the heavenly experience they refer to in the bible.

There also is no hell. That is a lie and a fabrication from the satanic vatican to be used as a tool to control us via fear of death. (which there is no such thing)

The satanic vatican are the ones who created over 6000 fake ass religions. Used to cause confliction and wars.

How ironic...the head church tells you if you tell a lie or steal something you will go to hell. When they kill and eat babies and drink the blood. Go figure???

They took reincarnation out of the bible. They can't kill us...we just keep coming back. :) So they enslave us and keep you ignorant instead.

They do however keep us back from ascension. (they don't want the slaves to leave) Only a few were able to ascend up and out of this mess to become ascended masters. They had to get away from all the bs distractions to do it...on a mountain top for years. lol :)

It will be a lot easier for us. Mr.Ed

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